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Bisell Carpet Cleaner Troubleshooting

Bisell Carpet Cleaner Troubleshooting

Before contacting service for repairs, it is recommended you perform basic troubleshooting procedures to identify and resolve issues you may be having with your Bissell carpet cleaner. Most of the commonly reported problems with these carpet cleaners can quickly be cleared by simple DIY fixes; thus saving on time and repair costs. In the following guide, we look at the troubleshooting procedures to help fix various Bissell carper cleaner issues.

Basic Bissell Carpet Cleaner Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting brushes

If your brushes are not turning, check the pump belt. You will need a flat-head screwdriver to pry in the slots to see if the belt is removed or broken. Replace the pump belt is a broken.

If the belt seems fine, inspect the brush. A small object could have been sucked up and jammed the brush. Replace the brush if it bent or worn down.

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Reduced or no spray

If your spray is less than stellar, first take off all hoses from the heater and clean them, Check the nozzles for clogs. If there is hair or grime on the nozzles, use a tiny cotton swab and clean out the thin housing.

Make sure there is sufficient water in each tank, The detachable O-rings that secure the straw can cause leakage, so ensure they are tight and sit well.

Not sucking up water

If your Bissell carpet cleaner is not sucking up water properly, make sure the dial is set to floor cleaning. Jiggle the tank to make sure it is making a good connection to the machine.

Bissell carpet cleaner brushes not spinning

The possible cause for Brushes not spinning/turning on your Bissell carpet cleaner is the brush belt or pump belt is off or is broken.

To fix the problem, you need to first turn the machine off and unplug it from the socket. To check if a pump belt has broken, you need a flat head screwdriver. Then follow these instructions:

  • Insert the blade end into the lower slot of the Belt Access door to release the lower snap. If necessary, insert the blade end into the upper slot to release the upper snap.
  • Examine the belt for breakage. Replace the pump belt is broken.

To remove the broken pump belt follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug from the wall outlet.
  2. Step on the release pedal and recline the handle down onto the floor.
  3. Remove Tank-In-Tank and SmartMix tanks. Set them aside.
  4. Remove belt access door located near the floor cleaning/tools switch by inserting a flat head screwdriver into the slot nearest to the handle and gently prying the access door off.
  5. Turn the machine onto its side so the belt access area is facing upward.
  6. On the button of the machine, near the belt access area, is a red retainer plate that holds the black brush arm and brush in place. Using a Philips head screwdriver remove the screw that holds the red retainer plate in place. Set the red retainer plate and Philips head screw aside.
  7. Remove the black brush arm that holds the brush in place. Set the black brush arm aside.
  8. Remove the “toothed” brush belt from the brush then from the red pump pulley. Set the “toothed” brush belt and brush aside.
  9. Locate and remove broken belt.

Follow the instructions below to install the replacement pump belt:

  1. With the unit still on its side, loop one end of the replacement pump belt around the red pump pulley and then the other end around the silver motor shaft. Do not twist the replacement pump belt.
  2. Re-install the toothed brush belt first onto the red pump pulley and then onto the toothed end of the brush.
  3. Re-install the brush into the base of the unit.
  4. Place the black brush arm onto the brush and slide back the brush arm into the base of the unit. The black brush arm and brush should slide easily into the original position.
  5. Re-install the red retainer plate and Philips head screw,
  6. Using your finger, gently spin the replacement pump belt on the silver motor shaft. The replacement pump belt should rotate freely around the silver motor shaft and drive the pulley without obstruction if assembled correctly. The brush should also rotate freely when the silver motor shaft is turned.
  7. Turn the machine right side up and replace the Tank-In-Tank, SmartMix tank, and belt access door.
  8. Assembly is now complete.

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Bissell carpet cleaner not picking up water

There are several reasons why your Bissell carpet cleaner is not picking up water:

  1. Ready Tools dial may be at the wrong setting for the cleaning job. You need to set the ReadyTools dial to either Tools or PreTreat or Floor Cleaning.
  2. The nozzle window may not be properly attached. Press down firmly on the black oval gasket at the top window to make sure the two tabs on the back of the nozzle window are snapped into the mating slots in the main housing.
  3. The Tank-In-Tank lid is not properly. Tank-In-Tank must be firmly seated to function; remove and reseat Tank-In-Tank.
  4. Poor tool position (hand-held attachments only). You need to adjust the angle; apply more downward pressure.
  5. Tank-In-Tank has picked up maximum dirty water. You may need to empty Tank-In-Tank.

Bissell carpet machine leaks water

If your Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner appears to be leaking, follow these steps to resolve:

  • After spraying the solution by pulling the trigger, perform a few dry strokes before turning the machine off
  • Turn off and unplug the machine
  • Remove the clean tank. Check for cracks, warping, or damage. If cracked, warped, or damaged, order a new clean water tank.
  • Makes sure the gasket at the bottom of the clean tank is working properly and water is only coming out when the valve is pushed upward. If the bottom of the clean tank is damaged or, not working properly, order a new clean water tank.
  • Water may be caught in space between the tank and the tank’s handle. With the cap twisted ON tightly hold your tank at an angle, over a sink or drain, so any extra water can pour out of the space.
  • Wipe the tank dry with a cloth.
  • Reseat the Clean Water Tank. A fully clean water tank should sit all the way into the machine with the back of the tank flush with the handle.
  • Remove the dirty water tank and fill with water over the sink from the rubber opening at the top. If dirty water tank is leaking, a new one should be ordered.
  • Move the machine to a dry area of carpet- do not press the trigger. Make sure clean water tank is filled and on the machine.
  • Remove the handle of the machine, then reconnect it
  • Leave it in the same spot for 30 seconds
  • Move the machine to a new spot. Has the issue resolved? Contact Bissell if there is a significant puddle under where the machine was sitting.

Bissell carpet cleaner won’t turn on

If you have no power going into your Bissell SpotClean Proheat carpet cleaner, try the following troubleshooting tips to fix the problem:

  • Start by plugging in your machine to a grounded outlet.
  • To power the machine ON, press the power on button. The “I” is power on and “O” is power off.
  • If there is still no power, unplug your machine from the wall.
  • Check the entire length of the power cord, and discontinue use if there is any damage.
  • Check to see if the outlet is working. Test the outlet by plugging another device like a cell phone charger.
  • Check for a tripped breaker. Often homes have several outlets on the same breaker, and the breaker can be tripped if multiple appliances are plugged into those outlets.
  • Try using an outlet in a different area or resetting any tripped breakers.
  • SpotClean is designed with a thermal protector shutting it down to protect from overheating in the event of a clog or blockage. Unplug and check the end of the hose, tool, and inside the dirty water tank stack and remove clogs.
  • Let the unit sit unplugged for 30 minutes after removing clogs for the thermal protector to cool and reset automatically. Then test in a working outlet.

How to take apart a Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner

To take apart your Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro cleaner, you will need a Philips head screwdriver. Then follow these instructions:

  • First, make sure your machine is turned off and unplugged
  • Remove the clean water tank
  • Now remove the screw in the back of the handle with a Philips screwdriver by twisting counterclockwise
  • Be sure not to lose the screw from the handle, you will need it when it is time to put your machine back together
  • Using your thumb as leverage, pull outward each side of the carry handle to remove
  • Next, use a flathead screwdriver to pry uo both sides of the plastic collar at the base of the handle
  • Then pull up on the upper handle until it releases from the machine
  • You now have your machine disassembled

How to reset a Bissell carpet cleaner

If your PowerGlide 1305 series vacuum becomes clogged, the vaccum is equipped with a brush shut off to prevent damage from occurring. If this were to happen, follow these steps to reset your brush roll:

  • Turn the vacuum to the off position.
  • Turn the brushroll switch to the off position.
  • Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet.
  • Lay the vaccum down and check for any major clogs in the brush chamber. Once the brush roll is free of debris, return the vaccum to the upright position.
  • Locate the brush reset button on the lower back right of the vaccum.
  • Press the button to reset the brushroll.
  • To ensure the brush has been reset, plug thevaccum back into the electrical outlet. Turn on the vacuum detent the vacuum to begin cleaning. Turn the brushroll on. The brush should start to rotate when the vacuum is leaned back and the brushroll is on.

Why is there no water coming out of my Bissell carpet cleaner

If there is reduced spray or no spray coming out of your Bissell carpet cleaner, it is because of the following possible reasons:

  1. The bladder may be empty. If so, you need to refill the bladder with hot tap water.
  2. SmartMix bottle may be empty. You may need to fill with a cleaning formula for cleaning or water if rinsing, or using the Scotchgard protector applicator.
  3. The filter may be clogged. Make sure you clean the outflow indicator filter to remove any clogging.
  4. Tanks may not be seated properly. Turn the power off; remove and reseat the tanks. Inspect for the presence of seals.
  5. The pump may have lost prime. Turn power OFF; after one minute turn ON and depress trigger.
  6. The pump belt may be broken. Inspect the pump belt for breakage. You should be able to see the pump belt looped around the motor shaft. Replace pump belt If broken or missing.

How to unclog a Bissell carpet cleaner

If one or more of the lines in your Bissell carpet cleaner becomes clogged, the unit stops working. To unclog, you need to take the assembly apart and clean the lines, ensuring they are not tangled, to return the carpet cleaner to its proper level of functioning.

To unclog a Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Bissell ProHeat is turned off and unplugged. Recline the handle backwards completely and set SmartMix option to “normal” setting.
  2. Pull out the two tanks by their handles and set them aside. Remove the clear cap, red spinner, and filter that connect to the tanks. Unscrew the two screws holding the nozzle window in place and lift it straight up to remote it.
  3. Unscrew the four screws placed at the top of the main housing unit. Pull the main housing from the larger unit, on some units you may need to unsnap a few catches at the front of the housing.’
  4. Pull the ends of the lines from the unit and inspect them. Use a small, thin tool to remove any clogs that you see in the lines. Replace the lines once they are clear.
  5. Examine all lines for kinks or pinching. Straighten any kinked or pinched lines with your fingers. With the lines cleaned and straighten, there will be no clogging in the system.
  6. Reassemble the unit to continue using it.

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How to clean Bissell Proheat Cleaner filter

You need to clean out the flow indicator filter each time it used to ensure best cleaning performance.

  • Unscrew the flow indicator cap.
  • Lift out the red rotor and white filter.
  • Rinse all three parts in tap water.
  • Replace the filter and rotor.
  • Replace the flow indicator cap; turn until snug. Do not over-tighten.