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How To Tell if a Security Camera is Fake

How To Tell if a Security Camera is Fake

Today, there has been an increase in the number of security cameras in the market. This wide variety has made it quite impossible to pick the real ones. New features like motion sensors and blinking lights also add to the complication.

Your work is to know the critical factors for identifying authentic gadgets. In turn, you will have avoided buying the wrong device. So how can you figure out whether a security camera is fake or not?

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The covers

The materials used on a device can help you differentiate authentic devices from imitations. For instance, an unauthentic camera security system comprises of cheap plastic materials while a real one will have a waterproof aluminum cover. By a mere look at the materials, you can spot an imitation.


Authentic products last long and can stand harsh outdoor conditions. On the other hand, low-quality pieces have fragile covers, which cannot stand the heavy winds and rain. Some of them may have covers which are protruding, but that may not be good enough for the weather. Their poorly-done wires can get spoilt by harsh weather conditions.


The most accurate way of knowing whether a security recorder is real or not is by checking the brand name. You can take your time and search for the brand name online. The results will help you tell whether a device is authentic or not.

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Tracking movement

Fake security cameras with motion detectors comprise of the built-in motion sensor. The motion sensors propel the recorder to track movements. Imitation gadgets do not track movements but move back and forth hence making it easy to detect the dummy camera. A true camera security system does not make any movements but records all the activities silently.

Camera types

You can tell a fake camera by learning the available types. Bullet cameras or dome cameras are the most common online fake security cameras. The models are easy to imitate without violation of property rights.

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On the other hand, most wireless security cameras have unique designs that are hard to imitate.

Those are the distinctive features that can enable you to detect a fake security camera. Fake security cameras can be useful when scaring away opportunity crimes. But, some homeowners use fake security cameras to disguise the presence of real ones. So that all potential criminals will not attempt or get recorded. You can know the importance of both the real and fake cameras when danger occurs. But with the tips, you can notice a fake camera.