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Why is the LED on My Xbox One Power Brick Orange?

Why is the LED on My Xbox One Power Brick Orange?

Xbox One consoles come with an external power supply that contains a DC power cord, AC power cord, and a power brick. In addition, the Xbox One power brick has a built-in surge protector that can extend the lifespan of your console. Usually, when you power on your Xbox, the power brick turns orange and then goes white.

But if it stays orange, it goes into standby, and the console won’t turn on. So the orange light on your Xbox One power means there is a problem with the electrical supply. To fix the issue, you can try power-cycling the console and the power supply for 10 minutes.

If that doesn’t work, continue reading the other possible fixes and factors that could trigger the power brick to go on standby mode.

What does the orange LED light on the power brick mean?

The orange light on your Xbox One power brick indicates the console is on standby mode and is not receiving sufficient power. Therefore, your console can’t turn on.

Microsoft designed the power brick to protect the console from power surges. When the brick recognizes power fluctuations, it cuts power supply to the console. Without the power brick, the circuit may blow and damage the console.

As a result, the power brick LED status light turns orange to alert you of the power issues and makes troubleshooting easier.

There are several issues that prevent power from reaching the console; they include:

  • A faulty power outlet
  • The power supply cables are damaged
  • The power brick or ports on the brick or console are dirty
  • Power fluctuations
  • Issues with the power brick
  • The Xbox console has not powered off correctly
  • Hardware problems with the Xbox One console
  • Corrupted files or software issues on your console

How To Fix The Orange Light On An Xbox One Power Brick

Below are several troubleshooting tips to fix the orange light on your Xbox One power brick.

Check the power outlet.

If the orange light on the brick is solid, there may be an issue with the power outlet. To identify a faulty outlet:

  • First, ensure the cable is correctly plugged into the power outlet and the console. Both connections should not be loose.
  • Try plugging your Xbox cable into the different power outlet, turn on the console and observe the status light on the power brick. If the orange light turns green, there is a problem with the previous socket, and you may have to replace it.

Check for power fluctuations.

The power brick detects power fluctuations and then cuts off power to protect the console. As a result, the status light will turn orange to let you know the power supply is unstable. Power fluctuations could be a local issue or something wrong with the circuit in your house.

  • Check if the light bulbs in the house and flickering.
  • Examine other power outlets for issues.
  • Disconnect power-hungry devices such as refrigerators from power.
  • Contact your power utility company and report the issue. Usually, they will send a technician to fix the issue.

Check the power brick and cables.

A solid orange light on the Xbox One power brick also signifies faulty power supplies. Sometimes the power supplies(cables and brick) can become defective after a power surge. Rodents can also eat on cables that prevent the sufficient flow of electricity to the console.

Also, the pins of the power cable plug get damaged or broken, preventing the proper power supply from the outlet to the cable.

Therefore, we recommend inspecting the condition of the cables and brick. You can try using a replacement cable and brick. If the Xbox One console powers on without the orange light, your previous power supply unit is faulty.

Reset the Xbox One power supply

A temporary power supply glitch can also prevent sufficient power from reaching the console. You may also notice the power brick overheating. You can try resetting it to see if the issue resolves.

  • Unplug the power supply from the wall outlet.
  • Disconnect the cable from the back of the console.
  • Wait for 10 minutes to allow the power supply to reset and the brick to cool down.
  • Then plug the power supply into the console and wall outlet.
  • Turn on the console and see if it boots up without the orange light on the brick.

Some Xbox One console users recommend leaving the power supply disconnected for 30 minutes for this to work. So you may fix the orange light if you leave the Xbox One console unplugged for longer.

Clean the power brick and ports

Dust, debris, and lint can clog the contact points on your power brick or console, making power flow difficult. It can also retain heat and cause overheating, damaging the devices. In this regard, the console will not receive enough power to turn on.

Therefore, consider cleaning the power brick and console with a shop vac or hairdryer. Here’s how to clean your Xbox One console and power brick.

  • Disconnect the power brick and console from power.
  • Use a vacuum or hairdryer on cold to blow off dirt and lint.
  • Use an earbud to also clean the ports on the power brick and console. Dirt in the ports can prevent the adapters from working properly.
  • Once clean, plug the power cable into the outlet, power on the console, and test.

Factory reset your Xbox One console.

Improper settings and cache files can also trigger the orange light on your Xbox One power brick. But a hard reset on your console should clear any temporary bugs and software glitches. Here’s how to hard reset your Xbox console:

  • First, eject any disks inside your console.
  • Then press and hold the Power button on the Xbox console for about 10 seconds or until the screen turns off.
  • Disconnect the power cable from your Xbox and wait 10 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power and press the power button to switch on the console.

Replace the Xbox One power supply

If you’ve exhausted the above solutions and the orange light on the power brick persists, the brick may be faulty and needs replacing. A blinking orange light is an indication that there is an internal fault in the power brick. Also, the power supply is completely damaged or fried if there is no light on the Xbox power brick.

Unfortunately, Microsoft stopped manufacturing power bricks and replacement parts for first-generation Xbox One consoles. Therefore, you have to try third-party power bricks. When the power brick is faulty, the cables may also not work. So we recommend replacing the entire Xbox One power supply.

Other light codes on the Xbox One power brick

Here is the meaning of other light codes on the Xbox One power brick that you should know:

  • Solid white light: The power supply is working properly. Both the power brick and console are receiving sufficient power.
  • Solid or flickering orange: Stand by mode; the console is not receiving sufficient power
  • No light: The power supply is faulty


Now you know why your Xbox One power brick light turned orange. The orange light should be easy to diagnose and troubleshoot with the help of our guide. However, if the solutions don’t solve the problem, you may have a more complicated issue with the power brick or console that Microsoft’s technical team can fix.