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How to Put the Echo Dot in Pairing Mode

How to Put the Echo Dot in Pairing Mode

The Amazon Echo Dot is an excellent device for your home, as it works with many smart home devices. In addition, it works with Alexa allowing you to control it even when out of the home using your Alexa app. However, for the device to work well, you need to pair it with other smart appliances in your home. Below is a guide on putting your Echo Dot in pairing mode and pairing it with your smart devices. 

To ensure that your Echo Dot works with other devices in your home, you need to put it in pairing mode. Follow these instructions to put your Echo device in pairing mode. 

  • Start by downloading the Alexa app on your smartphone. The app is available in the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore and works well with most phone brands. Using the app, you can quickly put your new Echo Dot smart speaker in pairing mode. 
  • Next, ensure that you also log into your Amazon account.  
  • After that, plug in your Echo Dot and wait one to two minutes for the device to power. The ring light will change to blue showing that the device is booting up and then to orange, followed by the Alexa greeting after it switches on. 
  • Next, using the app, go to Settings and select Network
  • Tap on Update Wi-Fi and simultaneously press the Action button on the Echo Dot. 
  • The app will display the available networks, and you can choose your preferred network. 
  • Next, enter network credentials, and your Echo Dot will connect to the Wi-Fi Network. 
  • Go to Settings again on your Alexa app and tap on Bluetooth
  • In the menu that appears, you will see the option Pair New Device and tap on it. That will put your Echo Dot in pairing mode, and you can connect it to nearby devices. 

If you do not have the Alexa app, you can still put your Echo Dot in pairing mode by following these easy steps.

  • Go to the Amazon website and log into your account.  
  • On your account, go to Settings and click on Available Devices
  • Identify and click on the device you want to pair with the Echo Dot.
  • Plug in your Echo Dot and wait for it to boot up; when the device turns on, the light will turn from blue to orange.
  • Connect the Echo Dot to your Wi-Fi by going to Settings, then selecting a network and connecting to your preferred Wi-Fi Network. 
  • Since your Echo Dot is connected to the internet, it is ready to pair. You can go to Bluetooth on the Alexa app and select it as the device you want to pair with other connected devices.

Is there a pairing button on Echo Dot? 

The Echo Dot has action, microphone, and 2 volume buttons, but there is no pairing button on Echo Dot. However, you can use the Action button to enter setup mode but not to go to pairing mode. Pairing button on echo dot

How do I turn on Bluetooth pairing on Echo Dot? 

If you want to connect your Echo Dot to other devices in your home, like speakers, you can use the Alexa Voice command, “Alexa pair Bluetooth.” The device will connect to accessible Bluetooth devices. You can also activate Bluetooth pairing on the Echo Dot by following these easy steps. 

  • Start by ensuring that the device you plan to pair is in Bluetooth pairing mode. 
  • Open your Alexa app and select Devices
  • Next select Echo & Alexa on the menu that appears. 
  • Next, select your device, then select Bluetooth Devices
  • The Echo Dot is in pairing mode, and you can select Pair a New Device to connect a new device. 

You can also turn on Bluetooth pairing using Alexa by following these easy steps. 

  • Start by removing all previous Bluetooth connections on the Echo Dot by saying “Alexa Disconnect.”
  • Enable Bluetooth pairing on the device you want to pair (for example, your tablet) by tapping the Bluetooth icon. 
  • Ensure that your Echo Dot is on and enable Bluetooth pairing by saying, “Alexa, pair.” Alexa will answer, “Searching,” and locate the device you want to pair. 
  • On your phone, tablet, or other devices, you can select Echo Dot, and Alexa will tell you when the devices are paired. 
  • The Echo Dot will save this connection, and you only need to say, “Alexa pair with Sam’s smartphone,” and the devices will pair.

How to put Echo Dot in Pairing mode without Wi-Fi? 

You can use Echo Dot in pairing mode without Wi-Fi. You can connect the device to Bluetooth-enabled devices by using the devices’ Bluetooth capabilities. Follow these instructions to use Echo in pairing mode without Wi-Fi. 

  • Plug in the Echo and allow it to boot up. 
  • Next, put the device you plan to use in pairing mode. You can do that by going to Settings, then Bluetooth, and then the device will display all paired devices. 
  • If the Echo is not on the list, select Pair New Device and your Bluetooth device will start searching. 
  • It should display the Echo Dot after a few seconds, and you can tap on it to pair it. 
  • After pairing, you can use the Echo to listen to music or watch a movie. 

Pairing your Echo Dot with the devices in your home ensures that you can put it to the best possible use. In addition, it allows you to control different devices in your home using Alexa. To use it this way, you must put your Echo device in pairing mode, and you can do that by following the above guidelines.