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How to Turn Off a Ring Camera

How to Turn Off a Ring Camera

When it comes to virtual doorbell cameras, the Ring camera is probably the best invention. It functions as a doorbell, but it also doubles as virtual security. Its ability to remit videos in real-time makes it the best security system you can have.

However, there are instances you may need to turn off your Ring camera. Keep reading to learn how to do so.

Is there a way to turn off a Ring camera?

Yes. You can turn the Ring doorbell Camera off using the following methods via the Ring App;

Ring modes

Ring recently rolled out an awesome new feature called modes, which allows you to say when you’re away or at home – and then set different camera behaviors based on this. For example, indoor cameras won’t record when you’re at home. This is a standalone feature in the Ring app, although it also automatically integrates with the Ring Alarm.

To turn this feature on;

  • Go to the Ring app’s menu and click ‘New Features.’
  • A section should say, “Your Cameras now work with modes.”
  • This is available in the UK and US, and various other countries.
  • When you click on this new feature, you will see three modes – Disarmed, Home, and Away:
  • Your indoor Ring cams won’t record in ‘Home’ or ‘Disarmed’ mode, but other Ring cameras (and doorbells) will.
  • All Ring cameras and doorbells will record as normal in ‘Away’ mode.
  • You can customize this feature once enabled by clicking on each mode.
  • Select a camera to tailor the recording behavior of it in each mode:
  • This will allow you to disable motion detection and live view capability for my Ring Doorbell Pro.

However, the feature does have some shortcomings;

  1. There is no option to disable recording when the doorbell itself is pressed.
  2. Ring devices could still record even with these settings turned off because it’s a software option, not a physical change to the camera. It will only turn off automatic motion recording and manual ‘Live View’ clicks.

Disable motion detection

If using Modes isn’t possible yet, or you don’t want always to disable motion detection at home, you can instead disable motion detection via the Ring app.

To do this, click on the respective camera in your Ring app and turn off “Record Motion.” This will then stop recording every time motion is detected. You can turn this back on once you’re done.

Note: if ‘Modes’ are enabled, you’ll get a warning in the app saying that modes now control motion recording, and so any setting changes will be reverted when you go to a different Ring mode.

You can also set a Motion Schedule under the Motion Settings section of a Ring device. This allows you to set when motion notifications are paused.

Privacy Zones

The Ring camera privacy zone feature is designed for blacking out a particular area of a Ring camera or doorbell’s footage capture so that no recording or motion detection occurs in that zone.

The recording will still happen with Privacy Zones – but you can draw a black box around the entire field of view, rendering any recordings useless.

Go into a Ring device in the Ring app and go to Device Settings and then Privacy Settings before selecting the ‘Privacy Zones’ feature. Here you can click “Add a Privacy Zone” to go into your camera’s live view, and then click the “+” (add) icon in the top right to start drawing your blacked-out area:

Then click on save, and any subsequent recordings won’t contain the blacked-out area. This is a great option if you want to permanently black out a certain part of your property. Or you’re going to be out of your backyard for a while and want to black out the area.

How to turn off a Ring camera without the app

Use these methods to disable your camera without using the Ring app;

Turn the power off

If you have a hardwired Ring doorbell such as Ring Pro or a plug-in Ring camera, you can deactivate the camera by turning off the power. There are two options;

  1. Add a wall-mounted switch when running power to your new Ring device. Then flipping this switch will cut the power to your outdoor Ring camera, stopping its recording. The downside, of course, is that you’ll need to spend more effort running cable, which might not be practical if you’re trying to swap an existing outdoor light with a Ring cam.
  2. Turn the power off to the whole circuit via your house’s electrical panel. Turning the

Use a physical barrier

You could also try the old-school solution of simply covering up the camera lens. A bit of brown tape works well. Ensure the tape you use isn’t too sticky as it’ll leave remnants behind, which can affect subsequent recordings.

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Alternatively, you could try moving a plank of wood (or similarly long building material) to rest against it, covering the lens.

Note: this works if the Ring camera is accessible and isn’t at the top of your roof.

Turn off Ring’s internet access

Since Ring devices don’t have local storage, any recordings will also get lost if they lose access to the internet. Some Snapshot Captures may be uploaded, but full HD recordings won’t be.

You can do this without turning your router off;

  1. Check if your router offers a ‘guest network’ feature. Then enable this feature, have all your Ring devices connect to this, and then flip this feature on/off when you want to disable recording temporarily.
  2. Buy a second internet router that acts as a Wi-Fi repeater, and then use this second router solely for your Ring devices. Note: you can plug the router into a smart plug and turn off access whenever you like.

Does turning off Wi-Fi disable a Ring camera?

Yes. Without access to the internet in some form or fashion, Ring Doorbells and Cameras cannot detect nor record motion. This means the camera will

Can burglars disable a Ring camera?

Yes. Burglars may disable your Ring camera if they manage to detach the device successfully without alerting any other alarming system in your house. However, the device will capture the thief’s video while engaged in the camera deactivating act.