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How to Make Regular Speakers Wireless

How to Make Regular Speakers Wireless

You may have always admired transforming your regular speakers to wireless. But why make this move because yet there are wireless speakers in the market? Though it’s stretchy to hide all the wires in a regular speaker, buying a wireless speaker is pricey. Again, you may find no need to purchase wireless ones, yet you already have functional speakers.

If having this issue be sure you will get a solution. There are several ways you can apply to convert regular speakers to wireless. Note that such a conversion is only possible if your speakers are powered. Otherwise, you should be looking into how to beam audio wirelessly to the amplifier driving passive speakers.

If you are looking into how to turn passive speakers into powered, we will have a different guide for that somewhere else

Bluetooth Receiver

There are so many kinds of Bluetooth receivers. The simplest ones are affordable. These tools have RCA or 3.5 mm outputs to connect them to the speaker’s analog system. Unfortunately, there are also expensive versions that covert old speakers to Bluetooth.

Through the wireless setup, you would consider speakers that aren’t connected directly to the audio source. You have to link an amplifier to the speakers using the RCA cables or others for these old gadgets. The regular speakers lack some of these features that you can connect to Bluetooth directly.  However, it’s an excellent option to still enjoy wireless music without dumping the old gadgets.

While choosing a Bluetooth receiver, always select one with the following qualities;

  • Low latency technology- to stop your audio from having delays.
  • Relies on A2DP Bluetooth profiles- for smooth operation between the speakers and audio device
  • Fast setup – aim for having a device that requires no additional apps to use.
  • Size – choose a tool that is small and durable.

Advantages of Using a Bluetooth Receiver

  • The sound quality is still good due to the high-fidelity codecs in the latest Bluetooth standard. Codecs compress files as you transfer them across networks and ensure they have the original quality.
  • Using Bluetooth doesn’t require you to download other apps or use extra software.
  • The Bluetooth tool is affordable.
  • No wires all over

Google Chromecast Audio

This wireless speaker conversion kit uses WI-FI instead of Bluetooth. The kit delivers more quality sound than Bluetooth; thus, WI-FI is reliable. The audio comes with a short AUX cable that you connect to the old speakers.  Later you should download the Goggle home app and configure your speakers.

Remember to download a Chromecast -enabled app for VLC and other features. With Chromecast, you can stream music from your phone’s storage and enjoy it at home.  However, the app can’t connect to a PC/Mac. So for your computer, you should install the Audio cast app.

Nevertheless, the app has some delays, especially when watching videos on YouTube.  

Use Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is another wireless speaker kit for wired speakers that connect to your WIFI. After purchasing the equipment, you should install the Amazon Alexa app and set it up. Later you can use the Alexa voice to stream the music wirelessly. There are still great apps like Pandora, Spotify you can use, make or receive calls, and more.

The device contains a 3.5mm output and is Bluetooth enabled. You can also link Echo dot to large speakers with an AUX line. This kit brings convenience as you can stream music either through  WI-FI or Bluetooth.

However, the gadget isn’t favorable in streaming YouTube as it fails to support it. Additionally, streaming YouTube audio and videos won’t be in sync.

Wireless Conversion Kits Explained

Depending on the wireless technology the kits use, there are two groups- Bluetooth and RF Kits.

RF Kits ( radio frequency)

Wireless audio transmitter leveraging RF technology often use Frequency Modulated (FM) signal to transmit audio. This will work on any unit with an FM tuner. The only drawback is they can only transmit stereo and are not compatible with any surround sound codecs unless you use a complex setup that breaks down surround sound into a set of stereo signals for multiple transmitter-receivers.

FM transmitters are common in cars and almost unheard of in the house. You can modify a car transmitter to beam audio over FM to your home speakers as long as they have an FM tuner.

FM sound transmitters might not give you very pristine sound quality. Moreover, the transmission isn’t encrypted so anyone can tune in (If you are transmitting far enough for someone to tune in, you will need a license. Go for weak transmitters that can’t transmit over the minimum required radius by your local radio frequency use regulator.

Bluetooth Kits

This kit is the cheapest option, and you need one Bluetooth transmitter and one receiver. Remember that the transceiver should feature the aptX low latency support for better sound quality. Just like the Bluetooth receiver, the installation of the kit is easy.

You can get a great variety of BT audio receiver transmitters here.

You need to be keen on the audio device’s outputs, speaker’s inputs and match them with receivers and transmitters. After buying, connect the transmitter to the non-Bluetooth device. Later turn on the transmitter and receiver,  pair them and link the speakers to the receiver.

Bluetooth Receiver Transmitters can still limit you to Stereo sound unless you use a DAC and multiple transmitters. Their audio quality is better than FM transmitters.

  • WIFI receiver

WiFi receivers will give you the purest sound quality since they have access to greater bandwidth and can transmit more detail per second.

Look for transmitter-receiver combos that have analog outputs that you can plug into your wired speakers.

Here is a list of some amazing WiFi audio receiver-transmitter kits to try out

Bluetooth Transceiver or Bluetooth Receiver with aptX Functionality

These are transceivers or receivers with Bluetooth connectivity and aptX support.  Always be keen when purchasing this device on the number of outputs. Based on your speaker, you should pick a device or receiver with matching outputs. Again, check if the speaker has digital or analog inputs and match them accordingly. However, the analog outputs are less expensive than the digital ones, with a range of $30-$50.

Can Regular Speakers be Made Wireless

It’s possible to convert regular speakers to wireless ones. The simplest method is using a Bluetooth adapter, and you can pair it with Bluetooth enabled device. Other methods are through using various receivers and transmitters and  Radiofrequency. The transceivers and transmitters may be expensive but have more features for better audio quality and fewer delays.

What Regular Speakers are Easy to Make Wireless (powered or passive)

Powered speakers are easy to convert them wireless than passive. The powered speakers have an all-in-one feature that a stereo system needs. It contains both the amplifier and speakers. But for a passive speaker, you will need to purchase a receiver with a built-in amplifier, which may be more costly (and definitely more complex).


Converting regular to wireless speakers is an easy task. All you require is the appropriate hardware and the skills to set the system up. There are so many ways you can apply to your old speakers, like Bluetooth receiver and transmitter, WI-FI receiver, and more.  Choose your favorite device to use, ensure you get one with the best features and at an affordable price.