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How to Fix Anova Timer That is Not Working

How to Fix Anova Timer That is Not Working

The Anova timer makes it easy to achieve the best slow cooking results at home or the restaurant. The device connects your phone with Bluetooth to make it easier to monitor whatever you are cooking from another room.

While cooking using this device is easy, you can encounter certain problems along the way. The most common is when the Anova timer does not start.

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Whether you are having problems with the Anova auto shut off feature or you are wondering how to set the timer on the Anova app, this detailed guide will help you to fix these issues.

How to fix an Anova timer that is not working

Here’s a detailed guide for troubleshooting an Anova timer that isn’t working.

#1. Reset the temperature

If you don’t have an idea on how to set the temperature, follow these tips:

  • Use the scroll wheel to adjust the temperature to a desirable level.
  • Hold the play button down from 3 seconds to switch temperatures between degrees and Fahrenheit depending on your preferences.
  • Press the start button to turn the cooker on

#2. Check on the connectivity

Ensure that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on your Anova cooker are turned on. You need a good network connection for the device to work properly. Without a good connection between the phone and device, you might not be able to set temperatures remotely.

In case the cooker keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, check your Wi-Fi mode and use WPS or remove the password since your cooker can’t connect to a network that requires a password. When using Bluetooth, take note of its range. The cooker won’t connect if you aren’t within its Bluetooth range.

Other issues with the Anova cooker

Aside from the timer, you could also experience other issues with your Anova cooker. One of them is a continuous noise. We have listed different kinds of noises and how you can diagnose and fix this problem on your cooker.

Grinding noise

The noise occurs when the stainless-steel skirt is hanging or loose. Position the stainless-steel skirt correctly into the guide groove and tighten it until it produces a click sound. If the skirt is secure, the noise will fade.

If the cooker is still producing the sound, you can check whether the stirring shaft is not in the right position. To do this, unscrew the cap at the bottom of the device and align the impeller until it is set at the center. It is advisable to remove the stainless-steel skirt when fixing the grinding noise.

Slurping noise

This noise is produced when the pump has formed a water vortex like the one produced when emptying a bathroom sink or tub.  To fix it, disturb the water with a spoon or add more water. There is no sure way of eliminating this but it will stop on its own.

Gurgling noise

This kind of noise indicates that the water level in the tank is too low thus causing the pump to suck air. Small bubbles may also appear on the tank. Ensure that the water level in the pump meets the minimum threshold during operation. The latter will enable the noise produced to fade away.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to fix the Anova timer and that your cooker is working well. If the noise wasn’t giving you the peaceful time you deserve, then the tips above will come in handy. Leave a comment below if you are experiencing any other issue with your cooker.

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