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What Animals Eat Cockroaches?

What Animals Eat Cockroaches?

Do you have a cockroach infestation issue and are looking to exterminate them naturally? You can get rid of the cockroaches by introducing a roach predator that will feed on them. They are members of the food chain, after all. This will enable you to save money without having to worry bout the side effects of the chemicals used to kill cockroaches.

So what animals eat cockroaches?

You will probably be surprised to find that the list of cockroach predators is longer than you think. These include hedgehogs, geckos, skinks, frogs, turtles, birds, mice, rats, crickets, and spiders. It goes without saying that other predator options are better than others. There is no way you would be willing to trade cockroaches for spiders.

For this reason, you may want to look into getting a more docile predator to get rid of your kitchen or bedroom cockroach problem. One option you may want to consider is lizards that eat cockroaches.

They will not be a nuisance, and the chances of them taking over your living space are next to nil. You can also opt for a gecko, turtle, or a pet mouse. While this may seem like you are trading one problem for another, it is still better to have lizards than cockroaches.

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You can get one of these options at a local pet shop. A key thing to note is that not all lizard species feed on cockroaches, so confirm with the pet store if the species they have feed on cockroaches including the brown-banded roaches.

Make sure you allow your new pet to roam freely and hunt down the pecky pets as cockroaches tend to make an appearance at night, place your new-found predator in their most common hideout areas, and let the hunting begin.