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Krups Espresso Machine How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Krups Espresso Machine How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Coffee is an excellent drink for all occasions. It is a great beverage to share with friends and is perfect for breakfast. If you love coffee in all its variations or have a large family, you should consider buying a machine you can use to make espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos. That will ensure that you do not have to go to a coffee shop every time you want coffee. A reputable manufacturer should make coffee makers with high-quality materials. Such appliances need to be easy to clean and maintain. If you are wondering what machine to buy, consider the Krups Espresso machine.

Krups, a German appliance manufacturer, manufactures Krups espresso machines. The company was established in 1864 and got its name from its founder Robert Krups. If you are a fan of Science fiction movies, their coffee appliances have been featured in movies like Back to the Future and Alien. Krups espresso machines are long-lasting, easy to clean, and made with high-quality materials.

If a Krups espresso machine sounds like the espresso maker you have been looking for, you need to learn how to use and maintain it before you buy it. It is also essential that you identify problems and fix them to ensure you enjoy great coffee. Here is a comprehensive guide to use and troubleshooting your Krups Espresso Machine.

How to use a Krups Espresso Machine

To make coffee using a Krups Espresso machine, you need to ensure you have high-quality pre-ground coffee, water, and milk. You can use bottled or tap water. If you prefer grinding your beans, make sure that you grind them finely when making an espresso. Then, follow these easy steps to brew one.

  • Plug the espresso maker into an outlet. Ensure that you do not have too many appliances using that outlet, as that could result in an overload.
  • Remove the espresso basket from your machine and put the filter in it.
  • Fill the filter with ground coffee but ensure that you do not compress them. Also, make sure that there are no coffee grounds on the rim of your espresso basket.
  • Reattach the espresso basket and turn it to lock it in place.
  • Use the machine’s carafe and fill the water tank, then place it on the pad below the espresso basket.
  • Make sure that the steam release button is in the off position, and then turn the machine on to make your espresso.

How to reset a Krups coffee machine

You can reset the coffee machine when you need to change coffee cups sizes. For example, if you need to change from a short espresso to a long espresso. Bear in mind that this reset functionality is only available in machines made for the Nespresso brand. You can use the reset functionality to return to the factory setting too.

  • To reset your espresso machine, long-press the espresso button, switch the appliance off, and then on without releasing the button.

What do flashing lights mean on a Krups coffee machine?

There are several Krups coffee machine models in the market today, and the flashing lights vary slightly from machine to machine. However, here are standard warning lights and their meanings.

  • A red flashing light under the bin symbol signals that you need to empty the coffee grounds collector.
  • A red flashing light under the bowl and tap symbol signals that you need to refill the water reservoir.
  • If you see the words CLEAN or CALC over the flashing light, you need to long-rinse your espresso machine.
  • If all the red lights are flashing, then you have an operation error. To correct this, switch off the espresso machine and then switch it on again.
  • When the blue lights are flashing, that is a sign that a coffee cycle is in progress.

How to clean a Krups Coffee Machine

It is crucial to clean your Krups Coffee Machine regularly. If you do not clean it, the dirt could affect your coffee flavor and aroma. To clean, use vinegar or lemon juice. Follow these steps to clean your coffee machine.

  • Fill the water reservoir with lemon juice which will clean your coffee machine and help remove mineral deposits.
  • Switch on the machine and start a coffee cycle. In addition, ensure that you collect the water in the carafe. You can do this more than once, depending on how dirty the machine is. Make sure that you also allow the water to go through the steam assembly.
  • To rinse it, fill the tank with clean water three times and run it through the machine.
  • Remove the spoon, carafe, espresso basket, and filter and clean them in warm soapy water in the sink.
  • Rinse, dry, and then reattach the components.
  • Wipe the outside of your machine with a damp cloth and clean the heating pad or drip plate.

How to descale a Krups Coffee Machine

If you use tap water to brew coffee, you might have mineral build-up in your machine. Remember that if your water is high in calcium, it is essential to descale your machine regularly. You can use vinegar or commercial descaling products to descale your machine. Ensure that you buy high-quality descaling products and dilute them correctly before using them. Follow these steps to descale your coffee machine.

  • Remove the filter and place a container or the carafe on the heating pad.
  • Make sure that you mix one part of vinegar with one part of water. For example, use 17 ounces of water mixed with 17 ounces of vinegar to make your descaling solution at home. That said, the manufacturer encourages users to use approved descaling products instead of making them at home.
  • Fill the tank with the solution and press the CLEAN and BREW buttons, one after the other.
  • Allow the cycle to run for 30 minutes and if there is still water in the reservoir, do it again.
  • When the reservoir is empty, fill it with water twice to rinse it and run the cleaning cycle.  

How to unclog a Krups Coffee Machine

You can unclog your coffee machine by following the above descaling procedure. It will remove any mineral deposits in the system.

How to fix a Leaking Krups Coffee machine

A Krups coffee machine can leak from either the top or the bottom. It is essential to fix this problem to ensure that your appliance works properly. Follow these steps to fix leaks on your coffee machine.

Leaks from the base

A leak from the base is a result of a loose gasket or hose. These components wear out with time and use, and you can replace them. To find the leaking hose or gasket, you will need to disassemble your coffee machine and then remove and replace them. You can also visit a coffee machine service center to have it repaired.

Make sure that you check the boiler and the tank for leaks too. Bear in mind that if your tank is defective, you can replace it.

Leaks from the top

If your Krups Coffee Machine is leaking from the top, the most common reason is improper cleaning. When you do not clean your machine correctly, coffee grounds harden and block water flow. These obstructions can make your appliance leak from the top.

Why is my Krups coffee Machine Not brewing?

One of the main reasons your Krups coffee Machine is not brewing is a clog preventing water from reaching your coffee. Remember that coffee machines make coffee by passing hot water over the coffee grounds. Therefore, if your device is not brewing but producing steam, you need to descale and thoroughly clean it. Here are troubleshooting tips for when your coffee machine is not brewing.

  • Check that your outlet is working correctly and that your power mains are working too. If your machine does not have the power, it will not brew your coffee. You should also check the voltage in your house.
  • Check the coffee machine water reservoir. If it is over-filled, pour out the water and ensure that you only have one carafe in the tank at a time. After that, the machine should brew normally.

How to froth milk with a Krups espresso machine

If you love espresso or latte, you need to froth your milk to make them.  Follow these steps to use a Krups espresso machine to froth.

  • When the espresso starts to brew and your machine has heated up, put milk in your frothing jug. Do not fill it.
  • Put the steam nozzle halfway into the milk.
  • Switch on the steam and allow the milk to foam for at least 1 minute or until satisfied.
  • Turn off the steam and then remove the frothing jug from the nozzle. Make sure that you wipe the nozzle after use, as dried milk could block it.

How to steam milk with a Krups Espresso Machine

Unlike frothing, steaming is intended to heat milk without creating too many bubbles. Therefore, steaming is perfect when you are making lattes. Follow these steps to steam your milk using an espresso machine.

  • Choose a jug that is the right size for the amount of milk you need.
  • Put the steam nozzle into the jug and turn on the steam.
  • Turn the jug to your right for a few seconds to let in air and then back to a 90-degree angle.
  • Use the steam nozzle to create a whirlpool, ensuring that you heat all the milk.
  • After the milk is at the right temperature, turn off the steam and remove the nozzle from the milk.

How to make a latte with a Krups espresso machine 

If you have a Krups Espresso Machine, you can easily make lattes for yourself or your entire family. Follow these steps to brew a latte at home.

  • Preheat your cup. Your espresso machine comes with a cup warmer, and if it does not, put hot water into a cup while you make an espresso shot. That will ensure that your espresso does not become cold while you froth the milk.
  • Brew two shots of espresso and pour them into your latte cup. You can use one espresso shot if you do not like strong coffee.
  • Froth your milk making sure that you hold the nozzle an inch from the milk surface. The nozzle should not reach the bottom of the frothing jug.
  • Pour the hot milk into your espresso, and you have a delicious latte.

Why is my milk not frothing?

If your milk frother is not working, your milk may be cold or expired. If that is not the problem, inspect the steam nozzle for blockage.

Why does water not run through my Krups coffee machine?

There are several reasons why water is not running through your coffee machine. Check your appliance for the following issues and fix them.

  • Check whether there is water in the tank and fill it.
  • If your tank is incorrectly installed, press on it until it sits firmly in place.
  • A blocked filter or very finely ground coffee can clog water flow. Clean your filter holder and try a different coffee.

If your appliance is scaled up, then water will not run through. Descale the device, and it should work.

Why is there no steam from the steam nozzle?

Problems with your steam nozzle could be due to any of the following issues.

  • A blocked nozzle. If you do not purge and clean your steam nozzle, milk will dry and block it. Use a needle to remove any particles in the nozzle.
  • Clean the appliance and unclog the device’s orifices.

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Krups coffee machine maintenance tips

Good maintenance and cleaning will ensure that your coffee machine serves you for a long time. Here are essential maintenance and care tips.

  • Do not put your coffee machine accessories in the dishwasher. Instead, clean them in the sink with warm soapy water.
  • Clean the machine after use and purge the steam nozzles every time you froth or steam your milk.
  • Wipe the machine exterior regularly.
  • Do not use your machine if the power cord is damaged.