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Why Does My Ecobee Thermostat Keep Going Offline

Why Does My Ecobee Thermostat Keep Going Offline

You might notice some setup problems if you’ve recently purchased an Ecobee. For example, your Ecobee thermostat might disconnect from Wi-Fi, give faulty temperature readings, and turn off unexpectedly. 

The Ecobee usually disconnects from Wi-Fi after optimization. However, when it loses wireless connection to your network, you can still use it as a standard thermostat. Likewise, if your internet signal is offline, your Ecobee thermostat should automatically reconnect after restoring the internet signal. 

You can also try rebooting your Ecobee thermostat by restoring it to factory settings or pulling it off the wall. 

Here are some reasons why your Ecobee keeps going offline:

So Why Does My Ecobee Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi?

If your Ecobee recently finished the optimization process, it might have failed to switch to new and better channels discovered. Therefore, this device will continually connect and disconnect until the Wi-Fi credentials are re-added. 

You will have to complete these steps to ensure that the Wi-Fi credentials are re-added:

  • Press the lower-left menu
  • Press Settings
  • Press Wi-Fi
  • Select Wi-Fi and press next
  • Press next again
  • Press connect without changing the password. 

If the above does not work, there might be another problem with the Ecobee; therefore, try these solutions next:

  • First, disable the Wi-Fi radio on your Ecobee and then re-enable it.
  • Next, disable your network on the device and then re-add it back.
  • Next, reset the thermostat to factory settings.
  • Finally, pull the Ecobee off the wall and then place it back onto the wall. 

So why Does My Ecobee Keep Going Offline?

One of the most common reasons your Ecobee thermostat goes offline is if the internet connection keeps going offline. If other devices go down, the Ecobee also goes down; you might be dealing with a case of poor internet connectivity. 

Additionally, your Ecobee could keep going offline if it’s right on the edge of your Wi-Fi router’s range. 

Here are some reasons why your Ecobee keeps going offline:

Poor Internet Quality

Poor internet quality might cause your Ecobee to go offline. For example, your internet might be experiencing a slow period when it’s hot. Hot weather often leads to a slower internet connection because the heat causes the broadband cables to expand and soften. 

Therefore, it’s best not to leave your Wi-Fi router where it’s exposed to extreme weather. If your internet connection uses an antenna, the cold weather could also impact it negatively; for example, snow might accumulate on the antenna. This scenario is harder to avoid; therefore, it’s best not to let snow accumulate too much between snowfalls.

Your Ecobee Is Powering Down

Sometimes your Ecobee thermostat might power down on its own, usually to avoid being damaged. For example, if there’s extreme heat, the Ecobee thermostat might be overheated, which might cause the thermostat to not only become less reliable but also reduce its overall lifespan.

It’s best to keep your thermostat in a climate-controlled room to avoid replacing it sooner than you would like. 

Your Ecobee Is Not Close Enough to Your Wi-Fi Router

Your internet connection might be unable to reach your Ecobee thermostat, or the thermostat is in range but not enough for a strong, consistent connection. 

Obstacles might also cause difficulties with range. For example, every wall, floor, or ceiling that the Wi-Fi router signal has to travel through to reach your Ecobee thermostat will weaken the signal. 

Additionally, metals such as copper on surfaces will only weaken the signal. If possible, it’s best to reposition your Ecobee to be closer. 

However, if you can’t move your Ecobee thermostat any closer, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender. You can place the device at a midpoint between the device you’re trying to improve the connection and the Wi-Fi router. Afterward, if possible, you can connect the device as you would your Wi-Fi router or with an Ethernet cord. 

What Happens If Ecobee Loses Wi-Fi Connections

If your Ecobee device loses Wi-Fi connectivity, you can still use it as a standard “dumb” thermostat. However, you can’t control it remotely until it reconnects to the Wi-Fi network. Even if it can’t reconnect to the Ecobee services, it will still work as a standard thermostat.

What to Do If Your Ecobee Doesn’t Connect to the Internet Anymore

If your Ecobee can’t connect to the internet at all or the connection is spotty, you should consider the following:

Reset Your Ecobee Thermostat

Resetting your Ecobee might be a drastic step; however, this might be the best step to fix it if you can’t get it online. 

Follow the steps below to initiate a factory reset:

  • Go to the home screen and press the menu. 
  • Select the setting and then press the Reset option.
  • Choose the reset all settings options to fix the issue.

Contact Ecobee Customer Support

If there’s any defect found with your Ecobee thermostat, you might get a repair or replacement covered by any applicable Ecobee warranty. The best news is that Ecobee offers a three-year-long warranty at a minimum. 

It’s best to note that the issue will have to be a defect for the warranty to apply, as opposed to damage caused by the user. 

Ecobee Goes Offline After Power Outage: Causes and Fixes

Your Ecobee thermostat will go into “standby” mode if there’s a power interruption. It will keep track of the temperature and humidity in your house while in standby mode and will operate with battery power to maintain a comfortable environment. 

While your Ecobee is in “standby” mode, the internet is disconnected. Therefore, you cannot operate the thermostat wirelessly during this time; however, your schedule and heating/cooling system will continue to function. 

Ecobee might go into “low power mode” if there’s a power outage for more than 24 hours. While in this mode, your Ecobee will limit monitoring to preserve battery life. 

Your Ecobee will go offline after a power outage lasting longer than 72 hours. Going offline helps it conserve battery life; however, don’t worry about this because it will automatically come back on and resume function as soon as the power is restored. 

How to Turn On Your Ecobee Thermostat After a Power Outage

Your thermostat is likely to shut down improperly during a power outage. The solution is to bring it back once power is restored correctly. However, you might need to reset your Ecobee thermostat if it does not turn on automatically after a power outage. 

You can turn on your Ecobee thermostat or reset it after a power outage by following these steps:

  • Check your circuit breaker
  • Turn on your circuit breaker
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • Adjust the temperature

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Checking your circuit breaker is the first step in resetting your thermostat. Circuit breaker boxes are often in garages, basements, closets, or laundry rooms. 

The circuit breaker can also be found outside in some houses. When you locate your circuit breaker, check if it’s set out for AC, heater, or other devices. 

Turn On Your Breaker

Turn it back on if the circuit breaker is in the neutral position or is flipped. For example, a circuit breaker might be flipped during a power outage to safeguard the electrical components of your house. 

Wait For 30 Minutes

Waiting for thirty minutes after turning on the circuit breaker might seem time-consuming or tedious. However, this process is crucial because, during the 30-minute wait, the unit’s circuit breaker resets as well. 

After this, leave your thermostat alone for another minute so that it can start the necessary backup. 

Adjust the Temperature

After the thermostat has completed the backup, you can adjust the temperature. This process ensures that your Ecobee is functioning as it should. 

What to Do If Ecobee Thermostat is Not Cooling

You can follow these steps whenever you notice that your Ecobee thermostat is not cooling:

Check the Power Supply

If your thermostat is hardwired with the C-wire, check the source that brings power to the wire; the transformer might be faulty. You will need the help of a professional to change the transformer. 

Check Filters

Dust can accumulate in the filters, leading to clogs, especially if you use the Ac often. You can find the filter on the air return part of the system. It’s best to consult a technician to check the filter and replace it if necessary. 

Check For Blown Fuse

The fuse is often the first device that becomes faulty after a power surge. Put on your boots and rubber gloves before inspecting your breaker box. 

Inspect whether the fuses going to your system are already faulty. If they are, you might need to replace them. 

Your Ecobee will often disconnect from Wi-Fi after optimization. However, you can still use it as a standard thermostat when it loses wireless connection. Be sure to have a stable internet connection to reduce the instances of your thermostat going off.