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Eufy Doorbell How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Eufy Doorbell How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting your Eufy doorbell should be your first call before contacting support, scheduling service, or ordering a replacement. In several cases, issues with these doorbells are not as complicated as they may appear, and would quickly resolve after performing DIY troubleshooting procedures. Below is step-by-step guide on how to resolve some common Eufy doorbell problems, as well as instructions on how to perform various operations.

How Do You Add an Eufy Video Doorbell? (Model T8200)

The Eufy video Doorbell 2K system includes two parts. One is the video doorbell at your porch. The other is the electronic chime plugged on an indoor power socket. The video doorbell is powered by existing doorbell wires. In order to get sufficient power from the doorbell circuit, you need to bypass the existing doorbell chime on the circuit.

To add the video doorbell:

  1. Search keyword “EufySecurity” on App Store or Google Play and Install the app on your phone.
  2. Register or log into the app. Add video doorbell and scan the QR code for later installation process. The QR code can be found on the back of the video doorbell and on the back of the documentation box.
  3. Proceed with the physical installation of the doorbell first before coming back to the App for in-App setup.
  4. Ring the existing doorbell, make sure it is working and locate the place of your existing chimes in the house.
  5. Shut off the master circuit breaker in your house. Turn the lights in your home on/off to make sure electricity in your house is shut off.
  6. Find the doorbell chime in your house, then remove the cover and find the screw terminals with TRANS and FRONT markings. Use the provided jumper for existing chime to connect the two terminals. This is to bypass the doorbell chime and will not affect the normal operation of the circuit.
  7. Remove the existing doorbell button at the front door. Pull the two wires out carefully when removing the old doorbell. Straighten the wire ends if necessary.
  8. Determine the mounting position of the doorbell. Check if you can use the existing homes on the wall.
  9. Use the anchors provided when installing in materials such as bricks, stucco, or concrete.
  10. Lead the two doorbell wires through the central square hole on the bracket before you start mounting. Insert the two screws provided through the screw holes or through the 15o mounting wedge, and fasten the screws tightly.
  11. Connect the wires to the two terminals at the back of the doorbell, then tighten the terminal screws.
  12. Remove the films on the thermal conductive pads on the mounting bracket before you mount the doorbell.
  13. Switch the master circuit breaker in your house back to ON.
  14. Wait until the doorbell ring flashes yellow. Then follow the on-screen instructions in EufySecurity app to connect the video doorbell to your home Wi-Fi.
  15. Follow the on-screen instructions in EufySecurity App. Install the doorbell power pin to the door bell chime and then pair it to your video doorbell.

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How to Remove Eufy Doorbell

If you wish to detach the doorbell or recharge it, follow these instructions:

  1.  Use the doorbell detaching pin provided if you wish to detach the doorbell from the mounting bracket.
  2.  Press and hold the hole on the bottom of the doorbell and then lift its bottom to take it off.

The detaching pin has magnet pad on the black-color side. Stick it on an iron surface where you can find it easily.

If you already have existing doorbell wiring:

  1. Remove the existing doorbell button with a Philips-Head screwdriver.
  2. Pull the two wires out carefully when removing the existing doorbell. Straighten the wire ends if necessary.

How to Add Eufy Doorbell to a Second Phone

You can add your doorbell to a second phone, like for a family member, through an invite. To add Eufy doorbell to a second phone, follow these steps:

  1. Download Eufy Security App on the other phone and register a new account with their email address.
  2. Invite the other account to monitor the video doorbell via the following step:
  3. Slide the left menu and go to Family & Guest> Invite> Admin> Associated device> his/her Email address;
  4. After being invited, the second device will get a notification in their Eufy Security App, and then they can simply accept the invitation.

Note that at the current stage, three of guests accounts can be invited to the most. You need to enable the Admin, or the guest account will not get notification and other related functions. Also, make sure that the guest account has already been activated as well. Generally, the people who register a new account will get an email for account activation in their mailbox.

How to Save Video from Eufy Doorbell

Eufy records and stores videos locally when motion is detected by your device.  There is 4 GB of memory built in to the device. If you subscribe to Eufy’s cloud storage service, your videos are stored in the cloud and can be deleted any time.

You can download videos from Eufy security app on your mobile device. Follow these instructions to download and save videos:

  1. Open the Eufy security app.
  2. Go to the Events tap, which you will see at the bottom.
  3. Tap on a thumbnail to play a video. Below the video, the first button says “Download”. Tap on it.
  4. Wait for the video to finish downloading. A pop up message at the bottom of the screen will indicate the percentage of the download that is complete.
  5. When the video is completely downloaded, a pop up message will appear near the top of the screen indicating that the video was successfully saved to your phone.
  6. Leave the app and go to your phones gallery or file manager to see the video file. On Android, it will be in a folder titled EufyVideoDir.

How to Adjust the Sound on Eufy Doorbell

One video doorbell can link up to four electronic chimes. Use the volume and music buttons on the side of the electronic chime to adjust the volume and ringtone.

How to Increase Eufy Doorbell Chime Sound

To increase Eufy doorbell chime sound, use the volume button on the side of the electronic chime.

How to Change Doorbell Ring on Eufy

Eufy security video doorbell chime comes with 8 ringtones.

To change the ring for the doorbell camera:

  • On the Eufy Security app, go to Settings> Notifications> Ring alert

You can also change the ringtones on the chimer:

  • With the chimer plugged in and in the vertically upright position, press the button on the upper left side.
  • Each press of the button changes the tune played.

Where is the Reset Button on Eufy Doorbell and How to Use it

The reset button on Eufy video doorbell 2K (wireless) is the SYNC button located on the rear side of the doorbell. To factory reset the doorbell, press and hold the SYNC button for 10 seconds.

To soft reset the doorbell, quick-press the SYNC button 5 times in 3 seconds to power off the doorbell. Then, press and release the SYNC button to power on the doorbell.

If your doorbell doesn’t reset using the above procedure, try these other steps to restore your device:

  1. Place the doorbell on a flat surface.
  2. Use a small tool, such as a paper clip, and insert it into the small hole beneath the doorbell’s button.
  3. Remove the front cover from the back. Do this gently as delicate wires connect these two pieces.
  4. Take your tool and insert it into another hole that is about an inch and a quarter from the bottom.
  5. Hold down for about 11 seconds until you hear a chime.

At this point, the doorbell’s light will turn yellow. In about 30 seconds, the Eufy doorbell will have restored itself to factory settings.

How to Connect Eufy Doorbell to Your Smart Home Devices

You can connect Eufy doorbell with other smart devices in your home. For example, when the doorbell is pressed, let echo speaker say a customized word or light the porch light up. To automate your doorbell with other smart home devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Setup the wired or battery video doorbell and make sure they are working fine on the Eufy Security App.
  2. Open the Alexa app, search for “Eufy Security” Skill. Enable the skill to link your Eufy Security account with your Alexa account.
  3. Discover your devices.
  4. Go to Side Menu- Routines.
  5. Create your routine by defining the name, time, trigger and action. There are a lot of useful and funny actions you can explore, like saying a customized word, playing a funny sound, or linking to IFTTT actions.
  6. You are now all set!

How Many Users Can You Have on Eufy Doorbell?

At the current stage, you can invite a maximum of guest accounts. You will need to enable the Admin, or the guest account will not get notification and other related functions. Also, make sure that the guest account has already been activated as well. Generally, the people who register a new account will get an email for account activation in their mailbox.

Why is My Eufy Doorbell Light Red?

The Eufy doorbell works with 16-24 volt AC wiring. If your doorbell wiring is not right, you will see a red light to indicate that the voltage is too low.

To resolve the problem, try upgrading the transformer. If the problem persists, contact Eufy support and send them pictures of to show the wiring diagram. They will double check and tell you if the wiring is the issue.

How Long Does Eufy Doorbell Battery Last (and How to Replace it)

Eufy doorbell batteries can last anywhere from six months all the way up to a year on a single charge. The Eufy video doorbell 2K battery-powered has a battery that lasts 180 days on a single charge. The exact time it lasts can vary depending on how busy the area is and the amount of traffic you are getting at your door.

Eufy Doorbell Not Detecting Motion

If your Eufy doorbell is not detecting motion or you are missing certain alerts that you want to see, you may have your sensitivity level set too low. If so, manually increase the sensitivity and trigger times appropriately. Besides this, you may try these other troubleshooting instructions to resolve the issue:

  • Ensure that you have not set the sensitivity level to “Face Only”. Setting the level to “Upper Body” or in some cases “All Motion” will increase the likelihood of capturing the events you want to see.
  • If you set an Activity Zone, ensure that the zone you have drawn covers the entire range of interest.

Eufy Doorbell Won’t Turn On

If your doorbell won’t turn on, it is likely because it is under powered for it to work properly. The doorbell transformer is likely the cause. The Eufy wired doorbell needs a transformer delivering 16-24V/ 30 VA (or above) of power. Double check whether your transformer is sufficient. If not, you need to replace it.

If the transformer is sufficient, there could be an issue with the wiring. Make sure the wiring is correct, or you can contact Eufy support and provide clear pictures to show the wiring diagram. They will check for you whether the wiring is correct.

Does Eufy Doorbell Need Wi-Fi

The Eufy doorbell works without the internet, but you will not be able to access all of its smart features. However, you will be able to hear the chime if someone rings the doorbell, and depending on the type of model you have, it could also record videos locally. However, you may not receive notifications on your phone.

Without internet, you may not be able to access real-time recordings and store footage in the app’s cloud. However, you could still view pieces of the footage when someone rings the doorbell, although the quality and the length of these records may not be what you are used to seeing.

Using a mobile hotspot to connect to Eufy doorbell

If you do not have internet access, you could still connect using a mobile hotspot, like the NETGEAR Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. You will need to purchase a hotspot router as the Eufy doorbell’s hub must be connected to the internet, you will not be able to connect it just by using your smartphone.

Follow the steps below to connect using this process:

  1. Set up your hotspot device and connect it to your phone’s network.
  2. Open the Eufy Security App.
  3. Select your device.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to your hotspot.

The hotspot device should work just as a normal router.

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Troubleshooting Eufy doorbell internet connection

If you are having issues connecting your Eufy doorbell to the internet, there are several troubleshooting tips you can try to see if the problem resolves. If you have internet, and your device is still not fully functioning, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • The wireless doorbell may be too far from the router and the connection is weak. Try moving them closer.
  • Wireless doorbells only run over 2.4 Ghz. Make sure you have 2.4 Ghz.
  • Restart your router. If you recently lost power or your router became disconnected, your Eufy doorbell might not have been able to sync itself back onto the network.
  • Restore the Eufy doorbell to its factory settings. While performing a factory reset would erase any customizations that you have configured, it can help resolve internet connectivity issues with your doorbell.