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How Many Watts Does a Keurig Use?

How Many Watts Does a Keurig Use?

If you love your hot cup of coffee, then investing in a Keurig brewer was a good idea you won’t be disappointed with. However, if you are like many of us, you should be concerned about the cost of electricity used to keep the brewer running.

On startup, a Keurig coffee maker uses 1500 watts for as long as it is making the coffee. After this, it will consume between 200 and 400 watts to keep the internal tank and the brewed coffee hot. If it is on standby and not keeping the tank warm, it will consume around 60 watts.

This power consumption in terms of costs may seem like pocket change, but think about what it adds up to if you do this several times a day over many years? You need to also factor in the power drainage from the unit sitting idle, which can add up to about 8 cents per day.

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Many different Keurig home brewers models nowadays feature an auto-off time or energy-saving mode. If you brewer has these features then you can easily personalize your settings for the ultimate reduction in power consumption.

Overall, if you live in a rural area, use solar power, or generally, energy consumption is not a concern at the end of the day the cost is not that much to worry about and in my opinion totally worth it to be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee every single day, all day, whenever I feel like it!

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P.S. Leaving small appliances plugged in and on can be a concern for some people because of potential fire hazards. The intention of this article isn’t to advise on the issue and neither do we purport to be experts on the subject. Please do your own research and make a decision at your own risk.