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How to Remove Cockroaches from the Refrigerator

How to Remove Cockroaches from the Refrigerator

Refrigerators store our food supply. It, however, becomes an unsightly health hazard when roaches convert your house into their home. Here are a few measures you can employ to rid your fridge from the stubborn pests.

Roaches like warm, dark humid areas. Chances are these pests that may be tucked in your refrigerator motor since it has all these features. Take a quick look at this place at first. Granted the odor of their excrement and saliva, a strong smell may lead you to where they actually are. Another visible sign is of the eggs of the pests.

Clean the fridge thoroughly

When you clean out the eggs or food particles the pests feed on, you essentially starve them and destroy their population. Start behind the roach-infested fridge, hidden corners, motor and condensed water pan below the fridge. The pests are endemic to this part of the fridge.

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Seal cracks that let roaches in or food crumbs out

Your fridge may be having cracks that allow the pests to access food or drops of food may pass through them. By sealing these cracks you lock their food supply and shelter where they may live.

Apply boric acid-based insecticide dust

Boric acid insecticide powder goes a long way in solving your cockroach’s issue. Apply small amounts of it below your refrigerator and cracks. This will effectively kill a huge population of the roaches that come in contact with the powder.

Clean daily or sweep the dead roaches away. The good thing about boric acid insecticide dust is it is relatively safe to your family and pets and won’t force you to cordon off the kitchen.

Using traps

You can opt for glue traps to capture the stubborn pests. Apply the glue traps on corners, edges, below your fridge to trap the roaming roaches.

One of the home remedies for roaches in a fridge is DIY using a wide necked bottle. Place a small amount of detergent in the bottle and some small amount of food to attract the pests. The roaches will be trapped inside the bottle.

An empty bottle or glue trap signifies the decimation of the roaches’ population. You may discontinue after this realization.

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Scrape off the cockroach eggs

All the above measures deal with adult roaches, however, your nagging roach problem may be attributed to not successfully getting rid of eggs that hatch into nymphs. You can simply use a blunt object or stick to scrape off the eggs on your fridge. This task may be however be demanding since you have to actually locate the eggs.

Maintaining cleanliness after clearing the cockroaches

Cockroaches thrive in the dirt. Consistent cleaning of your fridge ensures cockroaches lack the necessary food to survive and a place to hide and breed. Make sure you constantly clean.

These are some of the few ways to solve your roach menace. There is a disclaimer though; if your problem persists, you will need the services of a professional exterminator to end your cockroach woes.

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