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How to Reset Your Soundbar

How to Reset Your Soundbar

Soundbars are great for improving sound quality to your TV by reproducing deep, low bass sounds and giving you a great home theatre experience. They take up less space and are easy to set up. However, soundbars jam and develop quite complex software issues that may require you to reset it back to factory settings. A factory reset will clear up your connectivity issues and some software problems.

A factory reset is not as complicated as it sounds and doesn’t require any additional tools or expertise. To set your soundbar back to the factory setting, you will have to press two or three buttons and wait for your device to reset. Once the device is on reset mode, you have to re-input all your credentials, account details, and sound and function settings.

For models that use the reset button, keep in mind that the reset button’s location varies, and some of them have a recess instead of a standard button. This article will help your reset soundbars from various companies.

Why Do We Need to Reset the Soundbar?

There are a number of reasons you may need to reset your soundbar, but connectivity issues are the most common. It is usually a common problem with wireless connections like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

At times, you may experience difficulties pairing a device to the soundbar. If you have connected your soundbar to several devices at once, sometimes the connection is too crowded. You have to reset your soundbar to completely clear out the connection list and then set it up again.

Another reason may be the subwoofer you have with your soundbar may be having connectivity issues or both the soundbar and subwoofer producing unexplained noises. Resetting the soundbar may fix such problems; however, you will have to redo your sound presets and reconnect the subwoofer and speakers.

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You should also reset your soundbar when you want to resell it or set up a different account for your device. Resetting the device deletes all and any information saved, including passwords.

Performing a factory reset on your soundbar also allows you to resolve those hard-to-fix software issues not related to connectivity.

Things to do before resetting your soundbar

Resetting your soundbar should be a last resort when troubleshooting any problems. It’s a great way to ensure that your soundbar is the one with the issue and not your TV. It may be easier to reset your soundbar rather than your TV. Before resetting your soundbar, you should try rebooting all the devices: the TV, soundbar, and subwoofer, and then pair them back together.

Try connecting your soundbar to a different TV to figure out if the soundbar is the issue. Check for other connections that may be using the same frequency like the microwave or a medical device, remove them from the range, and see if it is working. When rebooting does not work, the only alternative is resetting your soundbar.

It would be best if you also transferred or save your presets and anything stored on your soundbar before resetting your soundbar. A reset will erase everything from the soundbar.

General Procedure to Reset Most Soundbars

The general way to resetting a soundbar and most electronic devices is by pressing and holding down a button or two for a few seconds and wait until a light starts blinking or an audio indication. The difference when it comes to makes and models is the button you press and the reset mode indicator.

The reset process varies between brand and models, meaning the same brand can have different hard reset procedures for various soundbar models. You should always confirm with your user manual how to reset the factory settings on your specific model.

In case you have misplaced your user manual, below is a general guide on how to rest a soundbar by most brands.

How to Reset a Sony Soundbar

  • On the main unit, press and hold the Power and (-) Volume buttons for more than five seconds. Some models require you to press the (+) volume button instead.
  • Unplug the cable from the power outlet and wait a minute or two.
  • Plug the power cord back in, turn on the soundbar and try pairing it with the other devices.

Here are some models with slightly different reset procedures.

Sony HT-S20R

  • Press the Menu button on the remote.
  • Select RESET by pressing the arrow buttons; ↑ (upper) or ↓ (lower).
  • When ALL RESET appears on the front panel display, press the Enter button, and then the system settings return to the factory default.

Sony HT-S100F

  • On the unit, press and hold (+) volume button, power button, and Input select button on the unit for more than 5 seconds.
  • Do disconnect the power cord, and then plug it back in.

Sony HT-RT3 and HT-RT40

  • Hold down the Input, (-) Volume and Power button on the unit simultaneously for 5 seconds.
  • The device resets when RESET appears in the front panel display,
  • Disconnect the power cable, wait for about 5 seconds, reconnect the cable, and then turn on the device.

How to Reset a Samsung Soundbar

  • With the soundbar on, press and hold the Power button on the remote or on the soundbar itself.
  • Hold the power button for about six seconds until it displays ‘INIT OK’ on the soundbar display.
  • If your soundbar has no display, you will see a red led blinking and then stops when the rest is complete.
  • Turn your soundbar back on and try pairing it again.

How to Reset an LG Soundbar

You will need your remote to hard reset an LG Soundbar.

  • Press and hold the (-) volume button on the unit and the Sound effect button on the remote for a few seconds until you see RESET on the unit’s display.
  • Turn on the soundbar, and it is ready to set up.

How to Reset a Vizio Soundbar

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth and (-) Volume buttons on the unit simultaneously for about 5 seconds.
  • The reset is complete when all 12 LEDs flash three times, erasing all the previous settings and preferences.

How to Reset a Bose Soundbar

Resetting a Bose soundbar may be a bit complex as it requires some tech knowledge.

  • If you have a voice assistant, you have to remove it first. Open your voice assistant app and remove the Bose soundbar from the list. If you do not have the voice assistant, go straight to the reset process.
  • Go to the Bose app, then to the device settings menu, find the voice assistant selection, and press ” Remove Account.”
  • When the soundbar is off, Press and the power and the skip forward buttons and hold for about five seconds.
  • When the reset is complete, it will show a solid amber light on the display.
  • Go back to the Bose app and reconnect your network.

How to Reset a Philips Soundbar

It would be best if you had your remote control to reset most Philips soundbar models.

  • With the soundbar on, press the buttons BASS (+), VOLUME (-), and TREBLE (+) in that order within 3 seconds on the remote.
  • The soundbar will turn off and then on automatically once it resets.

Without a Remote

  • With the unit on, press and hold the (-) Volume and (+) Volume buttons on the unit until the display shows “RESET.”

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How to Reset a Yamaha Soundbar

  • Switch off your Yamaha soundbar.
  • Press and hold the Connect or Power and Mute buttons on the device’s control panel until all LEDs start blinking.
  • The lights stop flashing when the rest is complete.

If your Yamaha soundbar model has no control panel on the device, you can use the remote as follows:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the (+) volume and Power button until all the lights on the display panel flash. If your device connects to Alexa, that light will not flash.

How to Reset a Sonos Soundbar

  • Switch off your device and unplug the power cord from the power source.
  • Depending on your model, press and hold the Join button, Play/Pause button, Mute button, or Join button (Sub and Bridge) while reconnecting the power cable
  • Keep holding the button until the LED flashes orange and white.
  • The light will flash green when the process is complete.

How to Reset a Sennheiser Soundbar

  • Turn on the device.
  • Locate the Reset recess on the bottom of the soundbar.
  • Insert a paperclip or toothpick in the Reset recess and gently press for 2 seconds.
  • If the LED blinks orange, the rest is in progress. A solid orange light means the reset is complete.

How to Reset a Denon Soundbar

  • Turn off your device and unplug the power cord.
  • Gently insert a paperclip into the Reset hole in the back of your Denon soundbar and reconnect the power cable.
  • Hold the paper clip in until the LED at the front begins to flash orange.

If your device does not have the reset button;

  • Switch on your device.
  • On the unit, press and hold the Power, Input Select, and (+) Volume buttons at the same time for at least 5 seconds.
  • All LEDs on the display panel will flash four times.
  • The device will turn off automatically, wait for a minute, then switch it on.

How to Reset a Polk Audio Soundbar

  • Press and hold the Power button on top of the soundbar for 13 seconds. Or press the Reset button at the back of the device for 15 seconds.
  • Release the button when you hear the factory reset sound effect. You will listen to a higher and then a softer tone; release the button after the second softer tone. Some models like the Magnifi Max (SR) will only produce one tone.

How to Reset a JBL Soundbar

  • Hold down both the (+) Volume, (-) Volume, and Input select buttons on the control panel at the top of the device for about five seconds.
  • The bar will reboot and be ready to use again.

How to Reset a Harman Kardon Soundbar

  • Press and hold the Power and Source buttons on the top panel of the soundbar.
  • When the factory settings restore is complete, the soundbar automatically turns off and restarts.

How to Reset a Roku Streambar

  • While your device is on, press and hold down the Reset button for a full 30 seconds.
  • Your device will restart after resetting and ready for set-up.

How to Reset a Dali Kubik One Soundbar

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press and hold the Sound mode toggle (button 6) and Power buttons until it gives an audio indication.
  • All the LEDs turn on to show the Dali Kubik One Soundbar has reset completely.
  • Wait for about 10 seconds, then turn on your device.


After reading this article, you will be able to reset most soundbars in the market. Soundbars improve sound quality from a TV, but the more common wireless connection may need a hard reset once in a while.

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Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all previous settings and require you to set up all your Wi-Fi connection details, account details, Amazon/Alexa credentials, and device presets again. But it is an excellent way to clear out your connectivity issues.