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Troubleshooting a Verismo Starbucks Coffee Maker

Troubleshooting a Verismo Starbucks Coffee Maker

If you own a Starbucks Verismo coffee maker and it isn’t functioning as expected, then this guide is designed to help you troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Among the most common issues with Starbucks Verismo include a situation where the device isn’t making hot coffee or it is not working completely. In some instances, it may keep blinking a red light continuously.

When you encounter any of these issues, consider the following troubleshooting tips. We have categorized them into specific problems and provided a detailed explanation and step-by-step procedure for fixing the problem. Read on for the most common verismo problems and their solutions:

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The Starbucks Verismo isn’t dispensing water

This problem mostly occurs on new machines that haven’t been used before. Read the manual for a guide to prepare your coffee maker for its first use. If you’ve followed the instruction and still the machine doesn’t dispense water after 3 minutes, then its dispensing unit might be having an issue.

In this case, pump the stainless-steel handle up and down about 30 times to “loosen” the dispensing mechanism a bit. If it doesn’t work, get in touch with the Starbucks customer support team for a replacement.

Verismo not making hot coffee

If your Verismo isn’t keeping your coffee hot, then there’s a chance you don’t rinse the general cycle. Therefore, make sure to always rinse cycle first to ensure that the machine has heated properly.

While at it, keep the temperatures at around 175-180 degrees F. Another issue could be that the mug you are using is too cold. To solve this issue, rinse the mug in hot water.

The Verismo smells like sour milk

The sour milk smell comes about due to the use of milk pods. The Verismo comes in contact with the milk frequently and some of it may remain in the machine. To get rid of this error, you need to clean your verismo on a regular basis, especially after using a milk pod.

It is important to thoroughly clean every part that comes into contact with milk after use. If keeping it clean regularly isn’t feasible, then you should avoid using milk pods.

Instead, use coffee pods (or you can get a coffee grinder and your own coffee beans to grind fresh coffee on demand) and buy real milk separately.

A Verismo button keeps flashing red

This problem mostly occurs in a Verismo V model, where it indicates that you need to descale the brewer. If the light still blinks even after descaling, contact Starbucks.

If you are using any other model, a continuously blinking red light alongside a green light means that the appliance is overheating. This is mostly the case if the appliance is in use for a longer period. This light should stop blinking once the appliance cools down. If it doesn’t, then contact Starbucks.

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The Starbucks Verismo handle won’t stay down

In case the handle is not closing or does not stay down, then check whether the pod bin is empty. If the bin is empty but the handle won’t close then you have to check if the pod is stuck.

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Unplug the machine and remove the bin then check on both sides from outside. If there’s a pod inside you can try removing it using less pressure.

The Verismo is a bit more advanced than other home coffee makers like the Keurig. Hopefully, with these verismo troubleshooting tips, the machine will definitely get back to its normal operation. If it doesn’t, get in touch with the Starbucks Verismo team for further repairs or product replacement.