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How to Properly Dispose Kitchen Knives

How to Properly Dispose Kitchen Knives

Knives are used in every household. Some people have a wide selection of kitchen knives, while others have one or two blades for all their kitchen needs. Knives, just like everything else in your home, wear out. Therefore, it is advisable to properly dispose of kitchen knives. Do not put your old knives in the garbage, as sharp kitchen knives can injure you or the people who pick up your trash. In addition, kitchen knives pose a risk to some garbage disposal machines.

How To Dispose Of Kitchen Knives

There are regulations relating to disposing Of knives in different parts of the United States. They will vary slightly depending on where you are, and some states are more strict than others. Here are six ways to dispose of kitchen knives in the US.


When doing a kitchen upgrade, you may need to get rid of odd utensils to make room for new ones. If your kitchen knives are in good condition, you can donate them to local charities. Ensure that the knives you donate have functional handles and the blades are in good condition. Local soup kitchens, shelters, and secondhand shops will take the donations. You can also contact the local Salvation Army and Goodwill centers to determine whether they will take the knives.


You can sell your old knives at a small price. If you have a set of kitchen knives, you can sell them online or to people in your neighborhood. In addition, there are knife-sharpening shops that buy used knives and sell them.


Old knife blades can be smelted and used to create other items. In addition, recyclers use knife handles to make other items. Recycling a kitchen knife is very good for the environment and prevents waste. Find out whether recyclers in your area will take your kitchen knives by calling them or visiting their websites.

Sell As Scrap Metal

If you cannot do any of the above, consider selling your old knives as scrap metal. Scrap metal dealers will purchase all types of metals. They pay more for some metals than others. If the blade is made of valuable materials, you can get extra for it.

Hand Them In To The Police

If disposing of knives in the bin is illegal in your area, consider handing them to the police. That ensures your old blades do not get into the wrong hands and get misused.

Dispose Of Them In The Garbage

Putting your knife in the garbage is the last result. Make sure that you check local legislation on knives to ensure that you do the right thing. Remember to wrap your knife before putting it in the trash. Local regulations in most counties have restrictions on the types of knives you can put in your garbage. For example, it is ok to put butter and table knives in the waste bin but not sharp kitchen knives. Also, bear in mind that most counties have drop-off points for knives and other sharp objects.

How To Dispose Of Old Knives In The Garbage

Follow these steps to dispose of old knives in your garbage or waste bin.

  • Wrap your old knife with styrofoam, bubble wrap, or newspaper. That protects you and garbage sorters from injury.
  • Use a cork for the tip of the knife, and then use tape to hold everything together.
  • Put the knives in a plastic or metal container and fasten the lid with tape.
  • Mark the container with a warning like ‘Caution: Sharp.’
  • Place it on the top of your metal recycling bin so that your garbage collector can easily see the warning.

Knife Disposal Laws Around The World

Different countries have varying laws regarding knife disposal. Here are some knife disposal regulations in several countries around the world.


Canadian knife disposal regulations are similar to those in the United States. Knives that are in good condition can be donated to any charity in your area. That said, you can also drop off the blade at a recycling facility. You must wrap your knife carefully before disposing of it, so it does not puncture your garbage bag.


If you wonder where to dispose of kitchen knives in the UK, you can put your knives in the garbage as long as you wrap them carefully. That said, in Staffordshire County, local regulations advise dropping off old knives at local recycling centers. In addition, many local governments urge citizens to donate blades in good condition to local charities.


You can donate your old knives or throw them in the trash if you live in Singapore. However, make sure that you carefully wrap the knife to ensure that it does not cause injury to garbage collectors. It is against local regulations to throw your knife in the garbage chute. Instead, wrap it and place it with other metallic recyclables.


Ireland follows the same knife disposal regulations as the UK. Some areas have knife drop-off points. If you cannot find a safe way to dispose of your knives, you can give them to local administration, such as the police. You can put your old knives in your waste bin after you wrap them.


Australian knife disposal regulations are similar to those in the United States. You can dispose of your knives by donating them to charity, dropping them off at a recycling station, or reselling them. Avoid putting old knives in the trash as they end up in a landfill. There are recycling companies and transfer stations that ensure they are either reused or recycled.

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FAQs about Knife disposal

Is it illegal to throw away a kitchen knife?

It is not illegal to throw away a kitchen knife. However, depending on where you live, it could attract fines. If local regulations prohibit putting sharp knives in the garbage like in Spokane County, Washington, DC, drop it off at a local recycling center.

Should I throw away my kitchen knives or recycle them?

It is best to recycle your old knives instead of throwing them in the trash. There are recycling centers and companies that will take them. Search online for “knife disposal near me” to find a facility close to you.

Can you give knives to charity shops or Goodwill?

Yes, you can give old knives to charity shops and Goodwill.

My kitchen knife is blunt. Should I throw it away?

No, do not throw away your blunt kitchen knife. Instead, you can take it to a knife sharpener who can sharpen it for you for a fee or sell it. The knife sharpener will sharpen the knife and sell it to another person.