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How to Remove Velcro Adhesive Without Damaging the Surface

How to Remove Velcro Adhesive Without Damaging the Surface

Today’s heavy-duty Velcro strips have proved to be a perfect match for holding things together with irresistible strength. These adhesives hold Velcro to a number of surfaces. Before removing Velcro glue from fabric, all the adhesives must disengage. Here, we will show you how to remove the Velcro glue from the floor and other surfaces without causing damage.

Velcro is essential for sticking objects together. It attaches to the surface of an object easily, allowing you to secure light items. Quality Velcro is not designed to leave any glue marks behind. But there are many incidences where Velcro can be removed and lots of glue left behind.

Using your fingers to peel off Velcro can be very tedious, time-consuming and of course ineffective. A citrus cleaner is the most preferred when it comes to removing Velcro glue since it is safe to use and removes velcro glue quickly. Apart from that, it contains substances that are environmentally friendly, with no effects on surfaces.

Any light oil does some excellent job to get Velcro glue off the flooring. In case you are stuck on how to begin the process. Here are tips on how to remove Velcro adhesive.

#1. Peel a corner Velcro strip slowly

The first step is to peel the corner of the Velcro strip up with a knife. You can use a plastic putty knife. Ensure that you gently peel the strip to avoid damaging surfaces. It is advisable to get off the stripping step by step and not the whole of it.

Other gadgets can do better, for example, a scooper, flat edged metal and the rear end of a fork a few but to mention. This makes it easy to remove the heavy residues which are stuck on the floor. Since you will be using a knife, be careful to avoid injuries.

#2. Apply citrus

After removing the Velcro strip, the next step is to apply citrus adhesive remover on the peeled part. Push the remover into the peeling edge of the strip using a putty knife. This provides leeway for the citrus to penetrate inside the strip and dissolve the adhesive.

#3. Continue applying adhesive remover

Pull away the peeling corner from the surface by gripping the corner of the Velcro strip with a pair of scissors. Continue applying the adhesive remover on the peeling edge while you pull the Velcro strip.

The rationale is to dissolve the adhesive enough and provide room for the breakdown of the Velcro fabric and the surface. Repeat the process until the Velcro is completely off.

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Most adhesives will work well with the citrus solvent. In instances where it does not work as expected, you can apply a different solution. It is essential to take precaution since solvents can damage surfaces such as wood. So be sure to carry out spot testing to know whether the solvent is friendly, can damage the surface or check out for any adverse reaction.