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Sharp TV Troubleshooting and How to Guide

Sharp TV Troubleshooting and How to Guide

Knowing how to troubleshoot a Sharp TV can help resolve a number of issues; saving you a lot of money in the process. While the actual steps to follow can vary and would depend on the model you own, there are some troubleshooting instructions that will work for multiple Sharp TVs. Read on to learn of the troubleshooting steps to follow to resolve some of the most common issues with these TVs.

How Do You Reset a Sharp TV?

While resetting signs you out of any apps on a smart TV and uninstalls any additional apps you have installed, it can often fix software-based issues that have developed. To reset a Sharp TV:

  • Go to “Settings” menu using your Sharp remote.
  • Then select “System” followed by “Factory Reset”.
  • Press the “Play” or “OK” button three times to engage the reset process.

If you own a Sharp Aquos LC-52D64U LCD TV, there are two methods you can facilitate a factory reset: on-screen and using the hardware directly. Try these steps for on-screen menu reset:

  1. Start up the TV and press the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  2. Using the left and right arrow keys, navigate through the menu options until you find the “Setup” sub-menu.
  3. Select “Reset” and press the “Enter” button. If you have an access code (Secret Number) for parental controls, enter it using the remote control’s number pad and press “Enter” again.
  4. Highlight “Yes” using the left or right arrow key and press “Enter”. Select “Yes” again when prompted that the TV will restart and press “Enter”’.
  5. The TV will then display “Now Initializing” and the power will shut off. The TV will turn back on automatically, restored to factory defaults.

For a hard reset:

  1. Unplug your TV.
  2. Press and hold the “Channel Down” and input” buttons on the panel.
  3. Plug the TV back while holding down these buttons. Seek assistance for this step if you have to.
  4. Keep holding the buttons until the TV powers back on. If it doesn’t work, unplug the TV and try again.
  5. Use the remote to navigate the “Service Mode” menu and select “Factory Reset” from the menu. Click “Enter” and the TV will start initializing and shut down. It will then power back on, set to factory defaults.

What Do You Do if Your Sharp TV Won’t Turn On

If your Sharp TV won’t turn on, it could be because of a number of reasons, which include overheating and a burned-out bulb. Here is what you can do to try troubleshooting the problem:

  1. Check the power cord, and make sure it is connected and plugged in.
  2. Change the outlet the TV is plugged into to make sure a faulty outlet is not the cause.
  3. Ensure there is at least a six-inch clearance on both sides of the TV to allow proper ventilation.
  4. Clean out all dirt build-up within the air vents which may have caused the TV to overheat.
  5. Replace the bulb.

How Do I Fix My TV When the Screen Goes Black?

There are several possible causes for a black TV screen:

  • Failure in the power supply board.
  • Backlight issues.
  • Problem with the TV panel.
  • Loose connections.
  • Sleep timer is activated.

If your TV screen goes black, try the following tips to fix the problem:

  1. Check the power and connections. Make sure everything is working properly and there are no loose connections.
  2. Consider replacing the HDMI cable.
  3. Check to make sure that Power Saver mode is not activated on your TV.
  4. Replace your TV’s power board.

How Do I Fix the Blinking Light on My Sharp TV

Before trying any expensive physical repairs, run a full reset and updates. Start by running a power cycle reset:

  • Unplug the television and wait for a few minutes for the power to drain.
  • Plug the TV directly into the wall to rule out a bad power strip.
  • Turn the TV back on and check the light.
  • If the light continues to blink, run a factory reset to delete stored data and return the TV to its original factory settings.
  • If a full reset fails to fix the problem, you may be dealing with a hardware problem. You may need to have your TV analyzed by a professional or consider a replacement.

Why Does My Sharp TV Keep Flashing OPC?

Sharp TV systems use several lights to indicate activity and potential errors. Any blinking activity on the TV OPC (Optical Picture Control) light most likely indicates an error. Problems can arise from hardware issues or the firmware installed on the TV.

If the TV doesn’t turn, the power lights are blinking or other issues arise while the Sharp TV OPC light is blinking, try to determine if the problem is hardware or firmware related. Feel the TV set for excessive heat. Excessive heat can indicate a faulty fan or another piece of hardware that is making the TV run without displaying the screen. If your TV is not overheating or making irregular noises, it may be a problem related to firmware or updates.

Sharp TV Error Codes and Their Meaning

  1. 02:start-up communication error 2-Initial communication from the main CPU is not received
  2. 03: Start-up communication error 3-Only the initial communication is received.
  3. 04: Start-up communication error 4-Until panel information request reception.
  4. 05: Start-up communication error 5- until initialization completion reception.
  5. 06: Start-up communication error 6- until version notification transmission.
  6. 07: Start-up communication error 7-until start-up information notification transmission.
  7. 08-Start-up communication error 8- until start-up information response reception.
  8. 09-Start-up communication error 9- until time-out setting reception.
  9. 0A- Communication error A- REQ time-out.
  10. 0B- Communication error B- Restart time-out during the beginning of time acquisition start-up.
  11. 0C-Communication error C- Ending sequence time-out.
  12. 0D-Communication error D- Preset start-up time-out during completion.
  13. 0E- Communication error E- Download start-up time-out.
  14. 0F-Communication error F- Time acquisition time-out.
  15. 11-Communication error H- Regular communication time-out.
  16. 16-Panel-related error. Lamp failure.
  17. 1A- Other error 2. Monitor temperature failure.
  18. 1D- Power supply error 1. PS_ON (AC_DET) failure.
  19. 1E- Power supply error 2. D_POW (DET_13V) failure.
  20. 1F- Power supply error 3. D_POW (DET_D3V3) failure.
  21. 21-Power supply error 5. Panel power failure.
  22. 23- Other error 3. Error standby request from the main CPU.
  23. E202: DTV broadcasts cannot be received.
  24. E203: No broadcast now

How to Clear the Password on My Sharp TV

  1. Go to HOME> TV Menu> Setup> View setting> Individual setting> Password.
  2. The password input screen displays.
  3. Press and hold both CH˄ and VOL + on the TV simultaneously until the message appears on the screen.

Sharp TV Turns On But No Picture

If your Sharp TV set turns on but it is not getting the picture;

  • Check to make sure that the connections to external equipment are correct.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct input source.
  • Make sure the antenna is properly connected.
  • Check if “On” is selected in “Audio only”. If it is, turn it off.
  • Verify that a non-compatible signal is not being input.
  • Make sure the picture adjustment is correct.

How Do I Fix Sound on My Sharp TV?

There could be several reasons why you are experiencing audio problems with your Sharp TV. While some problems may be as a result of a genuine component failure, at which point the TV should be returned to the manufacturer for maintenance or replaced, most audio issues are due to incorrectly configured settings or the device not being plugged in.

Try these troubleshooting instructions to resolve sound problems with your TV:

  • Check connections, volume and device settings.
  • Examine the wire connections at the rear of the TV. If any audio or HDMI cables are loose, try securing them to see if the problem clears.
  • If your TV continues to experience audio issues after basic troubleshooting and the problem wasn’t there on first use, consider resetting the TV to its default settings.

For audio issues with external devices connected to the TV, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct input mode on the television.
  2. Go into the TV Menu under System options.
  3. Using the cursor, scroll downward to “Output Select” to verify the “Output” is set to Fixed. This should produce sound from your television.
  4. Note that on some models the “Output Select” may be under “Options” or “Audio”.

Why Does the Brightness on My Sharp TV Increase and Decrease Constantly?

When Active contrast feature is on, it will automatically adjust the image contrast according to the brightness level in the scene that is displayed. To disable this feature;

  • In the menu guide, select the “Picture Settings” and select “Advanced” to locate and turn off the Active Contrast setting.

How to Turn Off OPC ON Sharp TV

To turn off OPC on Sharp TV, go into the “Picture Settings” located in the Menu guide and set the OPC feature to “Off.

How to Pair Sharp Aquos Remote with TV

  1. Locate the remote control code for the device that you want to connect, which is listed by manufacturer in the television instruction manual.
  2. Turn on the TV that you want to control with the remote control.
  3. Press TV and Display on the remote at the same time to activate the programming option for your television. The indicator light on the remote control will start to blink.
  4. Enter the first code from your programming list using the remote keypad. The indicator light will stop blinking when the code is entered. This means your television is connected.
  5. Press the Power button to test the code. If the device turns off, the code was successful. If the device doesn’t turn off, repeat the process with the next code on the list.

Sharp TV Not Responding to Remote

If your Sharp TV is not responding to remote, it could be because of low batteries in the remote control. You also need to make sure you are pointing the remote at the TV. Another possible reason may be something blocking the TV remote sensor or its interfering with the signal.

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To fix this problem, try the following troubleshooting instructions to see if it works:

  • Change the remote control batteries with new ones.
  • With the new batteries installed, try pointing the remote at the TV and press the power button.
  • Reset the TV by unplugging the TV power cord from the wall outlet. Then wait 5 minutes before plugging it back into the wall outlet.
  • Ensure there is nothing interfering or blocking the beam when attempting to control the TV with the remote.
  • Inspect the TV remote sensor and clean it to be free of dust or any other object that may be covering it.
  • Turn off any external components near the TV that could be causing an interference with the remote signal.
  • Ensure the TV software is up to date.