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How to Clean a Dyson V8

How to Clean a Dyson V8

Do you belong to the family of Dyson Vacuums? Once you get a hold of the Dyson V8 you will regret why you have been wasting your money the past years trying different vacuum cleaners. Over the years, I have had the perception that a vacuum cleaner is just a vacuum cleaner until I tried Dyson V8 and I was amazed at how the machine didn’t mess around. I was impressed by the way the machine did put greater suction into tiny things. I was able to suck every dust particle in my room that previously I couldn’t be able to.

Yes the Dyson V8 does its work and to leave your room spotless it drains the particles somewhere within it. Knowing how the Dyson V8 serves me well, I dedicated to also serve it by keeping it nice and clean, and in this article, I am going to share with you how to clean your Dyson V8. You will get to know the different sections of the V8 that you need to take care of and clean thoroughly.

Tools Needed 


You need gloves to keep your fingers clean and dry. You don’t have to go to a manicure every time you clean your Dyson V8.

Trash bin

You need a large container to dispose of the residues collected.


To remove the different sections you need to have a screwdriver and I would recommend one with a magnetic head so that you can be able to open bolts that are not easily located.

How to clean a Dyson V8 filter

The first step is cleaning the Dyson V8 filter. The filter is divided into two parts which are washable but avoid using detergents.

  • Pre-motor filter situated at the center of the cyclones.
  • Post-motor behind the motor.

Cleaning the pre-motor filter

Disassemble the pre-motor filter

You need to separate the filter from the cyclones and do it cautiously.

Rinse under running water

Place the filter in running water and let the water clean it. You should not use any scrub as it will destroy the filter material.

Squeeze out excess water

You need to squeeze out excess water to aid it to dry faster.

Place it somewhere to dry for at least 24 hours before reconnecting it back to the vacuum cleaner.

You should clean the filter at least monthly but for frequent users, you should keep on checking it nonetheless don’t clean it so frequently.

The top part of the filter can be removed easily. You will use a blunt tool and place it in between the clips holding the place and push it carefully. Removing the cover will help you to wash the inner parts of the filter.

Cleaning the post-motor behind the motor

  1. To remove the post-motor you need to twist the filter anticlockwise
  2. Place it under running water and let the water clean the filter. Do not use any scrub.
  3. Once done, shake it and let it dry for at least a whole day before re-attaching it.

The post-motor should not be frequently cleaned since they are capable of keeping away dust particles. It is recommended that you should clean it once every three months.

Cleaning the Dyson V8 brush head

The brush head is categorized into two parts:

  • The fluffy attachment
  • The standard brush

How to clean the fluffy attachment of the brush head

Take away the plastic clasp

There is a plastic bolt beneath the fluffy attachment that you should unlock it using your screwdriver.

Remove the roller attachment

To remove the soft roller, you will see an indicator of an arrow on the right side, push it down and you will successfully remove the roller.

Wash it thoroughly

Once you have de-assembled all the components you can now clean the different parts and ensure that you use cold water and avoid using the same detergents. Be keen on the axles as there might be a  lot of residues hanging in there.

Reassemble the rollers

After cleaning thoroughly reattach the parts and before reattaching ensure that they are completely dry. Ensure that you return the clip and lock.

Cleaning the Standard brush

Remove the clip

Use your screwdriver to remove the cap.

Remove the brush

When you open up the cap, the lid and the brush will detach themselves and clean thoroughly. Remember to be keen on the axles to check any remains. You should also be keen on strands of hair stuck in the brush.

Use a clean towel to wipe the nozzle and don’t forget to wash the wheels as well as the ball system.

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Reassemble the brush

Before reassembling, ensure that all the parts have been thoroughly cleaned and they are all dry.

Remember to always empty the canister once the residues accumulate and are almost reaching the maximum fill line. After emptying the canister, always ensure you clean it with a piece of cloth and never use water to clean it.

So,  you remember the last time you cleaned your Dyson V8?