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How to troubleshoot a hand soap pump

How to troubleshoot a hand soap pump

Is your hand soap pump not functioning well? If so, you need a fix very soon because most hand soap pumps are very steadfast devices. You push the pump, soap emerges, and it retracts for the next press. At times the pump may not operate due to many reasons; hence why you need to know the correct troubleshooting steps.

When a pump fails to carry out the normal cycle, it is because of congestion or the spring has a crack. The internal seal may fail in a well-kept pump. Unfortunately, it`s hard to find a replacement. However, there are several methods to use on how to fix the soap dispenser pump.

1. Unlock the pump

One of the common problems is the pump getting stuck. That means that the pump is not retracting to the next cycle. Many dispensers lock when you push the pump down and rotate it at 90 degrees. Turning the pump to its normal position will unlock the pump.

A] When the spring is not stable

The spring is in the pump reservoir. Remove the reservoir from the cap to access the spring. This steps can work on bathroom dispensers but not every soap dispenser

B] The pump appears to be in a normal operation

At times the pump may appear to be in normal operation, but it’s not working. The problem may occur as a result of a short tube, leading to a clogged tube or run out of soap. If the dispenser tube has remains of soap, then you have to loosen the congestion in the tube.

2. Clean the pump

Remove the pump and the pump assembly from the pump soap dispenser. Wipe the dispenser tube with a towel and immerse the tube in warm water. The water will dissolve congeal soap. This will fix the pump if it was not dispensing soap and also stop soap dispenser from dripping. It also works well in fixing the spring.

3. Pump repair methods

If the pump is not working, then you will have to put more effort. Remove the pump reservoir from the sprout if possible. Some hand soap pumps may come when they are compact hence not easy to separate them. Replace the spring with a new one.

If the dispenser tube is too short or kinked, you can replace it with an identical one. The best method is to pull it off the reservoir. Most hardware shops have the replacement of soap pumps. Clean out the pump by passing hot water through it and then reassemble the pump. Fix it onto the soap container and make sure that all the soap in the tube has dissolved.

If all the procedures have not worked to fix soap dispenser, then the internal seals are not in proper shape. If that is the case, there is no need to repair the pump. It is advisable to buy a new pump.

Starting with the small issues may ease the whole procedure. The soap dispenser repair will be quick. With more efforts you can save the soap dispenser and things may get to flow once again.