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How to charge an Arlo Pro battery

How to charge an Arlo Pro battery

Are you having a problem charging your Arlo pro battery? Unlike other batteries, Arlo batteries tend to have a longer life, but if you are new to them, it may feel like rocket science when you get around to recharging them. This is because they use a custom charging platform that cannot be substituted.

It is simpler than it looks. You need to make sure you have the charging kit that it came with or buy a replacement if yours is not working anymore. This is how to charge an Arlo pro battery;

  1. Connect your Arlo pro powered camera or security light to the Arlo AC power adapter cable.
  2. Then plug the adapter into an AC power outlet.
  3. Wait for ten minutes, then check on the app if there is a lightning bolt icon. This indicates that the battery is charging.
  4. If you do not see the Arlo pro charging indicator, remove the battery from your Arlo gadget and reinsert it then check if you have plugged the power adapter into the wall properly.
  5. Your adapter should flash a blue light then which goes off after a few seconds to indicate that the battery is charging.
  6. When your battery is fully charged, the adapter will emit a stable stream of blue light. You can also check on the app or the website interface to see if the battery is fully charged.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Arlo Pro Battery?

This is dependent on how empty your battery is charge wise. The Arlo app or the website interface will give you a percentage of charge left. On average, a completely flat battery takes about two hours to charge fully.

How Do I Know When My Arlo Battery Is Charged?

You can use the Arlo app on your phone or visit the website interface to check if the battery is fully charged. You can also lookout for the solid blue light emitted by the adapter when the battery is fully charged.

How Often Do Arlo Batteries Need To Be Recharged?

According to the manufacturer, the batteries should last two to three months when used for five minutes of recording daily in an Arlo Go camera. Or four to six months in an Arlo Pro or an Arlo Wire-free camera with 5 minutes of recording daily.

Why Is My Arlo Battery Not Charging?

There are several reasons for an Arlo battery charging error;

  • You have not plugged in the power adapter properly
  • You have not inserted the cable in the camera properly
  • Your battery is damaged

Make sure you insert the battery into the charging station within two minutes of plugging it. If you miss the window, unplug the adapter wait for a few seconds then repeat the plugging and connecting process.

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