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Aroma Rice Cooker Troubleshooting & How to Guide

Aroma Rice Cooker Troubleshooting & How to Guide

Like most home or kitchen gadgets that make work easier, owning a rice cooker can be a blessing. However, this does not mean that it is free from issues. Fortunately, most of the problems are easy to troubleshoot. Understanding them makes it easy to resolve. Consider the following common problems.

How to use an Aroma rice cooker

It is possible to make disappointing rice even with the best gadgets around. Learning how to use your rice cooker appropriately is therefore very important. Follow the steps below.

  • You need to close the lid securely. 
  • Press the keep warm button to turn on your rice cooker. 
  • Next, press the rice button to illuminate the cooking. 
  • The unit will beep and the display will begin a chasing pattern. This marks the beginning of the cooking process.
  • The cooker then counts down the final 1o minutes of cook time. Before this, the display will only show the chasing pattern. You will need about 26 to 32 minutes to cook the food completely.
  • Once finished, the cooker will beep and automatically switch to keep warm until when you are ready to serve.
  • If you want better results, stir the rice with the serving spatula to distribute any remaining moisture. 
  • Once completed serving rice, turn the cooker off by pressing keep warm two times, and unplug the power cord. 

Unfortunately, sometimes even after following the right procedure, your rice cooker may not perform as expected. In this case, you need to know what the issue is and address it.

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When the rice is too crunchy or dry

  • It may be an issue of insufficient water.
  • Fix it by adding some extra water depending on the harness of the rice. You can start by adding a quarter or half a cup at a time until you achieve the desired softness.
  • Stir the rice every time you add in the water and set it to allow it to cook some more

When the rice is too soggy

This may be a case of using too much water.  To fix it:

  • Use a spatula to stir and distribute the moisture in the rice evenly
  • Replace the lid of the cooker and allow it to remain on slow cook mode and keep warm for at least 10 to 20 minutes
  • Avoid opening the lid when the rice is cooking. This only causes a loss of steam and heat, leading to prolonged cooking time. The cooking time may also be affected by humidity and temperature levels depending on the weather conditions.

How to set up the Aroma rice cooker

  • Start by opening the rice cooker. This means you press the lid release button on top of the device, making sure that it is not plugged in.
  • Remove the inner of the cooker.
  • Measure your rice using the provided measuring cup. It helps to follow the instruction on the bag of rice depending on the number of people you intend to serve.
  • Rinse your rice
  • Add water to the rice
  • Close your cooker’s lid
  • Start the Aroma rice cooker. In this case, it depends with whether you are making white or brown rice. Once the rice is cooked, the cooker switches to keep warm immediately.

How to turn on Aroma professional rice cooker

Once you are ready to cook and the lid is secured in place, turn the cooker on by pressing the keep warm button.

All Aroma rice cooker error codes, their meaning and fixes

When the rice cooker is not working optimally, it exhibits certain error codes that should be interpreted and fixed accordingly. These are:

  1. E1 or E3 prompts you to turn off the rice cooker for at least 2 to 5 minutes before registration the cooker
  2. E2 or E4 should be an indication to call customer care services. Usually with E2, the rice is too hard after cooking. It can also be too soft and soggy.
  3. E4 indicates a general electronic malfunction. There is need to troubleshoot further to know the exact issue with the cooker. Even so, potential cases are:
  4. Flush seal error causing improper pressure build up. To fix, switch off the cooker and check the seal.
  5. Valve cover error. You may need to remove the inside valve before using the cooker.
  6. Clogged pressure release valve due to prolonged use. Clean the valve to unclog it.
  7. Unsecure inner pot not being detected on the heating plate. Replace the pot and place it correctly.
  8. Lack of steady stream of current. Clean the contacts properly to solve this.
  9. Overheating cooker. Look for signs of overheating and fix them.
  10. Always call the right technicians to have a look at the cooker if the error persists.
  11. E5 – the other common error is the E5 error code which signifies very high surface temperatures of the cooker. Ensure the steam release valve stays open before starting the cooking cycle.

How do I reset my Aroma rice cooker

  • To reset the Aroma rice cooker, plug in the rice cooker to the power source.
  • Press and hold the cancel button for 5 seconds.
  • Ensure no lights on the machine are on before you press the start button.
  • Note that unplugging the power cord will not reset the cooking menu function

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How do I know if my Aroma rice cooker is working

To know if the rice cooker is working:

  • As soon as all of the water is absorbed by the rice, the temperature inside the container will rise immediately.
  • The thermostat on the rice cooker will then detect the rise in temperature, especially if goes beyond 212 degrees F.
  • It will then shut itself off automatically.