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How to Change Garage Door Code Without Old Code

How to Change Garage Door Code Without Old Code

With recent technology advancements, locking mechanisms have not been left behind. This digital era has given birth to digital locking mechanisms that can be a blessing and a curse. These mechanisms ensure you get in and out of your garage securely and quickly.

But when you forget the code, you will be locked out for some time until you figure out how to get in. With no one home to open the door from inside, you need to know what to do when faced with this situation.

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Luckily, you can change your garage door code without the old code or professional help in a few steps.

How to change/reset garage door code

This easy way to change your code discussed below only works if your door does not have a door stopper behind it. Here is the simple process:

1. Access the door’s motor

Go through the main door and get a ladder. Place the ladder under the motor and climb to where it is. You will see two motors on either side of the door, whether yours is a rolling or sectional door. Ensure both motors are accessible.

2. Reset the motor

Find the reset button from the control panel. Press it and hold it for a while until the light beside it goes off. This signifies that the motor reset was successful, and the old code has been erased from its memory.

Reset the code carefully to avoid a gap in your garage door.

3. Key in the new code

After a successful reset, the next step is to enter a new code into your garage door system. Access the keypad and press and hold the reset button until the light beside it turns back on.

Then, key in your chosen code and notice the blinking light.

Press the motor button again and hold it until the blinking light becomes static. Then, keep holding until the light finally turns off. Next, reprogram your remotes.

4. Reprogram your remotes

Press your remote’s button and hold it till the motor’s light begins blinking again. That signifies successful remote reprogramming.

How to reset clicker garage door keypad

Clicker garage doors are pretty popular. To reprogram the garage door keypad clicker, follow these steps:

1. Reach the locking mechanism’s motor

Just like the previous method, accessing the motor is the first step. Next, reach the opening at the top of the door. Next, you can use a ladder to reach the power unit.

2. Find the learn knob

Look for the learn knob located on one side of the motor. Press the knob and hold it until the lights turn off. This means the code has been erased from memory, and you can now set a new one.

3. Set a new code

Changing code on the garage door keypad is easy. Just press the learn knob until the light turns on. Climb down from the ladder and head over to the keypad.

Then, enter your new code and hit the enter button. Hold it until the door opener’s lights blink again.

This light means you have successfully changed the old code and can now use the new one to access your garage.

How do I Change my Liftmaster garage Code?

Liftmaster doors are also a popular option. Here’s how to reset the garage door code for these models.

1. Access the door’s motor

Use a ladder to access the garage door motor. Once you reach it, open the panel on its left side. You will see a lot of buttons and mechanisms on the unit when you open it.

2. Find the learn button

Once inside the unit, search for the learn button. Depending on your garage door’s model, it can be round and yellow or purple and square. Press the button and hold it until the LED light turns off.

Press and hold it again to switch the light off completely. You will hear three beeps in quick succession. This step erases the stored settings from memory.

3. Enter new code

Climb down the ladder and go to the keypad. Enter the new password and reset the keyless remote also.

This method is the same as when changing your Liftmaster garage door code without the old code.

liftmaster garage door code

Changing Chamberlain Garage Door Code Without Old Code

The chamberlain keypad has a different code resetting process from the previous steps discussed.

1. Get the remote control

To reset the garage door keypad, first, open your remote control’s cover. You will notice some switches when you open it.

Next, simultaneously press the star (*) and hash (#) buttons. You will see the red light blink a few times when you press these buttons.

2. Enter a four-digit code

Enter a new code on the remote. Choose any number from 1 to 9, then press the pound button. Next, press the garage door opener type found on your device’s backside. Then press the # button again.

3. Access the motor

Get a ladder and climb up to the door’s motor. Find the learn button on the motor and press it. You should notice a blinking light after pressing the learn button.

Head over to the keypad outside and enter the new password you set in the previous step. Then, press 0 thrice.

Changing Garage Door Code on a Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton garage door openers operate from a control panel inside your garage, a keypad installed outside your garage, or remote control. The keypad opens or closes the door when you enter the programmed code. To change the code, follow these steps:

1. Access the motor

Use a ladder to access the motor located at your garage ceiling.  Find the program button and press and hold it until the unit’s indicator light turns on.

This light means the unit is in programming mode. If you are using the IDrive motor, you will hear a beep instead of the indicator light.

2. Enter the new code

Remove the keypad cover and enter the new four-digit code for your door. If you make an error, press the on/off/reset button and try again.

Press the 0 button and hold it until the door begins to move. Release the button, and the new code is saved to the unit and the old one erased from memory.

Changing Garage Door Code on Stanley

Stanley garage door keypads are battery-operated and are wall-mounted to allow you to access your garage electronically without using a pull chain or manually lifting the door. The keypad works on a four-digit code programmable when you initially install the keypad.

You can disable the keypad or change the code by entering the wrong code and then resetting the keypad if the unit is not working correctly. Once you reset the keypad, you can enter a new password.

If you want to change the door code, follow these steps:

  • First, enter the radio code that applies to your door opener on your garage door keypad. You can find the code in the original paperwork with the Stanley door opener.
  • Press the radio learn and access learn keys simultaneously.
  • Hold both keys for 10 seconds. The status indicator on your keypad will turn off. However, if it is still on, press both keys again. Your keypad has been reset.
  • Press the access learn key twice, and the indicator light will blink twice and then stay on.
  • Enter your new four-digit code.
  • Press the access learn button once, and the indicator light will turn off. If it blinks quickly, re-enter the new code as it was not processed correctly.
  • Your new code is set, and your keypad is back to a working state.

How to reprogram garage door keypad

For single doors, here are the steps to follow:

  • Find the program button, press, and hold it until the LED light turns on and becomes blue. Release the button, and the light should remain blue.
  • Press the button again, and the light will start blinking and turn purple.
  • Key in your new code and press the up/down button. The light will remain solid. Then click the up/down button again, and the light will turn off.
  • Press a random button to stop the door opener. The door stops at the fully closed or open position, and the backlight turns off after 30 seconds.

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For multiple garage doors, follow these steps:

  • Enter your new password on your wireless keypad and press the program button. Press the button again to show the number of doors your new code should control. Select 2 or 3 and tap the program button again.
  • Go to your garage door opener powerhead and choose the first opener. Next, press and hold the program/set button until the two lights turn blue.
  • Release the button, and the round light will turn blue. Tap the up/down button, and the light will turn off.
  • Press any button to stop the opener, and it automatically stops at a fully open or closed position. The keypad’s backlight will also turn off after 30 seconds.


As you have discovered, resetting your garage code is a simple thing to do. So, the next time you forget your door’s code, do not panic.

Instead, just follow the steps for your garage door’s model to change the code without using the old code and gain access to your garage in a short time.

However, avoid using the 1-2-3-4 access code as it is the first guess an intruder tries to get access to your garage. It is essential to use a code only known by you.