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How to Descale a Starbucks Verismo Coffee Maker

How to Descale a Starbucks Verismo Coffee Maker

The Verismo coffee maker is definitely one of the finest gadgets for coffee lovers. However, just like any other brewer, it is subject to proper maintenance for it to function flawlessly for years. Not only should you clean it carefully, but also watch out for any other issues that indicate a potential problem.

Scaling is the accumulation of residue in the coffee tank. Different coffee making machines have varying descaling procedures. In this guide, we will show you how to descale a Starbucks Verismo coffee maker to leave your coffee tasting great.

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Step #1: Rinse the machine properly

Ensure the machine has been rinsed off properly to identify the extent of the problem. Use a wet cloth to wipe the unit to keep it dry. Clean the removable parts with mild detergent and dry the parts using a soft hand towel.

Cleaning shouldn’t just be reserved for when you are descaling your coffee maker. Rather, it should be done on a weekly basis or the moment you spot any residues. Accumulation of residues might hinder the machine from normal operation.

Step #2: Remove the tank

Remove the tank by lifting and closing the handle. Once the tank is out, empty it to remove water and loose dirt.

Step #3: Add a descaling agent

Pour a bottle of dugrol swiss decalcifier, vinegar or any descaling agent into the tank.  Mix it with approximately 12 ounces of water. The reservoir needs half the water.

Exceeding the level of water might cause the machines not to function well. If you have the manual with you, consider checking out the Verismo descale instructions and follow them to the latter.

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Step #4: Rinse and re-install the tank

Rinse the tank and place it back into position. If you have the Verismo 580 and 583, you can use the model coffee button to rinse the appliance. For a Verismo 600, use the dedicated rinse button. Repeat the step until the water tank is clear enough.

After rinsing the tank, fill it to the brim with fresh water. Place it back and repeat the rinsing process until it is empty.  After that you can wipe the machine with a soft cloth, clear the bin and put the tank back. Ensure that you keep the handle closed while cleaning the tank.

The process is different on a Verismo V model. It is advisable to descale the Verismo V every 3 months. If the descaling button keeps blinking during operation then you have to descale the brewer.

In old models, the red button indicates that there is overheating. In newer models, the rinse button will blink red and the hot water button green. It can take up to 60 seconds and the machine will turn back to normal again. Hopefully, this Verismo descaling guide has come in handy to help you clean your coffee maker.

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How to clean your Starbucks verismo coffee machine

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee at the comfort of your home for coffee lovers. However, one can easily overlook and forget that this wonderful machine that transforms a simple coffee grind into a heavenly tasting beverage needs cleaning every other time for you to be guaranteed more delicious cups that are healthy and free from harmful microorganisms.

Making a cleaning routine for your coffee machine will not only keep your machine running efficiently but also give it in perfect condition for longer. 

The cleaning routine can incorporate daily, weekly and monthly practices that will ensure that the machine is well maintained and avoid unnecessary build-up that will force you to spend a lot of time to clean the appliance or worse still have you repairing and replacing parts due to malfunctions. 

So you don’t have to wait for the coffee to have a bitter taste or the machine to stop working effectively to clean your coffee machine. 

The following steps will come in handy in helping you schedule a cleaning routine for your coffee machine. 

Daily cleaning routine

To prevent heavy mineral build-up which is characteristic of coffee as it has calcium it is advisable that you rinse the machine after each use. This can be done by running a brewing cycle using plain water. Drain at least two cups of water from the spigot to have the entire pathway rinsed.

verismo Starbucks coffee maker cleaning and decalcification

Weekly cleaning routine

The weekly routine ensures that all stains and dirt are dealt with and eliminated to prevent a possible build-up that is harmful to your machine in the long run. This includes cleaning all the removable parts of your appliance.

  1. Run a brew cycle with clean water to rinse the coffee machine then power it down.
  2. Take out and drain water from the water tank and discard used pods.
  3. Remove the drip tray and wash it using soap and water. Rinse and dry with a soft microfibre cloth.
  4. Wipe down the entire coffee machine with a wet soft cloth and a dry cloth for a sparkling new look.
  5. Reinstall the parts back and refill the water tank in readiness for the next brewing.

Monthly cleaning routine

The monthly cleaning is meant to give your machine a thorough cleaning of all parts and address other maintenance issues. The recommended cleaning agent for your Starbucks coffee machine is Urnex Full Cycle cup brewer descaling and cleaning liquid for better results.

  1. Refill the water tank put it back in place. Send the used pods to the bin by lifting and closing the handle.
  2. Remove the water tank and add one bottle of Urnex cleaning liquid then fill the
  3. Reservoir with fresh water to the max capacity line.
  4. Reinstall the water tank and place a bowl on the drip tray.
  5. Press on the rinse button for verismo v and verismo 600 and press on the middle brewed coffee button for verismo 580 and verismo 583 models.
  6. Repeat the rinse cycle until the water reservoir is empty.
  7. Remove the reservoir and rinse it properly to remove any traces of the cleaning solution. 
  8. Fill the water tank with fresh water then put it back in the machine.
  9. Repeat the rinse cycle until all water is emptied from the reservoir. Carry out this procedure two more times to completely get rid of chemical traces. Remember to always close the handle while running the rinsing cycle.
  10. Empty the bin and wash it clean.
  11. Wipe down the coffee machine with a wet cloth to remove fingerprints and smudges. Finish with a dry soft cloth for a sleek look.

Quarterly cleaning routine

Hard water is known to form limescale deposits on your coffee machine and it is recommended that you descale the appliance once every three months depending on water hardness levels in your region. The recommended descaling agent for the Starbucks coffee machine is Durgol swiss espresso special decalcifier. To descale your machine:- 

  1. Remove the water tank and pour one bottle of the descaling solution into the water tank. Add fresh water into the reservoir until it is halfway filled.
  2. Reinstall the water tank and run a rinse cycle and repeat the procedure until the reservoir is empty. Note that this depends on the model you have; press on the rinse button for verismo 600 and press on the middle brewed coffee button for verismo 580 and verismo 583 models.
  3. Remove the reservoir and rinse it properly to clear traces of the descaling solution. Fill it with fresh water and put it back and repeat the rinse procedure. Repeat this step twice.
  4. Clean the bin and wipe down the coffee machine and you are through with descaling the appliance.

The procedure for descaling the verismo v machine is slightly different from the other models. Below are the steps:-

  1. Remove any pods from the machine then remove the water reservoir. 
  2. Pour a bottle of Durgol into the water tank and fill it with 13 ounces of fresh water.
  3. Switch off the coffee machine, reinstall the water tank and place a bowl under the spout.
  4. Press on the brewed coffee button and on/off button simultaneously and hold them for a second.
  5. Press the brewed coffee button to dispense water. The button will blink white.
  6. Repeat the rinse procedure while the handle is closed until the tank runs out of water.
  7. Remove the reservoir and rinse it thoroughly then fill it with fresh water and repeat the rinse process twice.
  8. Empty the bin and use a soft microfibre cloth to wipe down the machine. 
  9. Exit the descaling mode by pressing and holding on to the brew button for 3 seconds.