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How Do I Hide My Wyze Camera?

How Do I Hide My Wyze Camera?

The Wyze camera can help you survey your home or business and to protect these premises from theft, vandalism, or other adverse harmful behaviors. For example, you might want to hide your Wyze camera because you’re worried about someone vandalizing it, or you may not want your guests to know that you’re recording their every move.

Whatever your reason is, you should consider a few things before hiding your camera. First, remember that your Wyze camera should blend seamlessly into its immediate environment so that it’s not noticed. With this in mind, there are several factors that you should consider before hiding the device.

Some things to consider include the color and location of the background where you’ll place the camera, the camera’s shape and size, any lights on the camera’s exterior, and its exact measurement. 

It’s also advisable to think about how you’ll power the camera and whether you need to run any wires. Hiding a Wyze camera should not be complicated if you research and plan appropriately. Here are a few ways to hide your camera:

Use a Cover or Blind

You can use a cover or blind to hide your Wyze camera. There are many different types of covers and blinds that you can use; therefore, you should be able to find something that’s perfect for you. A blind or a cover will allow you to see what the camera is recording, making it very difficult for others to see the camera. 

Hang It Up Out of Sight

If you have a ceiling mount for your camera, you can hang it up out of sight. This is a great option if you want to move the camera around easily or don’t want to mount it permanently. Be sure that the camera is pointing in the direction you want and that it’s secure enough not to fall and break. 

Use a Decoy Camera

Using a decoy camera is probably the most effective method of hiding your Wyze camera. You can place your decoy camera in view, making it harder for a person to find your Wyze camera. Be sure to purchase a fake camera that closely resembles the Wyze one, so it isn’t easily recognizable. 

Hide Wyze Camera Outside

You can create a camouflage if you don’t want to spend money on a decoy camera. This method is very effective if you want to hide your Wyze camera outside. You can use simple items such as tree branches, leaves, or even grass to hide the view of your camera. First, however, choose an item that won’t damage your camera. 

Use Blackout Tape

If you want your camera to be completely blacked out, you can use blackout tape to cover it up and ensure that no one sees it. However, be sure not to cover up the lens to ensure the camera can still record. 

Hang Your Wyze Camera Behind a Mirror or Picture

Hiding your Wyze camera behind a mirror or picture is a great idea. All you need for this is a mirror or picture that’s big enough to cover the camera, and then you can hide it in front of the camera. This method ensures that your camera is completely hidden from view but can still see through the picture or mirror. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiding Your Wyze Camera

Placing your Wyze camera in a hidden place can help you survey your home or business premises. It can also help you capture the culprit when they least expect it. Here are some pros and cons of hiding your Wyze camera:

Advantages of Hiding Your Wyze Camera

A Wyze camera is a great tool for providing security and peace of mind. It can help you monitor your home or business and keep an eye on ongoing activities. These are some of the advantages of having a Wyze camera:

Crime Control

Thieves are creative and constantly trying to get creative with techniques to protect themselves from being caught on camera. Therefore, it’s best to keep them guessing and know less about your security system. 

For example, suppose thieves manage to steal something before establishing a proper surveillance setup. In that case, there should be enough evidence collected elsewhere without having had an expensive camera put into place beforehand. 


A Wyze camera is quite affordable. You can get one across different price ranges depending on how much you are willing or able to spend on each unit and what you want. 

Monitoring Activities

One of the main benefits of having a Wyze camera is seeing what’s happening in your absence. So even when it’s dark outside or at night, you can sit comfortably and let your camera record everything. 

A Wyze camera is helpful for surveillance in public places around your property, especially if you live in an unsafe neighborhood. 

Dispute Resolution

Footage from your Wyze camera can help you make fair and correct decisions when settling disputes in professional and domestic scenarios. 

Cons of Hiding Your Wyze Camera

Having a Wyze camera also comes with some disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages:

Ethical Issues Relating to the Use of Wyze Cameras

If someone has a hidden camera in your hotel rooms, changing rooms, or even at home, chances are it was installed without your consent. While the invasion might not be malicious, there could still be consequences depending on what type of footage was captured. 

It’s possible that the people misusing the cameras can intrude in your personal life. 

Operational Glitches

Technology is vulnerable to malfunctions. For example, a Wyze camera also needs power and storage media to operate, so it needs to be functional and well-hidden. 

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If your house is broken into while you’re away, thieves might notice the wire going up the wall or cables running along the floor. This issue could cause problems if you only rely on these videos as evidence during an investigation. 

A Wyze Camera Can’t Stop Theft

A Wyze camera is not good at detecting threats that aren’t seen on video. An intruder could monitor your property for several weeks before your Wyze camera detects it. Detective work must sometimes be done after the camera detects an intrusion.

Additionally, thieves can easily destroy or disable the camera when they find its location. They could use a screwdriver, wrench, knife or any other instrument to take it apart and prevent you from using video evidence against them in court. It can be difficult to prove an assault without visual proof to support your case. 

Is Footage From a Secrete Security Camera Admissible in Court? 

Security camera footage is segmented into three categories, i.e. the workplace, home, and the public. For security footage to be admissible in court, it must follow these distinct areas of surveillance:

The Home

You can hide security cameras throughout your property and home. No signs are required to notify people of the presence of the cameras. Although you can use camera footage in court in the event of a break-in, some states prohibit footage that includes audio.

Additionally, it’s illegal to record someone in places throughout the home where “a reasonable expectation of privacy” is assumed, such as bedrooms, showers, changing areas, or bathrooms.

The Public

Public spaces should also adhere to the “reasonable expectation of privacy” rules regarding the placement of security cameras. Generally, it’s legal to place security cameras in other public areas. Some states have laws regarding the usage of footage that includes audio.


Cameras in the workplace should also follow the “reasonable expectation of privacy” rules. For example, they shouldn’t be located where employees expect privacy, such as in bathrooms, changing rooms, or private offices.

The exception of the privacy rule in the workplace can get ‘muddy’; therefore, employers should notify employees where the cameras are to prevent potential “invasion of privacy” claims in the event footage is used in a legal proceeding. Again, this notification should be done in writing. 

Proof of Relevance

All evidence, including security camera footage, should adhere to the guidelines for that specific category of evidence. Digital evidence, including video footage, should be correctly stored, genuine, and in line with each state’s varying policies for it to be considered admissible in court. 

Additionally, the digital evidence must be proven applicable and relevant to the case. 

Is Using Hidden Security Camera Illegal?

It’s legal in the US to record surveillance video with a hidden camera in your home without the consent of the person you’re recording. However, it’s best to research the laws in your state before placing a hidden camera in your home. 

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It’s also best to remember that it’s illegal to record hidden camera video in areas where your subjects have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. 

The above Wyze camera hiding ideas should help you hide your device appropriately without fear that it might be vandalized during recording.