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Does Blow Drying Kill Hair Lice?

Does Blow Drying Kill Hair Lice?

Hair lice are pesky little insects that are highly problematic because of how hard it is to get rid of them. While people have been commonly using insecticide shampoos to try and get rid of hair lice, these products are most often than not ineffective.

And can potentially lead to asthma allergic reactions. They can also lead to resistance when hair lice get accustomed to them due to regular usage.

So what is the best way to kill hair lice? Blow drying.

Does blow drying kill hair lice?

Yes. Research shows it is easier to get rid of hair lice by using hot air than using hair lice shampoo. Did you know that body louse, close relatives of head lice, die when exposed for 5 min to a blow dryer delivering air at 50°C? Based on this information, researchers developed a heat-producing device known as a Louse-buster that has proven to be quite useful in killing head lice.

According to the Journal of Pediatrics, research carried out in 2006 assessed the use of hot air in killing hair lice. The hot air production methods varied from a blow dryer, bonnet style hairdryer, and a wall-mounted dryer. This resulted in an 89-98% reduction in lice eggs. Additionally, Louse-buster usage resulted in a 100% elimination of lice in 10 out of 11 kids.

How long do you have to blow dry for the best result?

The studies above are based on a 30-minute blow-drying session. Additionally, a minimum heat temperature of 50°C would be advisable for the eggs and the lice to die. You should also repeat the process at least once weekly for four weeks, which is the life cycle of head lice.

Ensure your hair is dry, as dry hair is the key. You can also use a flat iron together with the blow dryer to kill head lice. But this may not be effective against hair lice eggs that tend to be found on the scalp.

Alternative hair lice treatment solutions


The reason behind this is to suffocate the hair lice. But you need to leave the oil on for at least 10 hours as lice can survive for up to 8-hours without air. Oils also make your hair slippery, making it difficult for lice to take root on your hair.

These oils include castor oil, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil also has additional benefits and has been proven to be effective in treating head lice.

Dimethicone Oil for Lice Removal


This has so far been the most effective way of removing hair lice from your face permanently. While it may be time-consuming, it may be the only solution, especially if your child cannot tolerate blow dryer heat.

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It may take a few tries to be permanently rid of hair lice. As such, do not be quick to discredit a hair lice killing method if you do not get results immediately. For faster results, you would be better off combining the methods mentioned above.