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Why is My XSH Cam Doorbell Not Working

Why is My XSH Cam Doorbell Not Working

Home security advancements include video doorbells such as XSH, which act as smart security cams and doorbells. Like such popular brands, XSH can doorbell also send live video feeds to your mobile devices and function as a two-way radio for talking to guests at your door. Therefore if

Some reasons why your XSH cam doorbell is not working are common, such as a defective battery or low-charge battery, poor Wi-Fi connection, weak signal, or a problem with the doorbell itself. The incorrect setup procedure is also common.

The XSH cam doorbell not working is a major inconvenience that will need fast resolutions. Therefore, we will help you understand why your XSH cam doorbell is not working, provide possible troubleshooting tips, and explain how to avoid this issue in the future.

XSH cam doorbell troubleshooting

An XSH cam doorbell that’s not working is an easy fix. However, you need first to identify the cause of the issue. The following are the most common causes and their solutions to get your XSH doorbell in working condition.

Ensure the initial setup is correct

If you just got your XSH cam doorbell and it’s not working, you should set it up accordingly. Here’s how to connect your XSH cam doorbell to your mobile device:

Things you need

  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Smart mobile device (smart phone or tablet)


  • First, charge the doorbell battery for 12 hours before connection. Then, ensure the button at the bottom of the battery is on. Otherwise, it will not charge or stay on for long.
  • Connect your phone to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, the XSH doorbell doesn’t work on faster 4.8 GHz networks.
  • Find the “XSH Cam” app on your Android or iOS phone.
  • Open the XSH Cam app on your phone
  • Go to Add a device > Setup device.
  • Turn on the smart doorbell, and you should hear an audio prompt saying the device is ready to pair. If you don’t hear this audio prompt, press and hold the red reset button on the back of the device for 5 seconds to reset it.
  • The LED light at the front of the doorbell will flash blue once it’s in pairing mode.
  • The XSH app will connect automatically to your phone’s Wi-Fi network and fill in the name accordingly.
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password and press ‘Next.’
  • Your smartphone will search for the doorbell. Ensure you’re within a 30cm range, so the smart device connects to the doorbell. Also, increase the volume on your phone to an audible level to hear the pairing tone.
  • You’ll hear a connected tone, and a confirmation will appear on the screen
  • Enter the name of your device, if necessary, and your password.
  • Select ‘Non-Chinese Mainland’ at the button on the screen and tap ‘Finish.’
  • Press the small screen within your device list to view the live feed.

Check your internet connection.

Your XSH cam doorbell requires a constant internet connection to function. Therefore, if you have internet connection issues, you can’t play video feed from the camera or receive any alerts from the doorbell live. Here’s how to troubleshoot your connection problem:

  • Check your Wi-Fi router and ensure that it’s working. Observe the indicator lights, and ensure they are on and that there are no red or amber lights. If there are, restart the router to see if the lights change. To restart your router:
    • Find the power button on your router.Press the power button once to shut it off.Alternatively, you can unplug the cable from the power outlet.
    • Wait about three minutes, and then turn it on. A restart will refresh the network and fix bugs that were causing speed issues.
  • You can also disconnect your doorbell from the network and reconnect it.
  • If that doesn’t help, test your internet speed. Your XSH cam doorbell may have access to the internet, but the connection could be inconsistent or slow.
  • Perform an internet speed test and ensure at least 2Mbps of upload and download speed or more. If it’s below 2Mbps, try to fix this before troubleshooting your doorbell.
  • You can also move your Wi-Fi router closer to the doorbell to ensure its within your network range. Additionally, thick or insulated doors can greatly reduce your Wi-Fi signal strength even if your router is close by, so you should try streaming video before you mount your camera.
  • Try disconnecting some devices from the network. This is because an overloaded Wi-Fi band can cause a weak signal, therefore affecting the live feed from your XSH cam doorbell.
  • If nothing helps, contact your ISP to help fix your internet connection.
  • Alternatively, you can use a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi which reduces transmission issues and gives faster speeds.

Power or battery issues

Your XSH cam doorbell requires a well-charged battery to function properly. XSH cam doorbell uses rechargeable lithium batteries, which require a 12-hour charge before initial installation. The issue could be you’re using the wrong charging method, a damaged cable, or the battery is old.

  • First, check the battery status in the mobile app on your device.
  • If it’s low, power off the doorbell and use the cable to connect it to a power source.
  • Ensure the button at the bottom of the battery is on; otherwise, the battery will not charge.
  • While the battery charges, the LED indicator lights will flash blue. When it charges fully, the lights will turn solid blue.
  • If the indicator lights on the battery don’t turn on, ensure the cable is in good condition. If the USB cable works and the battery won’t charge or drains quickly, it’s faulty and needs replacing.
  • Note that Lithium batteries don’t do well in cold temperatures. Winter weather can cause the doorbell to freeze or drain your battery fast. High temperatures also drain the battery, and levels of 120°F make the device lag.
  • Additionally, some settings will drain your doorbell battery faster, such as:
    • Dormancy time: Select ‘Not dormant.’
    • PIR motion detects: Select ‘Low’ in a crowded environment to avoid activating the doorbell and call times.

Restart your doorbell

You can also try restarting your XSH doorbell if it’s frozen, has trouble connecting internet, or isn’t working correctly. Rebooting your doorbell will maintain all your settings, and it should automatically reconnect to the same Wi-Fi network. To do this:

  • Find the power button on the doorbell.
  • Press the power button once to shut it off.
  • Wait 45 seconds, then press the power button again to restart it.

Faulty chime

The XSH cam doorbell comes with a wireless chime receiver which acts as the doorbell ring when someone presses the call button at the door. Unfortunately, several issues could prevent your chime from working; here’s how to identify and troubleshoot the issue.

  • Check the batteries in the chime receptor. Then, remove the batteries and verify if the chime is working properly.
  • Using the XSH smart Wi-Fi doorbell camera, you should first connect the device to the chime receiver.
  • The chime receiver connects to the doorbell device with a distance limit of 75 to 150 feet. Therefore, ensure the chime receiver and doorbell camera are within the acceptable range. If you live in a large house, the wireless coverage may prevent the receiver from working.
  • Alternatively, you can use a wireless signal repeater (not a Wi-Fi repeater) that extends the signal range by two to three times.
  • Ensure both the cam doorbell and chime receiver are at the same frequency. If they run on different frequencies, they won’t communicate with each other.

Bad sensors

The XSH doorbell camera has motion sensors that detect movement, allowing the doorbell to start recording and alerting you of the activity. However, the sensors may be faulty if you’re not getting alerts or recordings and the doorbell has a power or network connection.

  • Check if the Silence Mode is active. The XSH app has Silence Mode settings, allowing you to turn off motion alerts and disable your doorbell. So try turning the sensor function again.
  • While you’re in the app, check if any other settings could be preventing your doorbell from working, such as Dormancy Time. This setting allows you to choose recording time after motion detection and only works if you have installed an SD card storage.
  • If your doorbell cam does not capture when someone comes to the door, try setting a lower dormancy time. Dormancy time has four options 15s, the 30s, 60s, and ‘Not Dormant’. This means that when you close the app, the doorbell will continue to work for the selected time before going into standby mode.
  • However, if you select ‘Not dormant,’ the doorbell will constantly ring, thus draining the battery quickly.

Reset your XSH doorbell

If you’ve tested everything that turned out fine, and your doorbell is still not working, try resetting it. Resetting your doorbell will revert to the factory setting and clear out any glitches or settings that could be causing the fault. Unfortunately, it also removes your account from the XSH app; therefore, you’ll have to follow the in-app setup process to use your doorbell after a reset.

To reset your XSH smart doorbell cam:

  • Find the reset button at the back of the doorbell.
  • Long press the reset button for 6 seconds. The LED indicator light will flash blue.
  • Once the reset is complete, you’ll need to log into your account again.

Unresponsive doorbell button

If there is no response from the doorbell when you press the ring button, you may have a stuck button. When you press the doorbell button, it should ring or notify you on the app. However, grime, dust, and dirt collect around the button, preventing it from working.

Short circuitry can also prevent the button from sending signals. You can try cleaning around the smart doorbell button using compressed air. If that doesn’t work and all notifications are active, you’ll need to replace the button.

Outdated XSH cam firmware

Several XSH cam doorbell users cannot access their app after changing their mobile phones. Therefore, you’ll have to update your firmware to be compatible with your upgraded phone version. If the new firmware doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the app.

Defective doorbell

Another reason why your XSH is not working could be a problem with the doorbell itself. For example, it could have faulty components or wiring issues; therefore, it won’t work. This can happen due to short-circuiting, water damage, or physical damage to the doorbell. Also, like all other devices, doorbell cameras are prone to wear over time and eventually stop working.

Contact XSH customer care.

If none of the above tricks solve your problem, you should contact customer service. If your device is still under warranty, the company will identify and troubleshoot your doorbell for no price. Even if you’re not under warranty, the company will still help at an affordable fee.


Several things could go wrong with your XSH cam doorbell, preventing it from working properly. However, this article will help you identify the issue and resolve it. The solution could be as easy as rebooting your doorbell or router and recharging the doorbell battery to complicated fixes such as a fault in the doorbell.