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How to Fix a Kohler Toilet that Keeps Running

How to Fix a Kohler Toilet that Keeps Running

A toilet running intermittently is a waste of water, and you may be wondering how to fix it. Several issues may make your Kohler toilet keep running. First are a leaking toilet tank, and second a damaged flapper or a broken toilet valve, and more. To fix this problem, you need to solve the leaking issue first and other reasons causing the Kohler toilet flush problems.

What You Require

  • Pliers
  • Rubber gloves

Check the Fill Tube

If the issue is an overflow tube, remove the tank lid and find the fill tube. This tube is small flexible and runs from the fill valve to the toilet overflow tube. When the tank refills, the tube squirts enough water down the toilet overflow tube to refill the bowl after flushing. If the tube falls off or the water stream misses the overflow tube, the bowl won’t fill, and the next flush will fail.

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Reattach the fill tube and push firmly onto the fill valve. Ensure the tube perches about one inch above the rim of the overflow tube. Flush your toilet and observe the water stream to confirm it goes down the overflow tube.

Adjust Flush Handle/ Flapper Chain

A short chain or a tangled one won’t allow the flapper to close, and the water will continue to leak into the bowl. This issue causes the valve to cycle on and off to refill the tank and keeps the toilet constantly trickling. On the contrary, a long chain or flush rod that hits the tank fails to keep the flapper open wide enough to accommodate a full flush. Therefore, you will have to hold the lever to flush the toilet.

To avoid this flush problem, adjust the chain length, cut the excess chain at the rod and leave about an inch extra to reduce any potential for tangles. Later close the tank and flush the toilet; confirm that the rod doesn’t strike the lid when you press the lever. If the rod strikes, bend it down slightly and adjust the chain.

Replace the Flapper

Higher chances your flapper may be worn out and causes your toilet to keep running. Some flappers have snap ears over the overflow tube or have a ring that slips over the tube. You need to put off the water, remove the old flapper and find its replacement.

Purchase an exact replacement on Amazon or find a universal flapper. Fix the new flapper and make sure it opens and closes freely. If the toilet doesn’t stop running, try a different replacement. If the issue persists, consider replacing the entire toilet overflow tube.

Adjust the Water Height by Checking the Float

An adjustable float regulates the water level in the tank. The ideal water level in your tank is an inch below the overflow pipe. A float that is set too low produces a weak flush, while one that is high allows water to spill into the overflow tube and fill valve and won’t shut off. You can change the water level in your tank by adjusting the float on the fill valve.

There are different floats types, and you need to know how to raise yours to change the tank’s water level.  Some floats have a screw that you can turn counterclockwise; this lowers the float down the water level. Others have hollow plastic balls on the end of their float arms that you can bend to adjust water level.

Check for Disturbance in the Bowl

Inspect the bowl’s water levels if it’s at the right level, but the toilet runs continuously. If you suspect a leak and you don’t see any ripples, put food coloring in the tank and keep off the toilet for some hours. You will confirm your suspicions if the bowl water turns the same color. Seal the leakage immediately to ensure your toilet functions properly.

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Clean the Fill Valve or Replace It

Constant running of the toilet can result from sediment or debris lodged in the fill valve cap. The fill valve tops up the tank and bowl with water when you flush the toilet. Disconnect the valve and clean any particles, then fix it.  If the toilet continues running, consider replacing the fill valve.


To repair a toilet that keeps running, you need to find out what causes the issue. Some flushing problems may occur due to the broken flapper, sediments in the fill valve, leakage, and more. It’s easy to fix the flushing issue if you know the cause. The problem requires simple tools like pliers and takes less time.