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Can you put a refrigerator on the carpet?

Can you put a refrigerator on the carpet?

If you have a wooden floor in your kitchen, you may not want to place it directly on the floor as the heavyweight may end up denting your floor. In your search for a floor protector, you may consider placing a carpet under your fridge to protect your floor.

Can You Put A Refrigerator On A Carpet?

No. This would be a big mistake. A carpet will prevent the flow of cold air to the condenser, which is usually placed at the bottom of the fridge. Carpets act as insulators, which would cause your fridge to get overheated. If the condenser and compressor do not cool down, they may overwork and end up damaging your refrigerator in the long run.

But is it OK to have a fridge on the carpet? Well, not really.

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Your refrigerator will end up consuming more electricity increasing your energy bills if the condenser and compressor get overworked. The rug will also get discolored from the heat produced by the fridge. It may also be a fire hazard.

What Can I Put Under My Fridge To Protect The Floor?

You can place luan runners or strips to protect your flooring from getting scuffed. You can also install an interlocking track on the bottom side of your fridge to hold the fridge in place, so it does not move around.

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You can also use plywood or durable laminate parquet underneath the refrigerator to support it. Another option would be to use rubber or plastic cup protectors on the fridge wheels to prevent them from denting or destroying the floor.