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Kohler DTV Troubleshooting & How-to Guide

Kohler DTV Troubleshooting & How-to Guide

Technology has taken over the showering space, and this is where the Kohler digital showering system comes in. The Kohler DTV is the most advanced digital showering system on the market that gives you an advanced smart showering system with several configurations and customization abilities. You can control water temperature, spray patterns and pressure, sound, light, duration, outlet, and other component settings. However, this luxury showering system is not immune to problems and breakdowns.

The most common problem with any Kohler shower is losing its heating capacity, water pressure issues, and unbalanced water flow rate. However, you can quickly fix the more simple issues and contact a Kohler technician to help with more complicated matters, especially electrical problems. This article explains several of the most common issues people encounter when using the Kohler DTV shower and its possible solutions.

How do you use a Kohler DTV shower?

Kohler shower is a digital shower that allows you to control and customize your showering experience, including temperature, flow rate, duration, and outlet. Several Kohler DTV shower models have varying added features and capabilities, but here is how to use the shower for basic functions across all models.

  • Tap the power icon to switch on the interface because it goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity.
  • Set up the interface to your desired valve configurations.
  • The water will turn on, and the current temperature setting will display on the screen.
  • If the auto-purge function is active:
    • All the water outlets will turn on until the water reaches the set temperature displayed, except the hand showers.
    • When the water reaches the set temperature, all water outlets will shut off except the primary water outlet designated for regular showering. The primary water outlet is usually a single showerhead.
  • If the auto-purge function is not activated:
    • The primary water outlet will turn on while the other water outlets remain off.
  • If the Eco H2O is activated:
    • All water outlets will turn on except the hand showers and remain on until the water reaches the set temperature.
    • Once the water reaches the desired temperature, a tone will sound, and the shower will pause, all the water outlets will turn off, and you can resume showering by pressing the OK icon.
    • When the shower pauses, there will be a countdown timer for 95 seconds on the screen, after which the system turns off.
    • Press the dial to increase or reduce the water temperature as desired.
  • Press the power icon to turn off the shower.

How do I adjust the hot water in my Kohler shower?

Most Kohler showers have a temperature regulator that allows you to adjust the temperature for a comfortable bath.  The temperature regulator also acts as an adjustable stopper that prevents the shower handle from turning beyond the preset temperature. If you want your water warmer or colder, here is how to adjust the temperature.

Things you’ll need

  1. Hex wrench
  2. Phillips-head screwdriver
  3. Thermometer


  • Locate the screw that holds the hand to the faceplate and unscrew it using a screwdriver or an Allen wrench.
  • Remove the handle and faucet from the wall to expose the cap assembly.
  • Remove the black o-ring, caution tag, and red collar from the faceplate to expose the temperature regulator. Keep track of the order of all the hardware for correct reassembly.
  • Locate the valve stem and collar on the temperature regulator, usually attached to the shower handle.
  • Turn the valve stem clockwise to turn on the hot water. Test the water temperature with a thermometer.
  • To increase the water temperature, turn the set-screw on the collar counterclockwise. To prevent scaling, you should never set the water temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To decrease the temperature, turn the set-screw clockwise.
  • After achieving your desired temperature, confirm with a thermometer and then replace the collar on the valve stem.
  • Rotate the stem counterclockwise to turn the water off.
  • Reinstall all the hardware in reverse order and secure them in place with the screw.
  • Run the shower to make sure you assemble the handle correctly.

How do I program my Kohler DTV+?

Follow the steps below to set up the Kohler DTV+ system to allow you to use the shower as per your saved settings.

Initial software download

  • Make sure you have good internet connection services for the initial software download and updates.
  • Turn off power from the controller.
  • Verify all the system components connect to the shower’s controller.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable from the controller to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Reconnect the power cable to the controller. The controller will send an IP address to the router.
  • The controller will automatically check for any available software updates and download them. Do not disconnect power from the controller during any software download or update.

Obtain the IP address

  • Touch the setting icon on the interface homepage and enter “1020,” an access code required.
  • Tap the system option and then “about.”
  • A pop-up window will show the current software information for all the connected components and look for the IP address.
  • If the IP address is not displayed, make sure you connect the router to the controller.
  • If the IP address is on display, copy it.

Connect to the controller web pages

  • Connect a computer or tablet to the same router as the controller.
  • Open a Google Chrome browser window and enter the IP address.
  • The controller web pages will appear in the browser and allow you to configure the shower system settings.
  • For the software updates, the controller will check for updates daily and automatically download the software. You can also manually do a software update n the controller web page using the following steps:
  • Connect a computer or laptop to the same browser connected to the controller.
  • Open a browser window and enter your controller’s IP address.
  • On the controller’s web page, click the service tap and go to “updates.”
  • Click on “check for updates” to search and download the latest software update.
  • If the update is available, the controller will automatically download it.

Kohler DTV error codes, meaning & fixes

Problems related to the electronic function of the shower will result in error codes that will show on the display screen or in the error log of the controller’s web page. The following table shows the meaning of the error codes and potential fixes.

DTV I error codeDTV II error codeError code descriptionPossible causePossible solution
003 The outlet temperature is too high, or the control thermistor is faultyThe inlet or outlets are blocked.  Check the inlet and outlets for blockage by dirt and debris and clean the screens.Replace the valve circuit board. 
   The cold water supply is defective. 
   The safety circuit requires resetting. Press the OK button when on the shower screen. 
   The control thermistor is defective. Replace the thermistor 
   The valve circuit board is damaged.Replace the cold water supply. 
004 Open thermistor detectedThermistor is damagedReplace the thermistor
   The valve circuit board is damagedReplace the valve circuit board
035 Circuit board problems Unplug the valve power supply from the electrical outlet, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in
    Replace circuit board
036 Safety relay or thermistor  faultThe safety circuit requires a reset.Unplug the valve power supply from the electrical outlet, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in.
   Thermistor is damagedReplace the thermistor
   The valve circuit board is damagedReplace the valve circuit board
060 The stepper motor is temporarily stuck.The hot water supply temperature is too hot.Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater to about 125°F
   The system needs a resetTo reset the error, press the OK switch when in the shower screen
061 Motor or mixer assembly is stuck.The hot water supply temperature is too hot.Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater to about 125°F
   Belt is damagedExamine the condition of the belt and replace it  if necessary
   The valve assembly is damaged.Manually turn valve pulley in both directions. If it does not turn easily, or feel some resistance, replace the valve assembly.
   The motor wiring loom is damaged.Replace the stepper motor wiring loom
    The Stepper motor is damaged.Replace the stepper motor
   The valve circuit board is damaged.Replace the valve circuit board
Other OtherMemory requires resettingUnplug the valve power supply from the electrical outlet, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in.
   If the symptom persists after resetting the memory, the valve circuit board is damaged.Replace the valve circuit board
 0800System lockup and reset Reset the system.
    Replace the CSM
 0100Device communication error Reset the system
    Replace the CSM
 0201Font errorIt occurs when a music server uses unsupported charactersNone
 0400Communication error Reset the system
    Replace communication cable
 0607Amplifier Over Temperature Turn off the music and the lighting for four hours.
    Increase the CSM ventilation
 0707Amplifier is faulty Restart the music
    Power cycle the media module by turning it off momentarily and then reconnecting it.
 410CServer is disconnected Check the router settings and compatibility.
    Relocate or replace the wireless router or add an access point closer to CSM
    Reset the router
 4807Play is interrupted Relocate or replace the wireless router or add an access point closer to CSM
 4010Server already connected Reset the error, wait one minute for CSM to reset
 4007Generic media error Reset the error, wait one minute for CSM to reset
 420CCSM is disconnectedNo IP address or CSM is disconnected. The system has lost power while operating.Power cycle the system
 0802Reset or power down occurred. Check the power source.
    Replace the electrical outlet
 0104Thermistor error Replace steam temperature sensor assembly
 0408Communication error Power cycle the system
    Replace the communication cable
 0120Over-safe Temperature Reduce the maximum temperature setting
    Reduce the steam generator size
 0140Safety Circuit Fault or steam head blockage Make sure there is no blockage from the steam generator to the steam head.
    Test with the steam head removed and then perform a steam head modification procedure.
    Replace the steam generator
 0906Steam Sensor ErrorThermistor open or shortedCheck that the temperature sensor is plugged in, not shorted, or open.
  Reset or power shut down has occurred with a device error flagPower down occurredPower cycle the system
    Replace the DTV Steam sensor assembly
00000 The valve is not in place.The control circuit board is faulty.Memory requires resetting: Unplug the valve power supply from the electrical outlet, wait 10 seconds and reconnect it.
    Replace the valve circuit board
10001General OK valueThe system is operating normallyIt is not an error
20002Range error for ADCA fault has occurred on the control circuit boardReset the memory: Unplug the valve power supply from the electrical outlet, wait 10 seconds and plug back in
    Replace the valve circuit board
30003Over-temperature at control thermistorThe outlet temperature is too highThe inlet or outlet fittings are blocked, check the filters and clean them.
   Control Thermistor faultColdwater supply failure; replace it.
    Reset the Safety circuit; Press OK on shower screen to reset
    Replace the Thermistor
    Replace the PCBA
40004Thermistor issue or a comparator feedback errorOpen circuit thermistorReplace the thermistor
60006ADC TimeoutThe control circuit board (PCBA) is faultyReset the memory
70007Over-temperature at the outlet thermistorThe outlet temperature is too high, or the outlet thermistor is faultyCheck the filters for blockage and clean the fittings.
    Coldwater supply failure; replace cold water supply
050005Circuit Board Issue or Basic ADC errorThe control circuit board (PCBA) is defectiveReset the memory
080008RAM checksum error Replace CSM 
0160010EEPROM error  
0320020Flash memory error  
0350023Welded contacts  
0370025Software or General Algorithm error  
0380026Valve stuck at cold for 20 minutes  
0390027Valve stuck at hot for 20 minutes  
0400028General Controller Fault  
045002DGeneral Outlet Error  
060003CMotor is stuckHot water supply temperature is too hotTurn down the temperature setting on your system to about 125°F
   The system needs a reset.To reset the error, press the OK switch when in the shower screen.
 2000Valve is disconnected or has a loose power connection. Unplug the valve and CSM for one minute
    Replace communication, 8-pin cable
    Replace the power supply to the valve

Kohler DTV troubleshooting guide

The table below is a general troubleshooting guide that highlights the most commonly reported, explains the possible causes and solutions. If any of the recommended solutions do not fix the issue, the system requires servicing from you’re an authorized Kohler service technician.

SymptomsPossible causesSolutions
The control panel has no light.The power cable is not in the electrical outlet.   Plug the power supply into the outlet.
 The power supply connection to the valve may be loose or disconnected. Inspect the power supply connections to the valve and reconnect if necessary. 
 Interface wiring may be loose or disconnected.Check all interface cable connections; connect if necessary.  
 The circuit breaker has tripped.  Reset the circuit breaker.  
 The valve memory may require resetting.  Disconnect and then reconnect the power cable from the valve.  
The primary interface power indicator pulses but does not turn on.Interface cable connections are loose or disconnected.Check all interface wiring and reconnect if necessary.
The auxiliary interface power indicator pulses but does not turn on. The Primary interface operates correctly.Interface cable connections are loose or disconnected.Check all interface wiring and reconnect if necessary.
 The interfaces may be at different software revision levels.Press the ″About″ screen on the interface and copy the version number. Unplug the interface and replace it with the auxiliary user interface. Try activating the shower. If the shower functions, press the ″About″ screen and copy the version number. If the two version numbers do not match or the shower does not function, contact your Kohler service technician.
The interface is functioning, but no water flows from the components.Inlet or outlet fittings are blocked.Check the shower inlets and outlets for blockage or debris, and then clean the inlet screens to unlock them.
 The main hot and cold water supplies are not on.Turn on the main water supply to the valve.
 The valve memory requires resetting.Disconnect and reconnect the power supply from the valve.
 System errorCheck the interface for an error code.
The maximum water temperature is too hot or too cold.Incorrect maximum temperature setting.Adjust the maximum temperature.
Continuous flow.The system will not switch off.Switch off the water and power supply and contact your authorized Kohler technician.
The massage mode shuts down, but water continues to flow from the showerhead.Unequal flow rates between valve outletsVerify the installation has one bodyspray per valve outlet and uses bodysprays with the same flow rate. If needed, contact the installer to revise the installation.
 Fluctuation of inlet pressureInstall pressure regulators in the supply lines
 Pressure difference higher than 5psi (34.5 kPa) between the hot and cold supply linesInstall pressure regulators to bring the supplies within 5psi (34.5 kPa) of each other.
Hot water only, the valve shuts down.Hot and cold lines are in reverse.Switch hot and cold water supply connections. Verify the hot water supply connects to the inlet marked ″H″, and the cold water supply connects to the inlet marked ″C.
Water leaking from the valve.Connections are not secure.Check all connections. Make adjustments as needed.
 Seals are worn or damaged.Purchase a seal service pack and replace all seals
 Internal leakThe unit requires an overhaul by a Kohler technician.
Fluctuating or reduced flow rate. Valve is functioning correctly.Inlet or outlet fittings are blocked.Check the inlets and outlets for blockage or debris. Clean the inlet screens.
   The water outlet pressure is low.Check if the flow rate is at or above the minimum speed required.
 Fluctuating flow.Verify that all the inlet pressures are as per the specifications.
Only cold water flows from the outlets.The hot water supply is either not turned on or not connected to the valve inlet.Ensure the hot water supply is turned on and connected to the valve inlet.
 The hot water inlet is blocked.Check the hot water inlet screen for blockage. Clean or replace the inlet screen. Refer to the Valve Homeowners Guide
Blend temperature drift or temperature fluctuationsFluctuating water temperature.Check the inlet temperature differentials and verify they are sufficient.
 Hot water supply temperature fluctuation.Check and make adjustments as needed.
 Pressure difference higher than 5psi (34.5 kPa) between the hot and cold supply lines.Install pressure regulators to bring the supplies within 5psi (34.5 kPa) of each other.

Why is only cold water coming from my outlets?

If you have set the temperature of your electric shower appropriately, there are several reasons why it could still be running cold water. Here is how to fix the most common reasons to bring back hot water flow.

Power problems.

A power surge can burn the microswitch and preventing power through to the shower system. It could also be in the heating tank; if even one of the elements in the heating tank burns, the shower will be running on half power. Check the electrical wires and replace them if necessary. Also, all electrical showers have a Thermal Cut-Out, which cuts off power to the elements when the shower overheats and resets. When it gets too hot, it fails to reset and needs replacing.

The anti-scald device is set too high.

The anti-scald devices are safety features in most hot water faucets that limit how far the shower handle can turn in the hot water direction, preventing you from getting scalding water. Unfortunately, when you set the device too high, the shower typically sends in more cold water. The solution is to adjust the anti-scald valve and confirm the water temperature.

Low cold water pressure

Water pressure is a common problem for multi-stories buildings or a house with very many occupants, which reduces when other people are using the same water supply at the same time. The water supply company will reduce water pressure during maintenance and repairs, and you can call to confirm and wait it out. However, if that’s not the case, you have to contact a plumber to detect the source of low pressure, which could be water pipes with a small diameter or a small water tank, which you need to replace.

Low hot water pressure

If you live in an area with hard water, the minerals in the water will accumulate in hot water pipes and reduce volume and water pressure. The low pressure will restrict the flow of water to the shower. You can clean the heat canister and pipes using a descaling agent such as citric acid. Ensure you descale the pipes routinely to reduce build-up. A long-term solution could be installing a water softener to your home’s main water supply to reduce the mineral content in the water.

Faulty thermostatic cartridge

Power surges can burn the thermostatic cartridge, which won’t send the signal of the temperature set to the system. So you will have to replace it or get an electrician to fix electrical issues that bring about repeated power surges.

Why is the temperature of the water fluctuating/not accurate as set?

Fluctuating water temperature can be dangerous as it can turn scalding hot suddenly. If you notice the temperature changing, turn off the shower and leave the bathroom. There are several reasons why your water temperature keeps fluctuating. Here are the reasons why the temperature set is not accurate and how to fix the issue.

Check the thermostat

The thermostat has thermistors that monitor the temperature of the water, and the thermostat valves allow you to set your desired temperature. When you set the temperature, but it keeps fluctuating, the most likely problem is a broken thermostat. A power surge can trip and damage the thermistors, making it impossible fr the controller to read the temperature accurately. You need to replace the thermostat.

Tank size

Having a small tank size for your household is a common reason for fluctuating water temperatures. First, estimate the average amount of hot water your home uses; most showers use about two gallons per minute. Then, multiply the time by the number of showers and faucets to give you a number higher than the tank capacity. One way to fix this is by limiting the showering time, and the other is investing in a higher volume capacity water tank.

Defective pressure balancing valve

The pressure-balancing valve opens and closes depending on the water flow. For example, if you open a cold water faucet, it draws cold water from the shower, but the valve closes the hot water intake pipe and prevents scalding. Therefore it controls the water temperature no matter the change in water pressure or flow rate. When this pressure-balancing valve becomes defective, the shower will not be able to maintain the water temperature.

Uneven water pressure

Water pressure is usually affected due to a faulty pressure-balancing valve, small pipe sizes, and blocked pipes. Small-sized pipes will cause uneven water pressure when too many faucets are open simultaneously, which also fluctuates the water temperature. The best solution is to call in a plumber to check the condition of the pipes. If the sizes of the pipes are the problem, you need to increase the pipe diameter to reconfigure the water distribution in the home.

Blocked water pipes and shower cartridge

Naturally, the condition of water pipes in your home will deteriorate from blockages and corrosion, which can affect water pressure, drainage, and shower temperatures. Other signs on blocked piped are shower handles that are hard to turn and a leaking showerhead even after switching off. If the fluctuating temperatures come with uneven water flow, then you most likely have blocked pipes. You can clean the pipes and shower cartridge, and if the problem persists, call a plumber to replace the pipes.

Why is the water still flowing even after switching off the power?

The main reason for water flowing even after turning off the power is usually a valve problem that reduces pressure. Here is how to fix this problem.

A clogged mixing valve

One way to detect a clogged mixing valve if you have a single handle mixing faucet is to turn the shower handle towards hot, and the water pressure drops.

Disassemble the faucet handle and mixing valve to check for obstruction in the valve ball or site. You can clear the clog by cleaning the stem using a soft-bristled brush and then reinstall the mixing valve.

Worn out mixing valve washer

The mixing valve washer distributes pressure and prevents the fastener from moving around. Over time the washer will wear out, flatten or crack, which can reduce water pressure and cause the shower to drip. Take apart the mixing valve, check the washer for signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary.

A damaged mixing valve insert.

Mixing valve inserts made of plastic are prone to cracking and breaking from the excess twisting pressure. Replace the insert with a brass one for your valve and shower model.


There are many reasons why your Kohler DTV shower will not function properly. While you can fix most of the problems using the tips in the article, sometimes nothing will work. If the problem persists or you’re dealing with electrical issues, it is best to call in a certified Kohler service technician. If all fails, you may have to replace the entire system.