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How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker

How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker

Like all coffee machines, your Ninja coffee maker needs regular cleaning to work well. For example, your coffee machine might tell you that it needs a bit of attention if you brewed a cup of coffee this morning and it tasted a bit off or it has an illuminated, clean light. 

Your coffee maker might also start struggling to make coffee when it needs to be cleaned. For example, your Ninja coffee maker might take longer than usual to make a cup of coffee or fail to make a full pot of coffee when you brew one. 

It might be time to clean your coffee maker if the above has happened to you. However, cleaning your coffee maker is a straightforward process, and it shouldn’t take much time from start to finish.

How to Clean a Ninja Coffee Maker With Vinegar

It’s time to clean your Ninja coffee maker if the cleaning indicator has turned on. You will need the following to get started:

  • White vinegar or a descaling solution
  • Water

Once you have the above, you can begin cleaning by following the below procedure:

Discard Any Water or Coffee Grounds From the Ninja Coffee Maker

The first step is to empty any water left in the reservoir and discard any coffee grounds in the basket. It’s also best to ensure that the coffee filter’s basket is clean before putting it back in the machine. 

Pour in White Vinegar or a Descaling Solution

If you’re cleaning your Ninja coffee maker with vinegar, you can fill it to the 16-ounce traveling mug line. Once done, add fresh water until you reach the max fill line. If you opt for a descaling solution, pour it into the empty water reservoir. Then, dilute it with water as per the instructions on your descaling bottle. 

Ensure the carafe is on the hot plate to catch any solution discharged from the machine. 

Start the Ninja Coffee Maker Clean Cycle

You can start the cleaning cycle of the Ninja coffee maker by pressing the CLEAN button. The clock will count down when you press the CLEAN button, and your Ninja coffee maker will automatically start its cleaning and descaling cycle. This process will take about sixty minutes. 

Do not unplug or turn off the machine while the cycle is running. Once your machine is clean, the clean light should turn off. 

Rinse the Carafe, Water Reservoir, and Filter

Once your coffee maker is clean, you’ll need to rinse or flush it with fresh water. To do this, you’ll have to empty the carafe first. After this, rinse the carafe and reservoir thoroughly with fresh water. 

To do this, empty the carafe, and rinse the carafe and reservoir thoroughly with fresh water. 

Fill the Reservoir to the Max

Some Ninja coffee makers have a Flush cycle. If your machine has, then FLUSH will appear on your clock’s display. You must ensure that you flush your coffee machine within 15 minutes of the clean cycle ending. Otherwise, you might have to rerun the cleaning cycle. 

If you want to rinse or flush the machine, press the CLEAN button again. An 8-minute countdown timer will appear, and the machine will flush itself using the clean water in the reservoir. Repeat the flush cycle to ensure you’ve removed all the vinegar from your coffee maker. 

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Otherwise, select the full carafe classic brew to start your machine brewing the water. Run fresh water through your machine two to three times to remove the vinegar taste. 

Wash Ninja Coffee Maker Water Reservoir and Coffee Filter

Wash the reservoir, carafe, and coffee filter in warm soapy water. Leave the parts to dry on the counter because it’s best not to use a cloth because it might leave lint on the parts. 

When they’re dry, replace them in your machine. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Ninja Coffee Maker?

It’s best to ensure that your Ninja coffee maker is always in pristine condition. You can schedule your time to clean the Ninja coffee maker every two months or thereabouts. However, you don’t need to clean your machine nearly as often if you rarely use it.

For example, if you brew a pot of coffee daily, you will need to clean it more often than a person who only uses it a few times a month. 

Remember that if your machine makes awful coffee, you might serve mold and mineral deposits. This is because debris from the beans, hard water, and lime deposits build up inside the machine when you brew coffee. If this is the case, and you use your coffee maker daily, it’s best to clean it well, about once a month. 

Is the Ninja Coffee Maker Dishwasher Safe?

The glass carafe, brew-through lid, coffee and tea permanent filters, removable filter holders, flip-top lid, frother whisk, water reservoir, and scoop are top-rack dishwasher safe. 

However, it’s best to check the user manual of your specific Ninja coffee maker before tossing the parts into the dishwasher.

You can use a descaling solution to clean your Ninja coffee maker without vinegar. Be sure to check your machine’s manual before you begin cleaning your Ninja coffee maker.