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How to Connect a Samsung Subwoofer to a Soundbar Without the Remote

How to Connect a Samsung Subwoofer to a Soundbar Without the Remote

Samsung soundbar is one of the best soundbar systems currently on the market. But the soundbar alone doesn’t offer enough bass. So you will need to link your subwoofer to your soundbar to get a superior low-frequency sound.

Typically, your Samsung subwoofer should connect to your soundbar automatically when you turn them on. But often, this automatic connection fails.

But if they don’t connect for some reason, you can still pair them manually—unfortunately, it’s difficult to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer without a remote control.

Thankfully, Samsung came up with a digital remote within their Samsung soundbar app to help you use your Samsung soundbar without a remote control.

Read the detailed guide below on how to connect your Samsung subwoofer to the soundbar without a remote and troubleshoot connection issues.

Connecting a Samsung subwoofer to a soundbar without a remote

Connecting the subwoofer to the soundbar manually is very easy. First, you will need to pair the Samsung soundbar app with the soundbar and then use the app as a remote to pair it with the subwoofer. Follow the steps below to connect the subwoofer to the soundbar without a remote manually.

  • First, plug the soundbar power cord into the back of the device and then into the power outlet. Next, repeat the same process with the subwoofer and ensure both connections are secure.
  • Download and install the Samsung download app from your phone’s app store.
  • Go to the app and navigate to “Options.”
  • From the options menu, scroll down to the tab labeled “digital” or “wireless” remote and select it.
  • Your phone will start looking for the nearest soundbar to pair with.
  • Turn on your soundbar and its Bluetooth to ensure your phone discovers the soundbar.
  • Turn on the soundbar Bluetooth by pressing the “Source” repeatedly until the soundbar’s display lights up and says BT > Wait > BT Pairing > BT Ready.
  • After pairing your phone to the soundbar, wait for a few seconds for the devices to connect.
  • Press and hold the “ID set” button on the subwoofer connected to your configuration for some seconds. A blue LED light on your subwoofer will start blinking to indicate it’s waiting for the soundbar to pair.
  • Release the “ID” button.
  • Press and hold the Upward button on the Samsung app for about five seconds.
  • After releasing the button, “ID SET” will appear on the soundbar screen to indicate the subwoofer has successfully connected to your soundbar.

The Samsung subwoofer won’t connect to the soundbar.

If the Samsung subwoofer and soundbar don’t connect manually or automatically, there are a few possible solutions. The most common causes for your Samsung subwoofer connection problems are hardware issues, loose connections, both devices are out of range or using an outdated firmware version; which are easy to fix yourself.

First, check the LED light on the subwoofer; if the LED on the subwoofer is blinking, it’s searching for a soundbar because it isn’t paired. Then, try the steps below to troubleshoot the connection issue.

Ensure both the soundbar and subwoofer are plugged in and turned on.

  • Unplug the Samsung subwoofer and plug it back in securely. It should have a standby light on if it’s receiving power. If it’s not, the power outlet is probably faulty. Check for a tripped circuit and contact an electrician. Contact your Samsung dealer if the outlet is working and the subwoofer refuses to turn on.
  • Unplug and plug in the soundbar. To test if it is on, turn the volume up and down. If the soundbar is powered on, the volume indicator lights will appear.

Check for hardware problems.

  • A hardware malfunction can prevent your subwoofer from connecting with the soundbar. Inspect both the subwoofer and soundbar for hardware problems.
  • Check the cables for any physical damage such as cuts or burn marks and replace them if necessary.

Ensure the devices are at most a foot apart for the initial pairing.

  • The subwoofer and soundbar need to be near each other during the initial pairing, and after that, they can communicate from as far as 33 feet apart. Also, ensure there is no barrier between them when pairing.

Ensure both devices are in pairing mode.

  • The subwoofer has the “ID Set” button that you will have to press and hold for about five seconds. The blue LED light will be blinking to mean it is trying to connect with the soundbar.
  • You will have to initiate pairing for the soundbar by holding the “Mute” button on the remote for five seconds or repeatedly pressing the “Source” button to turn on its Bluetooth.

Outdated firmware version

  • If your soundbar has an outdated firmware version, it can prevent it from linking with the subwoofer. Check your soundbar firmware version using the remote.
  • Turn off the subwoofer, then press the gear-like button on the remote control once.
  • Press and hold the gear-like button again for about 30seconds, and you will see numbers appear on display. The digits after “B” signify the firmware version of the soundbar.
  • You should update the firmware by downloading the file via the USB port or using the SmartThings app.

Reset the subwoofer and soundbar connection

  • If none of the solutions work, resetting  the Samsung soundbar and subwoofer to reconfigure their connection should work. First, switch off both devices and restart them. Then try reconnecting them carefully, without missing any essential step.
  • If the subwoofer and soundbar refuse to connect after a reset, then contact your Samsung dealer for assistance.

How to adjust the bass on a Samsung soundbar without a remote

You need the soundbar remote or the Samsung TV remote to control your Samsung soundbar. But if you do not have either remote or they are not working, you can use the audio equalization controls on the Samsung soundbar app to adjust the sound quality as desired. Here’s how to adjust the bass via the soundbar app.

  • Download and install the Samsung soundbar app from your phone’s app store.
  • Ensure the subwoofer connects with the soundbar.
  • Open the app and tap the “Audio” button.
  • Under the “Soundbar” option, click the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust the bass of the sound to your liking.

Samsung subwoofer blue light on but no sound

Sometimes your subwoofer could be on, but there’s no sound. There are a few reasons that could explain this issue; they include;

  • There could be something blocking the soundbar from receiving the signal. Check the soundbar’s receiver and remove anything that could be in the way.
  • Ensure both the soundbar and subwoofer are no further than 33 feet apart. If the devices are out of range, they may not be able to communicate with each other, thus no sound from the subwoofer.
  • Signal interference can also prevent sound from coming from the subwoofer. Check if there is a device that uses the same Wi-Fi router next to your soundbar and disconnect it.
  • An outdated version of the subwoofer could prevent it from linking with the soundbar. Check if the firmware is updated and download the new one if necessary.


Most people frequently combine their soundbar with the subwoofer to get cinematic sound quality. After going through this post, you should be fully capable of linking your Samsung subwoofer to the soundbar without a remote control.

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You only have to download the Samsung soundbar app and use it as a digital remote control to control your soundbar.