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How to Wall Mount a Soundbar

How to Wall Mount a Soundbar

The soundbar is among the finest inventions of our time. You no longer have running wires everywhere as you try to piece together a sound system. Most buyers prefer soundbars over other similar sound equipment because soundbars require minimal space, are relatively cheaper, and are easy to install. Their slim design allows mounting to a wall or TV.

Most soundbar displays show an articulate layout with a TV and a soundbar securely below it. It leaves you wondering how to mount a soundbar and how to hide the wires. Here is a detailed guide on how to mount your soundbar without having peeking wires.

How to mount a soundbar to the wall

Soundbar wall mounts resemble little shelves to rest your speaker on. You’ll need to either screw into a wood stud or use drywall anchors for the maximum weight support of your soundbar. Most mounts have screws to secure the soundbar. Mounting is not a complicated task and does not require you to hire an electrician. With the right tools, it should take you about an hour.

  1. Put your screws, mount, and spacers in an easily accessible place before installing your soundbar to the wall. If you have already mounted your tv, you will need to purchase an extra mount to carry your soundbar and attach it to the tv. The mount helps make the tv and soundbar seem like one piece.
  2. You need to know that there are variations of mounts depending on design and installation. Your bracket of choice should be able to reach the ports on your tv back and your soundbar. Measure the distance between the ports and length of your mount to identify where exactly on the wall to position it,
  3. With the measurement out of the way and have found the right fit brackets, it is now time to fix the wall brackets. Place the brackets connecting the tv and soundbar on top first, and then screw it in the holes on your tv. If your screws are too tall, you can use a spacer to lock the screw in place. Then do the same for your soundbar’s screws.
  4. With the connectors in place, you now need to place the brackets to be attached to the wall. This process is simple. Just slide the mounts into the bracket and use screws to lock them. 
  5. To keep the wires hidden, place them at the back of your TV. It is going to be challenging to prevent the wires from falling. Use a plumber’s tape to hold the wires in place and attach them to the back of the TV. Attach the plumber’s tape and then put the soundbar wires through. 
  6. Lastly, fix your TV and soundbar to the wall using the brackets. When securely attached, you can plug your TV and soundbar in and begin viewing.

How to mount your soundbar to a TV

Installing your soundbar on your tv is another mounting option. It’s a legit option, especially if your tv can swivel through a stand or wall mount. For the best audio and video synchronization, align the tv and soundbar. So when your tv swivels, you want your soundbar to move with it.

Also, mounting your soundbar to your tv helps hide the wires, increasing the visual appeal of your space.

To mount, find the screws that match your tv, adjust them to fit your soundbar, then secure it on the little holes on the back of your tv. What’s important is to ensure adequate space at the bottom of your tv to accommodate the soundbar.

This process, though, is quite tasking. If your TV is already mounted, you need to remove it from the mount because the soundbar brackets must also be installed using the same holes.

Before selecting a soundbar mount, take a keen look at your soundbar. It requires mounting holes at the back or bottom that are compatible with your tv mount brackets. If it has no holes, then you will have to consider installing your soundbar on a wall.

Should I mount my soundbar? Pros and cons

Before you begin the mounting process, you need first to determine the ideal position for your soundbar. Should it be below or above your TV?

Pros of mounting your soundbar below the TV

Optimal audio performance

If your tv is wall-mounted, ideally, the best position for your soundbar is right below it. This positioning reduces audio transmission delays. If you position the soundbar far from your tv, it will be hard to sync the video and audio, making your viewing experience terrible.

If your couch is in front of your TV, placing the soundbar below the tv allows sound waves from the speakers to get to you directly. This is because the waves from the soundbar are perpendicular to you.

Also, it cancels reflection off the ceiling, ensuring minimal echo and an exceptional audio experience overall. The below your tv position is ideal for front-firing speakers.

Easy control

Also, wall mounting a soundbar to the wall below your tv allows you to control the soundbar easily using your phone or remote. If the soundbar were positioned above the TV, you would need to raise your hand to ensure the infrared signal is captured.

Visually appealing

Many are designed for placement below a tv. Placing a soundbar above the tv may make your setup not look appealing visually.

Cons of placing your soundbar below the tv

This position hinders having accessories on the table. If you have a table below the tv and have placed some accessories, they can cause disturbance of signals to and from your soundbar. Ensure there is nothing in front and below it. You can try some DIY organizers to display your CDs and DVDs instead of placing them on top of the table.

How to check if I can mount my soundbar

Hanging your soundbar to the wall seems like the ideal place to position your soundbar. Surprisingly, some soundbar models cannot be wall-mounted. If you are looking to fix your soundbar to the wall, you need to be careful to ensure you choose one that can be wall-mounted. Some soundbars come with their brackets, while others can work with the universal soundbar wall mounting bracket bought separately. Ensure you see the screw holes on your soundbar to confirm that your purchased model has wall mount features. 

Can I mount a soundbar above the TV?

Ideally, you can place a soundbar below a tv, but it is also possible to mount it above a tv. Soundbar placement determines its performance and the overall visual appeal and will depend on the model. For upward-firing speakers, the best place to position them is above the tv.

Proper soundbar placement significantly affects the optimal audio output. You can place your soundbar on a stand, table or mount it to a wall. You can also set the soundbar as far as the length of its cables and use a concealment channel to hide the wires.

Placing the soundbar above the tv also protects it from unnecessary fiddling by kids and pets.

Finding the right spot requires lots of testing, and setting up the mount is a challenge.

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Can I position my soundbar vertically?

Yes, you can, although this position is not recommended. Soundbars are purposely designed to project sound waves in a specific direction. Having your soundbar vertical, the left and right speaker channels will feel like the sound is coming from the floor and ceiling, ruining your whole audio experience. It would be best only to position your soundbar vertically when all other placement options have failed to work.


Like most people, you like your soundbar below ear level and your tv a little above eye level. It is essential to consider the soundbar placement ideal for your space to enjoy the audio experience.