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How to Keep Area Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet

How to Keep Area Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet

Area rugs add more décor and beauty to your room. But at times when it slides, buckles, and bunches up underfoot then it becomes more of a problem rather than its intended solution.

This problem is caused by the fact that the underside of your area rug is smooth and slithers over the carpet upon which it is placed. The sliding can be dangerous especially for the elderly and children.

The sliding can cause trips and trips will cause falls that can lead to serious injuries. To avoid this, it is good to how to keep the area rug from bunching up on the carpet.

One of the best solutions is to use a no skid area rug pad. These are available in different shapes and sizes.

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Apart from keeping the area rugs in place, non-skid rug pads increase airflow thus helping in vacuuming. Here are a few tips on how to stop your rugs creeping on the carpet:

Non-skid Area Rug

Buy a no skid area rug pad to help you put your area rug in position. This usually comes in different shapes and sizes.

Ensure that you buy one that can fit beneath your area rug. However, if you cannot find the exact size that fits your rug, then it is advisable to buy a larger one and cut it to fit your rug.

The pads will act as rug anchors for carpet.

Carpet Tape

Carpet tape can do the magic of straightening up your rug on carpet. Flip over your carpet and then run the carpet tape along your rug’s perimeter.

The tape is double-sided. You can also put a big X on the middle of the rug for extra functionality. After you have positioned the tape as you want, then peel off the paper protecting the stick side of the tape that will stick against the carpet and then flip your rug over.

This will stop the rug from buckling.

The two tips should help you stop your rug from creeping on carpet. Alternatively, you can apply the double-sided carpet tape to the non-skid rug pad.

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The tape will add more security to the rug to carpet pad. This is to avoid the tape from leaving a tape residue on the carpet when you remove the area rug.