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How to Use VPN on Omegle

How to Use VPN on Omegle

Omegle is a great place to talk to strangers and make new friends on the internet. You can either chat with a random person or be paired to video chat with a stranger. The platform focuses on anonymity and encourages users to stay responsible during their interactions.

Regardless of how anonymous you want to be, Omegle doesn’t have any encryption protocols for its conversations. This leaves your chats vulnerable to hackers, ISPs, and other third parties with access to your connection.

This has pushed many Omegle users into thinking of and using VPNs when accessing the chat platform. However, since VPNs can also be used to unblock the platform in regions where it’s banned, the company is highly incentivized to ban anyone they think is using a VPN to access their service.

Why Does Omegle Ban VPN Users

Omegle is keen on their terms and conditions. As such, they will ban you if you are reported by other users or caught violating them. You will also get a ban if you keep dropping out of chats often, which ruins the user experience.

Here is a detailed look at why Omegle bans VPN users.

Dropping Off Chats too Often

Dropping off chats is when you abruptly end a chat and leave. Omegle flags such instances since leaving the other person hanging are generally not good practice and will leave them annoyed. Clamping down on such users improves the average user experience.

Accessing the platform with a sketchy internet connection could lead to frequent automatic drops as the network resets. 

The same can happen if you use a VPN service provider whose servers are overloaded and have very low uptimes.

Getting Reported

While this has nothing to do with using a VPN, it could also get you banned regardless of whether you connect via a VPN or not.

Anyone who reports you being abusive or engaging in anything that contravenes Omegle user rules will have an absolute ban. 

Using a VPN could give you false confidence making you more privy to discussing fringe topics or being unruly online. 

While it isn’t the VPN that will get you the ban, your behavioral change because you think no one can track your chats could make you more aggressive, increasing the chances of being reported.

Violating Common Terms and Conditions

This is the biggest reason why people get banned from Omegle. The website has some reasons that will get you banned without discussion.

These include:

  • Any abusive behavior
  • Sharing adult content
  • Starting chats automatically
  • Playing music or videos loudly in the background

Using an Already Reported or Banned VPN IP address.

Finally, responsible users can still get banned if they log on with a VPN and use a previously banned location on the platform.

VPN providers share IP addresses across their subscribers. The possibility of another user having been on Omegle using a VPN you get isn’t impossible.

Since the platform bans IP, it will automatically place you on a ban, too, since the server filters will classify you as the previously banned user.

You can avoid this by using a VPN provider with a wide range of servers. This will give you a greater pool of IPs to choose from, reducing your chances of landing on spam-used IP.

How to Use a VPN When Accessing Omegle

Since Omegle is a website-based platform you access on your browser, it isn’t hard to use a VPN when browsing. All you have to do is install a VPN app, launch it, select a location server, connect and then jump onto Omegle on your browser.

  • Purchase a premium VPN service from a VPN provider of choice. 
  • Install the VPN app on your computer, launch it and log in
  • Connect to a server location of your choice
  • Launch your browser and go to the Omegle website
  • Start your chat and chat responsibly
  • Don’t turn off the VPN until you are done using Omegle.

How to Get Unbanned From Omegle

You can always go around an Omegle IP address ban by using a VPN. The VPN will hopefully give you a different IP address that is not banned.

Remember to delete your cookies or use a browser that doesn’t keep cookies to make your new session with a new IP address as fresh as possible.

You can also get unbanned by using a proxy server or switching to another network, for instance, a public Wi-Fi or a broadband connection.

ProTip: If you get unbanned, avoid doing what led to the ban in the first place. Else, you will end up with another ban.

Can I Be Tracked on Omegle

Yes. You can be and are tracked do Omegle. The platform stores IP addresses and user codes for up to four months. 

This, coupled with the fact that there is no chat encryption, means there is the potential for your identity, log-on time, and interactions to be tracked and recorded.

So, to some extent, you are anonymous, but your interactions can come to light if necessary.

When Does an Omegle Ban End?

It is hard to know exactly how long your Omegle ban will last. However, reports show it can last a couple of days to months, depending on what you did to get banned. Sometimes, your IP address might receive a permanent ban.

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You can either wait until your ban is lifted or use a VPN to get a new IP address and access the website as a new user.

Why is Omegle Not Working With a VPN?

Since Omegle knows users go to the VPN router to circumvent bans, they crack down on VPN users long before they commit a ban-worthy crime. They will blanket ban IPs from VPN servers, making it impossible to access the platform with these.

If you use a free VPN or cheap platforms with limited IPs, the chances of being caught in a blanket ban are very high. 

A VPN that works with Omegle has obfuscation techniques that make their IPs not obvious to identify. They also have a very wide range of servers and IPs. A bigger pool makes it easier for the VPN to slip through the Omegle firewall.

ProTip: The reason we don’t recommend a specific VPN for Omegle is that their bans keep evolving. Moreover, sending thousands of you to a single VPN will increase the chances of Omegle banning it, making our best VPN for Omegle guide obsolete within days.

Is Using Omegle With a VPN Legal?

Using a VPN to access Omegle is not illegal – unless your government classifies the use of VPNs as illegal or has banned Omegle.

Omegle will still ban you from using a VPN, but it will not do anything beyond this. You can still land in legal problems if you engage in illegal activities like piracy, terrorism, cyberbullying, or promoting child pornography while using the VPN.

Some of the countries that have banned Omegle include:

  • China
  • Libya
  • Qatar
  • Jordan 
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Pakistan

Bottom Line

Using a VPN is a great way to encrypt your online interactions. Using one is extremely sensitive, especially when accessing websites that don’t encrypt your data. 

However, a VPN doesn’t give you the right to engage in criminal activity or breach website terms and conditions. The whole idea is protecting your information, not trying to go anonymous and be a bully and douchebag online.