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Ecobee Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Ecobee Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Whether you want to keep your house warm or cool, a thermostat is essential as it helps to regulate the temperature according to your preferences. In addition, the Ecobee thermostat helps to bring symmetry to your heating and cooling needs which in turn leads to better energy utilization.

Here are some tips to help you use your Ecobee thermostat efficiently and fix any issues that may arise while using it.

Why is my Ecobee thermostat not working?

The main reason your thermostat is not working is power connectivity. However, the cause of the power issue may vary depending on whether you have just installed the thermostat or if it was working and stopped working.

Newly installed Ecobee thermostat

If you’ve just installed your Ecobee and it is not powering on, follow the steps provided to know more about what could be causing the issue.

Power wiring

The power R/Rc/Rh wire for all Ecobee thermostats needs to be connected to the Rc terminal. To power on the thermostat except for the Ecobee3.

Ensure that all the wires are correctly inserted into the terminal blocks on the thermostat by giving the wires a gentle tug to ensure they’re connected. The lever on the side should be down-facing to indicate that the wire has been adequately secured.

Use a C wire

Ecobee thermostats require a C wire to power on. First, ensure you have a wire connected to the thermostat C terminal.

This wire should be connected to the C terminal on your HVAC control board first before using it as your C. If you do not have a C wire, check your thermostat bundle for spare wires you can use as a C.

Note: If you do not see any spare wires but have the following wires: R, G, Y, you need to install the Power Extender Kit(PEK).

Terminal connections

After installing your power extension kit, verify that the wiring on your thermostat is connected to the correct terminal on the HVAC control board. It should be as follows

  • R wire >> RC terminal
  • G wire >> C terminal
  • W wire >> W1 terminal
  • Y wire >> PEK terminal
  • C wire >> C terminal

Thermostat placement on the backplate

Thermostat wires can prevent the Ecobee from properly connecting to the backplate and cause the thermostat not to turn on. Instead, push back your thermostat wires to insert the thermostat pins completely into the backplate.

You should hear a click when you do it correctly. Additionally, there should be no spaces between the Ecobee and the backplate.

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Check for voltage

if all your wiring is on point and the thermostat is still not working, check the voltage. Use a voltmeter to test for voltage between the RC and C wires at the thermostat.

Anything less than 24VAC will not power the Ecobee. Ensure the power is on before performing the test.

Check your setup

Ensure the cover panel of the furnace is closed correctly. Some furnaces have a safety switch that cuts off power to the equipment if the cover panel is not closed correctly.


  1. For Ecobee Smart Thermostats with voice control, there will be a green flash on the light bar to indicate power. If the light bar flashes green and the thermostat does not power on, contact Ecobee support for further assistance.
  2. Inspect the fuse on the actual furnace control board. If the fuse is blown, you will need to replace it.
  3. If you’re not using the Power Extend Kit, a short in the C wire can also prevent the thermostat from working.

The thermostat was working before

A sudden black screen on a previously working thermostat is a sign of insufficient voltage going to the thermostat. If the Ecobee thermostat draws power from the HVAC, any disruption to this power source will result in a loss of power at the thermostat.

Use a multimeter to test the voltage between RC and C at the Ecobee. Anything less than 24 volts will not power the thermostat. If this is not the issue, here are other reasons why the thermostat may have stopped working;

A tripped circuit

Check your breaker box to ensure that the circuit powering the furnace is not tripped. If it is, turn it back on to restore power to the furnace. This should automatically turn the thermostat back on.

A blown fuse on the HVAC control board

Open the panel on your furnace to expose the control panel where your thermostat wires are connected. And check the fuse to ensure that it is not blown.

If the fuse is blown, you will need to replace it. The thermostat should turn on once the fuse is replaced.

how to reset an ecobee thermostat

How do I reset my Ecobee thermostat?

There are three main ways to reset your Ecobee thermostat depending on what you need to do;

Reset Schedule and Preferences

This erases your current Schedule, as well as any preferences you’ve set such as date and time, location, hold action, temperature range, etc.

The thermostat will still remember your equipment’s configuration. And your Ecobee user account will not be deleted.

Go to the main menu on the thermostat and then Settings > Reset > Reset Schedule and Preferences.

Reset Registration

This reset deletes your Ecobee user account. This reset is essential if you need to change the email address linked to your Ecobee account. The reset will allow you to re-register with your new email address and password.

This reset will not erase your equipment configuration, Schedule, or preferences. Go to the thermostat’s Main Menu and select Settings > Reset > Reset Registration.

Reset All

This reset is pretty much a factory reset. It enables you to wipe out all the pre-programmed settings. It also deletes your account and equipment configuration.

A complete setup is necessary after this reset.  Go to the thermostat’s Main Menu and select Settings > Reset > Reset All.

Does an Ecobee thermostat need batteries?

The Ecobee4 thermostat uses a hardwired connection, while the Ecobee3 draws its power from your HVAC system’s Common wire (C-wire). However, the Ecobee thermostat comes with one wireless sensor powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery.

Ecobee not cooling to set temperature

These are the main reasons why the thermostat is not emitting cool air;

Your Adaptor May Have Gone Bad

A damaged Power Extender Kit (PEK) may cause your adaptor to get damaged. When this happens, you have to rewire everything.

Damaged Compressor or Wires

Inspect the compressor and wires to check if they are worn out or damaged. It might also be a wiring issue. Ensure that you do have a “Y” wire. If the wire isn’t connected to anything, you will need to connect it to the terminal.

Ecobee thermostat won’t turn on the heat

These are the most common causes of your furnace not turning on;

The furnace is not powered

Check the furnace breaker switch at the main breaker panel. If the breaker has been tripped, try switching it back on.

The thermostat is not on heat mode

Your Ecobee thermostat will display a flame icon with an orange-colored outline when it’s calling for heat. If the outline on the flame icon is white, the thermostat is not calling for heat.

Your thermostat is programmed to call for heat when the indoor temperature drops 0.5 °F (0.3 °C) below your heat set point, which is commonly known as the “heat differential temperature.”

If the indoor temperature has not dropped below the heat differential temperature, the Ecobee will not call for heat.

The furnace is overheating

If your furnace overheats, the safety sensor will trip, causing the heat to turn off. The furnace may continue to run the fan to cool off. It will also stop working until the system is reset or has cooled down sufficiently.

The most common causes of overheating include;

  1. Running for long periods: The colder it is outside, the harder and longer your furnace will run to keep the inside of your home warm.
  2. Unfortunately, this will cause your furnace to overheat. Lower your heat temperature set point to prevent your furnace system from overheating.
  3. Reduced airflow: Clogged or dirty air filters reduce the airflow through the furnace, which can cause it to overheat. Check your filter.
  4. If the filter is clogged, it should be replaced or cleaned. Also, inspect the furnace for dirt buildup on other furnace elements like the condensing coil or heat exchanger. Finally, look into hiring a technician to do a deep clean.

Here are some pointers to help you ensure that your furnace does not overheat;

  • Check to make sure the vents are clear; there shouldn’t be anything directly in front of them.
  • Clean and replace the air filter regularly.
  • Clean the furnace’s blower fan and evaporator coil every year.
  • Avoid running your heater for long periods during the winter.

Note: If the outline on the flame icon on your Ecobee thermostat is orange, but your furnace is not heating, contact the Ecobee support center. Ensure your thermostat is powered, as this may also prevent it from calling for heat.

That said, here are tips to fix the issue;

Check The Heat SetPoint

Check the heat setpoint and set it to 1 degree higher than the current temperature or more. Then make sure your thermostat is set to Heat or Auto mode before adjusting the settings.

Next, use the slider on the main display screen to increase or decrease the desired temperature. You will see the setpoint temperature displayed in a box under the current temperature.

Adjust The Thermostat Settings

Change the minimum difference between the current temperature and the setpoint required to turn on the heater.

You can also adjust the auxiliary heat settings, so it stops working when the temperature outside your home reaches a certain degree.

Here are the directions to adjust the heat threshold settings:

  • Under the main menu, select “Settings.”
  • Select “Installation Settings.”
  • Select “Thresholds.”
  • Choose the settings you want to adjust.

You can also switch the fan control from the thermostat to the furnace. Follow these steps to change the fan control: Main Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Equipment > Furnace > Fan Control in Heat Mode > HVAC.

Check The Furnace Power

Ensure there is power being supplied to the furnace. You can use a multimeter to test for continuity. If there is no power, then fix the wiring or connection. You should hire a licensed electrician to fix any electrical problems.

Ecobee thermostat screen not working

A blank screen is a deal-breaker, especially when you need to adjust your thermostat’s settings. Here are some reasons why it is not working;

  • Tripped breaker
  • Clogged drain line
  • Faulty or disconnected wiring

Ecobee not blowing cold air

If your AC is blowing hot air when it shouldn’t be, follow the steps to remedy the problem;

Turn Off Auto Adjustment

Check to see if the automatic temperature adjustment is preset to heat mode. Then adjust the Comfort setting to ensure the thermostat will automatically change all the temperature settings on your AC based on your requirements and comfortable temperature ranges.

Reset the Thermostat

Your thermostat may be experiencing connectivity issues causing it to read the incorrect temperature, which may cause the AC to blow warm air. To fix this, you should reset the temperature variance.

  • Press the menu icon and select Settings.
  • Go to the Reset menu at the end of the settings tab.
  • Choose Reset all settings and then click Yes to confirm.

Check your wiring

Check the AC cables to ensure they are correctly attached to the thermostat. You should also ensure that the wires do not form a short circuit.

Can an Ecobee thermostat connect to 5ghz Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is compatible with both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections

How to reboot Ecobee thermostat

Here are the steps to follow to reboot your Ecobee thermostat;

  • Push the main button on your Ecobee Switch+.
  • Hold the main switch for at least five seconds.
  • The thermostat’s voice prompt will say, “Restart Device.”
  • Press the main button one time.
  • Your Ecobee Switch+ will restart and should be ready to use again in a few minutes.

Ecobee turns on the fan but not AC

Here are some reasons why your thermostat is not turning on your AC and how to resolve them;

Thermostat settings

One of the reasons your thermostat is not turning on the AC is because it is not set to do so if you set the thermostat to turn on the AC when the room is at 80 degrees, it will not turn on the AC at 75 degrees.

It will also not depend on the AC if the heater is running.

Additionally, you need to take into account the minimum compressor cycle off time. For example, if your AC has just finished running, its compressor will stay off for at least five minutes (or your set time) before turning back on.

Accumulated drain water

If the air conditioner is not draining properly and the water level is too high, the air conditioner will automatically shut off.

This is to protect the HVAC system from water damage. Your thermostat will not be able to turn on the AC in this scenario.

Ecobee thermostat not reading correctly

These are some reasons why your thermostat is not giving a precise reading;

Poor internet connection

If you are getting the thermostat reading on your smartphone, the internet can affect temperature readings due to poor internet connectivity.

In addition, the internet connection affects the temperature reading sync between your phone and the thermostat.

Depending on the internet issues, you might get the wrong temperature for some time. The situation should correct itself once your internet is running as it should.

Set a threshold range

Threshold settings allow you to configure your HVAC equipment for greater efficiency and prevent damage to your equipment by controlling how the thermostat engages it. It applies to temperature deltas, runtime, and dissipation time.

To set the temperature delta;

  • Open up the menu and go to the Settings tab on the Ecobee application.
  • Click on Advanced options.
  • Then select the threshold settings.
  • The threshold menu will appear with multiple options such as the Heat differential and Temperature correction.
  • Adjust the temperature and save the new range settings
  • Then restart the thermostat to adopt the new settings

Reset the Thermostat

Reset your thermostat and update the application to see if this will remedy the issue.  Simply long press the reset button for a few minutes to reset the thermostat.

It will also cause the thermostat to download any pending updates. Once the updated firmware is downloaded, it will restart without issues, and the temperature variance will resolve.

Ecobee thermostat not responding to touch

If the thermostat screen is not responding to touch, but it is on, try resetting it or rebooting it to reprogram it. If this does not work, then the screen’s touch capabilities may be damaged, and you should consider replacing it.

Ecobee thermostat not turning off AC

There are a few reasons why the Ecobee may not be turning off your HVAC system’s fan;

The fan is set to “On” instead of “Auto.”

Check if your fan is set to “on instead of “auto.” Sometimes the fans stay on even after the air and heat are off. This helps to improve the air circulation in your home, but it increases your energy bill, and the fan emits a distracting sound.

The fan setting is on your Ecobee Thermostat, with an option to switch it between “Auto” and “On.” Change the setting to “Auto” so that the fan will only turn on while your A/C or heater runs.

To change the fan setting to Auto, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Quick Settings on your Ecobee.
  • Tap Fan.
  • Choose Auto.

The minimum fan runtime needs to be adjusted.

Once you have changed the fan setting to Auto, check your minimum fan runtime. It sets the time the fan will run when it is on Auto setting.

This is because minimum fan runtime is only applicable if the fan setting is on Auto. The runtime setting can be changed from 0 to 55 minutes every hour.

Alternatively, you can set this to 0. This will ensure that it only runs when your heating or cooling is running. If this setting is longer than your heating or cooling time, the fan will run even if the system isn’t on.

How to change the runtime;

  • Go to your Ecobee’s Main Menu.
  • Select System > Fan.
  • Change the new minimum runtime value as you see fit.

The heat dissipation time needs to be adjusted.

Check the heat dissipation time, which is when your thermostat will run the fan after reaching your desired heat temperature for a while after your heater has turned off. This helps to push out any additional heated air that may be remaining.

The default Heat Dissipation Time for Ecobee is 30 seconds, but it can run up to 900 seconds.

To change the time;

  • Go to the Main Menu.
  • Tap Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds > Heat Dissipation Time
  • Change the time so that it is less than 30 seconds.

The Smart Recovery setting is activated.

If your fan is still not turning off, check the smart recovery settings. The Smart Recovery Setting allows your thermostat to learn your home temperature preferences and plan.

It takes into account to get your home to the desired temperature before you even think about it.

This will ultimately cause your thermostat to run the heater or A/C automatically. To turn the Smart Recovery feature off, follow these steps;

  • Go to the Ecobee’s Main Menu.
  • Select Settings > Preferences.
  • Select either Heating or Cooling Smart Recovery.
  • Tap Disable.
  • This will turn off the feature and no longer run Smart Recovery on your Ecobee.

Ecobee thermostat not accurate

It is common for the thermostat temperature to have a different temperature than the temperature sensor. Ideally, it should only vary by a degree or two. The thermostat sensor has a sensitivity variance of +/- 1F.

If the thermostat reading is too different, you can use the Temperature Correction feature. This will permanently correct the sensor reading by +/- 10F in both directions.

The adjust the temperature, follow these steps;

  • For the Smart/EMS thermostat

More > Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds > Temp Correction

  • For the Smart/EMS Si thermostat

Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds > Temp Correction

  • For the Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control/Ecobee4/Ecobee3 lite/Ecobee3

Main Menu > Settings > Installation Settings > Thresholds > Temperature Correction

How to program an Ecobee thermostat

This allows you to customize your thermostat’s setting to suit your preference and your room occupation needs depending on your Schedule.

Adjust Comfort Settings

The Comfort setting pretty much regulates the temperature during specific activities in your Schedule. You can use a predefined heat/cool setting that can be applied to a particular day. You can also define comfort settings by activity types such as Sleeping, Away, or yoga.

How to Adjust Comfort Settings;

  • Go to the Ecobee main menu
  • Select Comfort Settings.
  • And then select the Comfort Setting you wish to customize.
  • Tap the temperature controls to open them and adjust to the desired temperature, then tap Save.
  • After saving the comfort setting, you’ll be directed to the schedule tab to adjust the settings.

Set Your Schedule

The Schedule helps your thermostat to determine which Comfort setting it should be using at a particular time of the day.

How to Adjust your Schedule settings

  • Go to the Ecobee main menu.
  • Then tap Schedule and select the day you want to adjust.
  • Select the activity you wish to adjust.
  • Adjust the part of your Schedule by selecting the desired start time, then tap Save.
  • If you wish to add a new activity, select the +.
  • Add the new activity and select the Comfort Setting and then tap Save.

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How to connect an Ecobee thermostat to Wi-Fi

Setting up your thermostat requires that you connect it to your Wi-Fi for remote access, connectivity, and update purposes. Here are the steps to connect your Ecobee thermostat to your Wi-Fi Network;

  • Select the Main Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi to open the Wi-Fi configuration screen.
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi feature is Enabled and tap on Network.
  • You can use an iOS device or manually select your Wi-Fi Network.
  • For manual setup, click on Select Wi-Fi Network.
  • Find your Wi-Fi network and select the 2.4Ghz Network if you have a dual band Wi-Fi network if you have an Ecobee3, Ecobee3 lite, or an Ecobee4. The Smart Thermostat with Voice is dual-band compatible.
  • Then type in your Wi-Fi Password and hit Connect.
  • Wait for the Ecobee to show the success message and hit OK to finish the process.

How to control an Ecobee thermostat from a smartphone

First, you need to install the Ecobee app onto your mobile device and register the thermostat for remote access. The app will guide you through the installation process. The Ecobee app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Once you download the app, enter your name, email address, and password to create an account. Then you are good to go and can now control your thermostat from your smartphone.