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How to Repair Eyelashes After Extensions

How to Repair Eyelashes After Extensions

Eyelash extensions improve the length and volume of your existing sparse eyelashes. These extensions should last approximately 3-5 weeks before you need to get them filled. However, if the process isn’t well done by a specialist, your extensions may pull on your natural eyelashes.

The fake lashes also weigh down your lashes, making them thinner and have no curl. Suppose going through such an experience, no need to worry. These steps will help you to look after lashes after extensions.

How to Repair Eyelashes After Extensions

There are particular methods you can use to help your lashes after extensions. They include the following;

Repair Damage with Coconut Oil

what You Need

Coconut oil will help moisturize your hair and promote growth.

  1. Purchase a bottle of liquid coconut oil
  2. Squeeze some amount of the oil in a bowl

You could warm up the oil a little before applying it.

  1. Close your eyes, and gently rub the oil from your eyelids to the edges of the lashes.
  2. Continue massaging the oil for around 1-2 minutes. It’s best to apply oil before bed to allow the oil to sit on your lashes overnight.
  3. You can also consider mixing in lavender or rosemary essential oil to coconut.
  • Avoid applying oil from the bottle as it may get into your eyes, which isn’t enjoyable.

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Use A Nourishing Eyelash Serum

what You Need

  • Eyelash serum with peptides

If you have bald eyelashes after extensions, eyelash serum is the best option. The serum nourishes and strengthens your lashes. Ensure you choose the best variety, especially with a beneficial ingredient like peptide. COS Natural’s Peptide Lash is the best as it contains botanically-derived compounds.  The compound in the serum stimulates the keratin genes that determine the length and thickness of lashes.

Make a DIY Lash Serum

What You Need

  • Argan oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Tube
  • Spoolie
  • Emu oil/ Coconut Oil
  1. Mix the ingredients in a tube and make a uniform mixture
  2. Apply the mixture on your lashes using a clean spoolie

You can also consider other DIY recipes in making your serum.

Allow the serum to nourish your lashes overnight and wipe away in the morning.

Eyelashes serum soaks into the skin of the eyelids and nourishes the hair follicle. The serum strengthens it and extends the hairs’ growth cycle. After application, the effect is visible in a few weeks.

Vitamin E Capsules

What You Need

  • Vitamin E capsules
  • Castor Oil

Mix your vitamin capsules with castor oil

Apply on your eyelashes; the castor oil contains ricinolein, a fatty acid responsible for improving the condition of small hairs.

Use the mixture regularly to improve your condition. Be careful while applying as it might irritate your eyes.

Lash Regenerating Mascaras

What You Need

  • Mascaras

High-quality mascaras can regenerate your lashes as they shield them against external factors.

  1. Choose a mascara with a set of natural substances to improve your lashes’ condition.
  2. Mascaras are durable, staying on your lashes all day, and are easy to remove.

How to Regrow Eyelashes?

You can help lashes regrow by taking good care of yourself.

  1. Consume a protein-rich diet: protein is beneficial for promoting eyelash growth and strengthening them to repair the damage. Since hair comprises proteins, eating foods such as eggs, beans, fish will help improve your eyelashes and keep them healthy.
  2. Staying Hydrated: water is essential for your general health, including repairing lashes. Hydrated eyelashes will not break-off easily and fix faster.

Take many vitamins: specific vitamins are beneficial for repair, strength, thickness, and growth of lashes. Try to take biotin, also called vitamin H. It thickens hair follicles, prevents lashes fallout, and helps your body absorb essential nutrients for lash growth and repair.

Vitamins E is also significant as it contains antioxidant that helps protect your lashes from environmental damage and free radicals. This vitamin also transports blood and oxygen to hair follicles, preventing breakage.

  1. Vitamin B complex, B3, B5, B6, and B12 helps in the repair of eyelashes. It promotes blood flow, prevents hair loss, and prevents lashes from drying out.
  2. Avoid any chemical treatment: It’s best to give your lashes some rest to regain strength, heal, and luscious glory. Take a break from new lash extensions, perm, and lift to allow lashes to grow and regain their natural beauty.

Why Are my Eyelashes Shorter After Extensions?

Your lashes may look shorter and stubby due to the effects of the extensions. It’s most likely your lashes broke while removing extensions or when they fell out.

Is it Normal to Lose Eyelashes After Extensions?

We lose hair all over our bodies, including lashes. Therefore, it’s normal to lose lashes after extensions and especially during the spring and autumn periods. During these months, your lashes do not last long; therefore, it’s wise to schedule your infills more frequently. Infills will ensure you keep your lashes looking thick and full even after a loss.


While doing your eyelashes repair, it’s wise to avoid any substances from getting inside. In case any content gets inside your eyes and irritates, consult a Doctor for a checkup. Again, give your lashes some time to recover and regain their length and thickness before putting on other extensions.