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How to troubleshoot a Zojirushi water boiler

How to troubleshoot a Zojirushi water boiler

The Zojirushi water boiler is a handy kitchen appliance that makes it easier to boil water and also make instant beverages. The appliance is well built to dechlorinate water by boiling and keeping it warm. The whole process is a breeze since it’s all in the push of one button.

While the Zojirushi water boiler is an excellent addition to homes, some users have experienced issues while using these devices. This is why we have created this troubleshooting guide to help you fix these common issues.

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  1. Heating element not heating

The heating element of the Zojirushi water boiler may stop heating. When this happens, it is usually because of a poorly connected power cable. Ensure that the cable is well-attached before switching it on. If the heating element still doesn’t work, you should take the boiler to a professional.

  1. Boiler won’t turn on

If your Zojirushi water boiler not turning on, it could be an issue with the appliance itself or the power cord. Try out different power cords to determine if the existing one has issues. If the power cord isn’t the problem, then it could be the heating element. Unless you are a technician, consider taking your boiler to a professional.

  1. Boiler won’t dispense water

The Zojirushi dispensing button is located at the top part of the water boiler and when pressed, it should allow the liquid to flow through a dispensing pipe. If you are pressing this button and nothing seems to happen, it could be because of a buildup of dirt or grease around the button.

Use a thin sharp object to remove any dirt on the sides of the button. While troubleshooting this, ensure that the heater doesn’t contain boiling water which might lead to accidents.

  1. Zojirushi water boiler making noises

If your boiler is producing weird noises, this could be due to poor positioning. Make sure the boiler is kept on a flat surface that isn’t hollow on the inside. You should also ensure that the lid is closed tightly to prevent noises that come when water vapor is trying to escape.

  1. Corrosion

If your water boiler has rust at the bottom, you need to have it cleaned. The best way is to use a citric cleaner and descaler that is developed by the company. An alternative is to use vinegar. Any of these products will help to remove the limescale buildup and other impurities which could hinder the taste of your water.

If your Zojirushi water boiler is making noise or not working completely, the troubleshooting tips mentioned above can come in handy. If you are still experiencing issues with the water heater, you should take it to a specialist for further assistance.