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How to Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

How to Clean Shark Vacuum Filter

The Shark vacuum cleaner is without any doubt one of the best vacuum cleaners you can get your hands on. It is affordable and uses one of the best suction technologies in the industry.

But what should you do when the suction power starts to weaken? The first thing you should do is clean the Shark vacuum filters.

The loss of suction power in this vacuum cleaner is caused by a blockage in the filters. You may also notice a bad odor coming from the appliance. The filters are also dirty if the vacuum leaves dirt behind as you vacuum.

This post is a guide on how to clean Shark vacuum filters. It is very simple to do this once you understand what needs to be done.

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Cleaning plastic filters

The Shark vacuum comes with foam and felt filters. There are models with one or two filters and others with three filters. These filters are made of felt or foam rubber.

Blockage in these filters will lead to a significant loss in suction power. Blockage in these filters is the main cause of dirt being left behind during cleaning.

First, you need to lift away the dirt canister then remove the filter. Take note of the order so that you return everything in the correct order later. Put the foam filters in a bowl and clean using warm soapy water.

Wash thoroughly and rinse. The filters should be allowed to dry completely before being placed back in the vacuum. Wet filters will lead to mildew and mold problems in your cleaner.

Cleaning the HEPA filters

The shark HEPA filter is the second stage that filters the finer dust particles that went through the plastic filters. These filters have to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Most Shark vacuums come with two HEPA filters which allow you to alternate between them to reduce wear and tear while at the same time never having to stop vacuuming.

The HEPA filters are located under the dirt canister. Lift away the canister and remove the filters with care. Wash individual filters thoroughly with warm soapy water. Only use non-abrasive detergents or your regular dishwashing soap.

You have to allow the filters time to dry completely before reinserting them into the vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filters used in vacuums and air purifiers take longer to dry than the plastic Shark navigator filters. This is where the need for an extra pair comes in handy. You can use the other set of filters like the one you just cleaned dries.

Although shark filter cleaning is important, you will eventually have to replace them over time. If cleaning doesn’t do much to improve suction power, now might be the time to replace the filters.

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Make sure you assemble a shark navigator with replacement filters that are fit for your vacuum. It is always a good idea to buy the replacements ahead of time so as to avoid downtime. The same goes for the shark navigator dust cup. Don’t wait until it is broken to start shopping for a replacement.