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How to Clean a Hydro Flask

How to Clean a Hydro Flask

Whether you have an active outdoor life or not, you can benefit from using a hydro flask. Hydro flasks keep cold or hot water at its original temperature so that you can drink it at any time of the day. The manufacturer uses TempShield technology, which involves using stainless steel walls and a vacuum to prevent heat transfer or condensation when you store fluids in it.

To ensure that your hydro flask serves you for a long time, clean it regularly. Here is all you should know about the best way to clean a hydro flask. 

How to clean a hydro flask for the first time

After buying your new hydro flask, it is essential to clean it before using it. You can wash it in your sink by hand by following these easy steps. 

  • Put hot soapy water in your flask and use a bottle brush to clean it. Make sure that you also clean the lid.
  • Rinse off the soap using warm water and allow it to air dry. 
  • You can now use it to carry your water to work or during your exercise. 

Deep cleaning your hydro flask.

If you have been using your hydro flask for a long time, consider deep cleaning it. A deep clean will remove stains and eliminate any germs that may be growing inside the flask. Follow these steps to deep clean your flask. 

Deep cleaning using vinegar

  • Pour some vinegar into your flask and swish it around to ensure that it touches every part of the flask. 
  • Leave it for about 5 minutes and pour it out. 
  • Rinse it out and clean it normally. 
  • Let it dry for ten minutes before you use it again.

Deep cleaning using lemon juice

Lemon juice is an excellent cleaning agent and will help get rid of dirt and discoloration in your bottle. 

  • Squeeze half a lemon into your flask and then fill it with warm water. 
  • Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes, then rinse it.
  • Make sure that any stains are removed and clean the flask, typically using soap and water. 
  • If your bottle is filthy, you can use a bottle brush to remove stains and keep the bottle clean. Rinse it thoroughly before using it. 

Cleaning a hydro flask straw

To clean the hydro flask straw, soak it and the lead in warm soap water. Use a sponge to clean the lid and then run tap water through the straw to rinse out any soap bubbles. 

How to clean a hydro flask with stickers 

Stickers are an excellent method to show off your personality and tell the world who you are. Unfortunately, removing stickers from your flask can ruin your flask if you do it incorrectly. So it is essential to remove stickers carefully so that you do not damage the surface of your favorite flask. If you are cleaning your hydro flask and need to remove stickers, follow these easy steps. 

  • If your sticker is not waterproof, you can remove it by pouring hot water on it to dislodge it. 
  • You can then peel it off gently, and it will not leave any residue on the surface. 
  • After removing the sticker, use warm soapy water to clean the surface and rinse thoroughly.

If you have stubborn waterproof stickers, soak a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wrap it around the sticker. It will loosen the adhesive and make it easy to peel off. Do not use harsh cleaning solutions or materials to clean the surface as those would damage it.  

How to clean a hydro flask with mold

Mold can affect the taste of your water and make you sick. It will also make the water you put in your hydro flask smell terrible. If you notice mold in your flask, you should clean it immediately. Follow these steps to do that.

  • Start by rinsing out the bottle with cold water. Next, pour tap water into the bottle and shake it. 
  • Please wait a few minutes and pour it out. You can do it several times if you like. 
  • Next, pour a bit of vinegar into your flask, close, and then shake vigorously. 
  • Allow it to rest for 30 minutes, pour it out, and rinse it. 
  • Finally, clean the flask using soap and water. 

You can also utilize baking soda to remove mold from your flask. To do that, follow these steps. 

  • Mix the baking soda in a bit of water to make a paste and put it inside the flask. 
  • You can add some vinegar to the paste if you have a lot of mold in your hydro flask. In addition, you can use a bottle brush to ensure that you remove all the mold.  

How to clean a hydro flask without a bottle brush 

You can clean your hydro flask without using a bottle brush. Make sure that you have hot water before you start the cleaning process. 

  • Start by filling the bottle with hot soapy water. You can use liquid dish soap if you have it. If you do not, you can replace it with baking soda. 
  • Make sure you fill the bottle to the brim, cover it with the lid and then allow it to sit for 30 minutes. 
  • Doing that will help dislodge dirt and particles from the bottle. 
  • Pour out the water and rinse your hydro flask. 
  • If you have stubborn stains, you can put a sponge in the bottle, hot soapy water, then shake vigorously. After the bottle is clean, rinse and allow it to drain for a few minutes before using it. 

How to get the smell out of a hydro flask

A smelly hydro flask can make it impossible to drink anything that you put in it. It is therefore crucial that you clean your flask regularly. However, if you already have a terrible smell coming from the flask, use these cleaning ideas to remove it. 

  • You can remove bad smells from your hydro flask by using vinegar. Pour a small amount of vinegar into the bottle, shake and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, clean it normally, then rinse. 
  • In addition, you can remove bad smells from your flask using Bottle Bright tablets. You can purchase them online or at stores in your area.
  • To use a Bottle Bright tablet, put it in your flask and fill it with water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that it works properly.
  • You will notice that it will bubble and fizz, which signifies that it is doing its job.
  • Apart from removing foul odors, Bottle Bright can also get rid of stains in your hydro flask.
  • Pour out the water, clean the bottle and then rinse.  
  • If your bottle only has a slight smell, you can remove it using hot water. Fill it up with hot water, replace the lid and then allow it to sit for several hours.
  • The water will remove the bad smell and leave our hydro flask smelling fresh and clean.

How often should you wash your hydro flask?

You should rinse your hydro flask with hot water daily or after use and give it a deep cleaning once a week. That will prevent mold and foul odors. 

Is a hydro flask dishwasher safe?

Yes, your hydro flask is dishwasher safe if you place it on your topmost shelf. However, if you put it on a lower rack, the hot water will damage it.