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How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Garage Door Opener?

How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Garage Door Opener?

Installing a new garage opener can be nerve-wracking, especially if you had not budgeted for the additional expense. Luckily, the cost is more manageable than you can imagine. Here is the cost breakdown of installing, replacing, or purchasing accessories for a garage door opener.

Cost to install a new garage door opener

On average, it costs between $220 and $800 to install a new garage door opener. You will also need to fork out cash for labor, accessories, and other parts. You also need to factor in the garage opener brand and model. If you end up going for a high-end garage opener, the cost may exceed the industry average cost.

Cost to replace an existing garage door opener

First, you will need to pay for the removal cost, which may cost you $500. then you have to the cost of installing the new garage door opener. If some of the parts for the old garage opener are still working, you may end up spending less than the average cost of installing a new one.

Cost to replace garage door opener remote

A new keypad will cost $30-$60. And a new remote will cost anything from $30 to $50. The lighting system for a garage door opener will cost $50-$100. Labor may cost you extra. Bulb replacement for the lighting system will only cost $10 per bulb.

These are industry average costs. If you select name brand products, you may pay considerably more for the garage door opener accessories. Be sure to hire an electrician to handle the wiring when the installation project is underway.

Garage Door Opener Types and their Average Prices

Chain Driven Garage Door Opener

This is the most basic garage door opener in the market. It uses a chain to lift and lower the garage door. The downside is they are noisier and difficult to operate. The average cost for a chain opener is $150-$250.

Belt Driven Garage Door Opener

This type uses a conveyor belt to open and close the garage door. The average cost is $160-$450. It is more expensive to maintain than a chain garage door opener. The upside is they are easier to use and less noisy.

Screw Driven Garage Door Opener

They typically cost $200-$500. They are practically noiseless, but the plastic parts make them a nightmare to maintain.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a garage door opener?

The average quoted cost on the Home Depot website is $127 as long as you buy the garage door opener from Home Depot. But the cost varies from state to state.

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Does Lowes install garage door openers?

No. Lowes does not have an in-house installation team. They provide a list of qualified and independent professionals with the knowhow to handle the garage door opener’s installation.

How long does it take a professional to install a garage door opener?

It takes roughly 4-6 hours to install a new garage door opener. On the other hand, if you are replacing a garage door opener, it may take less time.

Is installing a garage door opener difficult?

It depends. While installing a garage door opener may not be as easy as installing a regular door, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it will become easier to do the job. It will, however, take you longer than it will take a professional to do the job.

However, it is advisable to hire a professional to handle the electrical aspect of the installation job. If you choose to handle the technical job on your own, familiarize yourself with the parts and the process before you start working on the garage door opener.

When Should I Replace my Garage Door Opener?

The average lifespan of a garage door opener is ten to fifteen years. However, you should not wait until the expected lifespan is up. You can replace your garage door opener if it stops working, does not close properly, or if the cost of repairing it exceeds the cost of buying a new one.

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