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How to Make a Blender Quieter

How to Make a Blender Quieter

Blenders have become an integral part of living a healthy life. Whether you have a baby or you love taking fresh healthy fruit and vegetable juices, these appliances will be your best friend. Despite their useful nature, blenders can be annoying due to the excessive noise produced while in operation. Well, in this guide, we will show you how to make your blender quieter.

You are probably wondering how to make a blender quieter. Generally, the excessive noise produced by the blender can be a bit irritating or interrupt the serene environment of the home or neighborhood. Here are some simple blender noise reduction techniques that you can apply.

  1. Adjust your blender’s position

The position of the blender can influence the level of noise it produces. If it’s placed in the corner of the kitchen or adjacent to the wall, then the noise will be amplifying.

You can simply place the blender in another place in the kitchen. An ideal position should be towards the center of the kitchen counter, as long as it isn’t hollow underneath. Hollow surfaces tend to amplify its noise.

  1. Place a soft towel underneath the blender

This is one of the easiest solutions when working on the aspect of silence blender. Placing a soft towel underneath the blender shall reduce the vibration being caused by the blender hence less noise.

Basically, it is one of the cheapest and most affordable methods to make your budget blender quieter.

  1. Use of silicone or rubber mat

Apart from using a towel, you can still place a silicon or rubber mat underneath the blender.

The main purpose of placing the silicon underneath the blender is to reduce the vibration of the blender. You can always buy a silicon or rubber mat and place underneath to make blender quieter.

  1. Use a sound enclosure box

Another method is to make or buy a soundproof box for the blender. You can use wood or cardboard to make a box and line it with some thick material.

However, one side of the box should remain open so that you can use the blender and it should be slightly bigger than the blender itself. On the other hand, you can buy a sound enclosure box.

  1. Soundproof the surrounding

Do you have a small kitchen where the only option is to place the blender next to the wall or the corner? The solution to the latter is to soundproof the surrounding by placing soundproof foam to the nearest wall to the blender. It will definitely reduce the sound produced by the blender motor.

The soundproof foam can be installed so easily by the help of double-sided tape. Also, a soundproof box works the same way by reducing the echo produced by the blender motor.

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Generally, when it comes to finding ways to make your blender quieter, there is no bender that does not make any noise. Most blenders have motors that definitely produce sound. Even if you chose to buy a silent blender it will definitely produce a buzz. However, you can always apply the techniques above to reduce loud noise.