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Proscan TV How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Proscan TV How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Proscan is a television line from RCA. The brand comes with devices of various models depending on the year of purchase. The brand has many TV models, with the new Proscan TV having flatscreen HDTV. After purchasing Proscan TV, you should do programming that doesn’t require an additional device to do the scanning. You can also run the TV programming option when connecting to a cable, satellite, or antenna. 

After purchasing your Proscan TV, configure it and start watching. 

  • Connect the TV to power and turn it on. Press the menu button on the remote, and various options appear on the screen.
  • Choose the programming option. Scroll down using the arrows until you find the TV scan option. 
  • Select the option and choose either cable or antenna; satellite will also fall under the cable choice. The scanning begins. Press okay if asked to keep the scan. 
  • Close the menu button, and the TV is now okay; you can start viewing the channels. 

Why is my Proscan tv screen black?

If your Proscan tv suddenly goes blank with the power on, there may be issues causing it and can be repaired. The common cause is power failure issues in the supply board. TVs contain more than one power supply board with a T-con board. If one of these parts fails, you can repair or replace it with a new one. 

 Other causes of the black screen include;

  • Backlight issues-  for LCD TV, they use backlight to illuminate images on the screen. If the backlight has some problems, the TV won’t show anything on the screen. Thus, call a professional for repairs. 
  • TV panel problems- the TV panel, may be damaged and you should either replace a new screen or buy another TV. 
  • Loose connections- check the connections between the power source and the TV, DVD, cable box, and other auxiliary devices. If this is the issue, repair the wiring, and the TV screen will restore images. You can also apply the following tips;
  • Turn off the TV and unplug it.
  • After 30 minutes, plug in the TV. Then, push and hold the power switch for 30 seconds. 
  • Release the button and turn on the TV.
  • Replace your HDMI cable if it’s short, as it may cause the black screen issue.
  • Sleep timer activated- you may accidentally activate this mode causing the TV to switch off. Check the timer settings in the Setup menu of your TV and set it off. Check if the power save mode is activated and turn it off.

How to Reset a Proscan TV Screen

  • Turn off the TV and TV power at the plug.
  • Locate the TV power button and press it for 15 seconds to drain all the power. 
  • Wait for 30 minutes before plugging in the TV, and hopefully, the problem will be solved.

How to unlock a Proscan tv

When you unlock the TV, the channel, spending, ratings, and viewing limits you had set will no longer be in effect. 

  • Highlight the unlock system in the profile menu and press okay.
  • Highlight Yes and press OK to confirm that you are unlocking the system. You have now succeeded in opening the system, and you can view the channels you want.

How to reset a Proscan tv without a remote

There are two ways to rest your TV: power refresh or hard reset. The two procedures are easy, and you can do without a remote.

Power Refresh Reset

  • Push the power button on your TV to turn off the device. 
  • Disconnect the power cable from both ends and allow your TV to stay unplugged for some minutes.
  • Later connect the TV to the power cable and the outlet too.

Hard Reset

  • Ensure you first turn off the TV 
  • Locate the reset button around the control panel. 
  • Insert something inside the pin-sized hole and press the dial for 15 seconds.  
  • Keep holding the button, and after 15 seconds, the TV reset process will start. The TV will eventually turn itself down, which indicates the reset process.

How to program a Proscan TV without a remote

If you have misplaced or lost your remote, there is still a way of programming your TV without it. 

  • Turn on the Tv by pressing the power button.
  • Dial the Menu button and scroll through to choose the Picture and the video option.
  • Click on the Channels and start scanning. Ensure the cable or satellite functions properly to trace as many channels as possible and later be stored in the program memory.
  • Later press the Menu button to exit when the scanning process is complete.

Proscan TV troubleshooting no picture

If your TV can’t show any pictures carry out the following inspection;

  • First, check if the set is plugged in and the switch is turned on.
  • Ensure you have activated the ATV mode.
  • Check another channel if it has the same issue.
  • Ensure the antenna is well secured and working correctly.
  • Check if all the cables of connected devices are firmly connected.

Proscan TV image is too dark

Use the steps below to troubleshoot tv images that are too dark. Of course, if you have your manual, it’s always best to check it out for any specific instructions related to your model.

  • The Tv picture mode may be changed to cinema or custom. First, you should reset the picture mode and check if the darkness reduces. If not, check the brightness settings and adjust as required. 
  • Check if the set is in power saving mode, too high or low, can make the screen dark. If the mode is active, you should turn it off and check for some changes. 
  • Some devices have a light sensor; if the room is dark, the TV becomes brighter, and if too bright, the tv becomes dark. Turn off the light sensor or automatic brightness control and check if the darkness changes.
  • Try watching from a different source like VCR or DVD to check if the issue is from the connecting devices. 
  • If you have a projection TV, it’s best to replace the lamp. 

Proscan tv troubleshooting no signal

 When your TV indicates no signal, usually there are reception issues. The TV may not be receiving reception from the antenna or the cables. To troubleshoot the problem, consider the following;

  • Check if the satellite dish or UHF aerial is well-positioned. Winds can blow it, or branches may have knocked into it. Re-positioning may be challenging and risky, so it’s best to seek advice from the supply company. 
  • Check if the antenna has corrosion. Corroded outdoor aerials may affect reception. You require rust-free cables,well-secured to the TV set to correct the problem. 
  • The channel may not be airing (it has gone off-air). Change to another channel to check if the signal is okay. 
  • Setting problems- check if your Tv is set on the correct input, e.g., Scart 1, scart 2, HDMI1, PC/VGA, etc. Use a remote to cycle through the inputs until you reach the right one. 

If you try fixing through all the steps and it still fails, it’s best to seek professional help. 

How to program DirectTV remote to my Proscan TV

  • Switch off the TV. Locate the 5-digit code for your TV set.
  • Press the MODE button as you point to the TV.
  • Later, press and keep holding MUTE and SELECT simultaneously until your TV flashes the green light twice.
  • Next, enter a 5-digit code specific to your Proscan TV. If the code is correct, the green light under your TV will flash twice. 
  • While positioning the remote to your TV, press the PWR button once, and your device should turn on. If it fails,  repeat steps 2 and 3 and keep trying the correct code for your TV. 

Why won’t my Proscan TV turn on

First, consider checking if your warranty is active for you to access free repair from Proscan. The warranty ranges from 1-3 years for replacement and repairs. However, there is no harm in troubleshooting the device. 

  • Remote bypass– it’s best to check if the tv will turn on without the remote. Plugin the tv into the power outlet. Check if the power switch is on. If it’s on, the problem is with the remote.  
  • Check if the remote batteries are worn-out and replace them if necessary. 
  • Test your remote by pointing it at the phone’s camera. The camera will trace the infrared signals and see some flashlight if the remote is okay. 
  • Check the plug– check the power cable entry point at the tv. The wire should plugin tightly at the back of your tv. The cable should be free from damages, and in case of any fraying, have it repaired.
  • Check power connection- check your power outlet using another functional electric device like a lamp. If the lamp lights up, try connecting the tv power cable again. If the lamp fails to light too, try replacing the power outlet.
  • Examine all connected devices- assess all the connected devices as they may cause connectivity issues. If all the devices have a seamless connection with the TV, then the problem lies with the internal components of the TV. 
  • Internal fuse- internal circuits of the Tv should work correctly, and in case they fail, call a technician to check out.
  • Try rebooting the TV- disconnect the tv from power for some minutes. Later connect it and make sure the connection is secure. Rebooting helps the device to cool down and may work better. 

How to change the input on Proscan tv without a remote

To change the TV’s input mode, you should press the INPUT button. Later, select the desired input using either the channel or volume keys. This procedure applies even to the older Proscan models. 

Proscan TV HDMI not working

The HDMI may fail to work due to the following reasons; 

  • The inputs involved may be locked. It’s best to check on the menu and check if the inputs are on. 
  • You may have connected more than one device with either or both units. Sometimes, the HDMI may fail, so consider disconnecting everything else and allowing the HDMI to work.
  • The HDMI board having connections may be faulty and should be repaired if it’s the cause.
  • The set requires a hard reset to restore factory settings.

How to program dish remote to Proscan TV

For remote like 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, and 54.0, you can use the steps below to program it without a code. 

  • First, you need to push the home button, but for the 40.0 remotes, use the menu button.
  • Find settings and choose remote control from the options given.
  • Select the TV that you want to pair with the remote.
  • Choose the pairing wizard from the selection given.
  • Select the exact brand of TV that you are connecting to the remote.
  • The wizard will try different codes for the TV you are pairing. Keep following all the prompts that appear on the screen until the process is complete.
  • Finally, select finish if the process ends successfully. If it fails, choose, try the next code until you succeed. 

Proscan TV will not sync to direct TV control

If the Proscan TV fails to connect with direct TV control and is functional, try resetting the receiver and remote control. First, find a red button on the side or inside the access card door on the receiver. Next, press and hold the dial until the receiver restarts.

Next, on the remote, press the menu dial and select settings. Under settings, go to remote control and choose pair/program the remote control. The procedure can be automatic, or it may require a 5-digit code. After the resetting process, your tv should sync to direct tv control.

Proscan TV bluescreen not loading

Your bluescreen not loading means there is a fault in the TV. Try hard resetting the set as the processor may have locked up. 

  • Unplug the TV from power. 
  • Press and hold the power button on the TV for around 15 seconds.
  • Later connect the TV to power and turn it on. Check if the screen works. If the set fails to work, the mainboard is faulty and requires repair. Call a technician for help. 

Proscan TV wireless audio not working

To fix the audio, you should reset it to factory settings. Then, unplug the TV from the power outlet for one hour, which will reset it to defaults. The TV audio will be restored if the main tuner’s signal board is functional.  

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Harmony remote will not work with Proscan tv

The Harmony remote may fail due to incorrect codes on the harmony website. Instead, use your original remote for your TV with separate input buttons to teach these commands to harmony remote. 

  • Browse and log in to your harmony account. 
  • Choose the troubleshoot for your TV.
  • Later select not change inputs. 
  • Following the onscreen wizard, you will carry through the process, and your harmony remote should work after completion. 

Proscan TV won’t stay on

The TV may have a cooling issue that causes a premature electrolytic capacitor failure. The best remedy is to work on the following;

  • De-solder and test all the caps in the power supply
  • Replace all the bad caps 
  • Replace blown a fuse if any
  • Install a small cooling fan on the rear of the TV over the PS to prevent the caps from failing again