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How to Prime a Keurig

How to Prime a Keurig

So your Keurig coffee maker is flashing a “Prime” message, and you cannot figure out how to fix it. I would be tempted to leave the coffee maker and go to my local café for a daily coffee fix before I even start thinking of how I can fix it. Fortunately, Keurig troubleshooting is easier than it looks.

The ‘Prime’ error kicks in when your Keurig’s water tank isn’t dispensing water appropriately. It could be because the outlet is misaligned, dirty, and clogged or in rare cases damaged.

There are several ways you can fix your Keurig when it says prime.  Keep reading to learn how to fix your favorite kitchen accessory.

Your Coffee Maker Might Just be Dirty and Clogged

Fixing the prime error could be as simple as cleaning and descaling the Keurig. This involves descaling the water reservoir, unclogging the needle, and cleaning the filter screen. You can either use a commercially made descaling agent or use a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean your water reservoir. You can also use a mild detergent diluted in warm water to clean the water reservoir.

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Descaling The Keurig

Start by unplugging the coffee maker form the electric outlet. Then proceed to descale the water reservoir as per the descaling agent manufacturer’s instructions. You can use the vinegar solution or the mild soap solution in place of the descaling agent.

Rinse it a couple of times to prevent your coffee from smelling like soap. Run at least three water only cycles to rinse the coffee maker.

Wipe down the water reservoir and the rest of the coffee maker with a soft damp cloth. You can use the cloth to remove any remaining calcium deposits from the water.

Dry the water reservoir completely before use. Next, proceed to use the metal clip to remove any debris from the needle and holder.

Rinse them under running water. Before assembling the Keurig, run the water reservoir filter under running water to remove any debris.

Fill it with clean water and place it in the coffee maker in perfect alignment.

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Keurig Says Prime All The Time

As this coffee maker is designed to be high maintenance, chances are you will get the Keurig prime error after every cup. To avoid this problem, empty the cup completely after each brew cycle.

In some cases, all you need to do is ensure the water reservoir has been set up correctly. Another option would be to unplug the coffee maker and reconnect it after a few seconds. This will prompt the machine to reset.