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How to Properly Use a Garbage Disposal

How to Properly Use a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of expired food, unwanted leftovers, as well as discarding peels. Even so, most homeowners take their disposals for granted until they stop working or are clogged.

Proper garbage disposal maintenance and use will extend the life of your disposal and ensure it runs right. But how do you ensure you never end up with a clogged garbage disposal?

1. Run the disposal regularly

It is easy for your disposal to freeze up, corrode or rust when it is not used for an extended period of time. To keep your garbage disposal clean and running properly you need to run it on a regular basis even when you don’t have anything to grind up.

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Simply turn on the water and run the disposal once every few days. Running the disposal regularly is the same as exercising to keep in shape.

2. Use cold water

Although hot water works great when cleaning most things especially in the kitchen, you should only run cold water when rinsing the disposal. This is the best approach in garbage disposal care.

Hot water will melt the food that the disposal is grinding up thus allowing waste to cling to the sides. Cold water is recommended because it hardens the food and makes it easier for the disposal to grind it up and push it down the drain.

3. Run the disposal longer

If you want to avoid the issue of a good garbage disposal not working, you must always leave the disposal running for at least a minute after it has finished grinding the waste. This will make sure that the food has been flushed out completely thus preventing clogs.

You should also consider running cold water and some dish soap down the drain as the disposal grinds the waste. This helps clean the disposal and guarantees that it never clogs.

4. Cut the waste into small pieces

Regardless of how strong you think your disposal is, it will not be able to efficiently grind huge chunks of fruits, vegetables or meat.

To make sure you never waste time unjamming the disposal, you need to cut the waste into small chunks and put in small pieces at a time. Not doing so will only end up overworking the disposal and will in the long run jam, clog or even break down.

5. Grind citrus fruit

One of the best ways to clean your garbage disposal is by grinding citrus fruits every now and then.

Yes, soap and ice cubes in a garbage disposal will help keep the disposal clean but once in a while, you need to toss in peels from lime, lemon, and oranges. Peels from these fruits will help clear the excess waste as well as eliminate any unpleasant odor.

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Still, on how to clean a garbage disposal, you must avoid putting certain items into the disposal. These items include grease, oil, potato peels, big bones, egg shells, plastic, glass, metal, paper and expandable foods like rice and pasta.

These tips will help keep your disposal clean and even fix some minor issues you might have been experiencing. If the disposal is broken, let an expert repair it.