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How to Get Your Samsung Fridge Out of Demo Mode

How to Get Your Samsung Fridge Out of Demo Mode

Samsung creates high-quality appliances with excellent features that make their customers’ lives easier, such as demo mode. Your fridge is in demo mode when it does not cool your food but seems operational. In such a situation, the food in your fridge will go bad, which can be very inconvenient. If you are wondering how to activate and deactivate Samsung demo mode, below is a comprehensive guide. 

What is the demo mode on my fridge, and when to use it?

Demo mode is also known as retail mode and allows buyers to explore the functionalities of the fridge without the fridge’s cooling features. For example, buyers can check out the display interface and storage options without the fridge using up a lot of power to cool. So first, if you are wondering whether your fridge is in demo mode, check whether it is cooling. Next, check the display; if it displays OF OF or O FF, it is in retail mode. 

  • Demo mode is a good way to save energy when you are not using the fridge. Your fridge uses a lot of power when empty to stay cool. Therefore, it is best to put it in demo mode so that you can save energy. 
  • In addition, you can use demo mode when you want to defrost your fridge and clean it. It allows you to clean it without turning the power off on your fridge. 
  • Demo mode is an excellent tool for stores that sell fridges because it allows prospective buyers to look at features without turning the cooling on and using up a lot of power. In addition, if you are running an Airbnb, you can put your fridge in retail mode when you do not have guests to save on energy if it is empty. 

Why would my Samsung Fridge go into demo mode?

It can be very frustrating if you come home and find that your fridge has gone into demo mode. If you have been gone for a day, some of your food might have gone bad. If you are wondering why your fridge went into demo mode, here are the possible reasons. 

  • The Family Hub range can go to demo mode if your children play with the controls. For example, children can accidentally put the fridge in retail mode while exploring the controls on the fridge display. You can prevent this by ensuring your children do not play with the screen controls. 
  • Secondly, your fridge will go into demo mode if there is a power outage. If the power goes off in your home, it will trigger demo mode on your Samsung fridge when it comes back on. 
  • Finally, if your fridge date is incorrect, it will go into demo mode when you connect it to the internet. Therefore, if that happens, you must reset the fridge and put in the correct date and time. 

If your fridge is in demo mode, you can turn it off by following these easy steps.

  • Press the Filter Reset and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously until you hear a chime. 
  • The OFF display will disappear, signifying that Samsung demo mode is off, and your fridge will begin cooling again. 

How to get my fridge into demo mode? 

If your fridge is empty, you can put it in demo mode. It will save power and lower your energy bills. Follow these easy steps to put your fridge in demo mode. 

  • Start by pressing the Power Freeze and Filter Reset buttons simultaneously. 
  • The OF OF or O FF will appear on the Samsung fridge display, and your fridge will stop cooling. 
  • If that does not work, press the Power Freeze, Filter reset, and Power Cool buttons simultaneously until you hear a chime. Then, the OF OF will appear on the fridge, stopping cooling. 

Activating the demo mode varies in different Samsung fridges. Here are examples of fridges and how to put them in demo mode. 

Samsung Family Hub

  • On your fridge display, go to Apps and tap on the Fridge Manager app to open it. 
  • Next, select Fridge Settings, and tap on Cooling Off. 
  • On the menu that appears, tap on Activate, then Proceed.
  • That will activate the demo mode, and the fridge manager app will display OFF. 

Samsung Convertible Fridge

  • If you have a convertible fridge, you can put it in demo mode by long-pressing the Power Freeze, Temp and Lock buttons simultaneously until you hear a chime. 
  • OF will appear on the fridge display to signal that demo mode is enabled. 

Samsung Bespoke Fridge

  • You can turn on the demo mode on your Bespoke fridge by pressing < and> buttons simultaneously on your display for six seconds. 
  • Next, press the O button, and it will activate the cooling-off mode. 

Samsung 4-door Kimchi Fridge

This fridge allows you to turn off each compartment individually, but you can also put it in demo mode. 

  • Start by unlocking the main panel by long pressing the Lock button. 
  • Next, press the Lock, Preserve, and Ferment buttons for five seconds simultaneously. 
  • That will turn on demo mode, and your fridge will stop cooling.

Putting your fridge in cooling-off mode saves power and helps lower your utility bills. If you do not have food in your fridge or are traveling, you can put your fridge in retail mode.

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You can also use demo mode if you sell fridges to allow your customers to explore the features. Follow the instructions above to put your fridge in demo mode when you need to.