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How to dispose of a microwave

How to dispose of a microwave

A microwave oven can be in the category of electronic waste or e-waste. Nowadays, you cannot throw it away because of the regulations governing the environment. Hence you need to understand the basic guide on how to dispose of a microwave.

Better still, you can exploit other options. Consider discarding this equipment with a local trash company. Department stores are also a good idea when it comes to electronic waste. If the appliance is still working, you can donate or sell it for recycling. To start, you can follow these steps on how to dispose of a microwave.

Option one – Recycling

Search for electronic recycling around the place

Most recycling centers have experts who deal with disposing of electronic waste. The centers have many methods of disposing of e-waste. These methods include distributing electronics to a charity organization or selling them.

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The first question that should come into your mind is, can you throw away a microwave? Of course, the answer is no all you have to do is to call a recycling center.

Identify an in-store collection program

Before hauling the microwave in the collection program, it is advisable to email or calls the company to inquire whether the appliance is acceptable.

what to do with an old microwave

Ask about store incentives when purchasing a new one

Some stores recycle old electronic wastes when you buy a new one. Hence you can consider asking the stores on what to do with an old microwave.

Option two – Throwing it away

Contact a local trash company

Most trash companies offer services to pick up and dispose of bulky electronic waste. Calling them can be a good idea for you to dispose of the broken microwave. The services are free of charge but with specific guidelines.

Drop the appliance at a local garbage center

One can consider dropping the electronic waste at the trash company to avoid charges. Dropping it at the company is affordable and effective.

Step three – Reusing

Sell it

At times, disposing of the appliance does not mean that it is a waste or spoilt. In an instance where it needs an upgrade, it is better to sell it at a lower price and get a new one. Posting on online sites can work magic.

Apart from selling the microwave, you can donate it to the community or organizations. Most nonprofit organizations consider appliances that are too expensive to buy.

Repair the appliance

If it is a broken microwave or faulty taking it to repair shop can be the best alternative. They may consider to replace the spoilt parts and sell it to another client. This will be less tedious for you since the shop will have to recycle and do all the other stuff for you.

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In summation disposing of a microwave can be challenging. No matter how had it may seem please do not throw the appliance in the trash. Consider using the tips above on how to dispose of a microwave.