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Aroma Ice Cream Maker How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Aroma Ice Cream Maker How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Making ice cream is more a science than an art. Ice cream exists in three states solid, gas, and liquid. So for you to come up with tasty solid ice cream, you have to balance the three states. If you make a soup ice cream, there is something wrong with your recipe, preparation, or ice cream maker.

If you are just learning to make ice cream, chances are you may blame the machine, especially if it’s new. While this is still in order, you don’t have to worry; you are in the right place.  In this article, we will help you work out the issues in your maker and show you how to fix them. However, ensure you follow the right recipe and preparation to have yummy ice cream.

Why is My Aroma Ice Cream Maker not Making Ice Cream?

Even before answering this question, it is best to learn how ice cream maker works. The unit contains the following;  

  • Canister/ drum – that holds the ice cream mix
  • A motor that rotates the canister to mix the rice mixture
  • Ice cubes – acts as a cooling agent and combines with the rock salt around the drum
  • Dasher/ paddle for mixing the materials

When you switch on your ice cream machine, the following takes place;

  • The motor rotates the canister that has ice cubes and rock salt
  • The rock salt melts and lowers the temperature making the liquid in the drum solidify along the edges.
  •  Dasher/ paddle churns the liquid and aerates it. Then, again, it breaks the frozen mix and blends it with the rest of the liquid.
  • The maker keeps turning until the mix in the drum has consistency.

If your machine fails to work or make ice cream check the following issues;

  • Confirm if the power is on. Next, check if the machine is off or the power cord is unplugged. If there is power, check for a blown a fuse or tripped circuit.
  • Low voltage supply- a low voltage could make your machine fail, so let a technician diagnose and correct the issue for you.
  • Front door not in place – your ice maker may have a loose door or be installed incorrectly. So ensure it’s installed securely.
  • Freeze-up – switch off the unit and wait for 15 minutes before turning it back on.
  • Overloaded driver motor – your motor may be loaded, and this prevents the compressor from operating. Press the Drive Reset dial for resetting or contact an authorized technician.  
  • Tripped or damaged overload protector-  if the protector trips, it will reset after the machine cools down, but for a damaged protector, let an authorized technician repair it for you.

Why is My Aroma Ice Cream Maker Bowl not Freezing?

If your unit fails to freeze, check to see if;

  • There is too much ice cream – even if the bowl can fit all your mixture, it’s best not to pass the limit; if the ingredients are a lot, it’s best to make ice-creams in two or more batches.
  • The ingredients you are using are warm – materials stored at room temperature are easy to freeze. If you are struggling with your ingredients, always leave them in the fridge’s base for a while before making ice cream.
  •   There is much water in the drum – excess water makes the unit warm rather than freezing it completely.
  • Ice cream base is cool – always avoid churning the ice if the base is warm, as this prevents the machine from freezing.
  • Your thermostat is functional – when operating your device empty, check the lowest temperature of the thermostat. If the machine has the recommended temperature, the issue may be with the ingredients.  However, if the thermostat fails to get the right temperature, the maker may be broken and need repair.
  • Finally, if all the above aren’t an issue, you need to add more ice and salt. Ice helps lower the temperature, and thus more ice will help in freezing the unit. On the other hand, the salt helps the ice melt and brings the cooling effect to your machine.

Aroma Ice Cream Maker Paddle not Turning

The icemaker paddle may fail due to the reasons below;

  • Machine power is off- see if the device is off or the power cord unplugged and fix it accordingly.
  • Overloaded drive motor- prevents the paddle from turning, so you need to allow the engine to rest for 20 minutes.
  •  Hard ice cream or ingredients- when these products are too hard, they hinder the paddle from turning. Instead, you can consider increasing the product temperature to make them a bit soft.
  • Insecure front door – check if your door is looser incorrectly installed and repair it.

Aroma Ice Cream Maker not Spinning

Your maker mail fail to spin due to the following reasons;

  • A jammed paddle- the ice may have built up along the canister edges, making it hard for it to rotate. Kindly turn off the unit and open the canister. Check if the mixture has uniformly solidified; if not, scrape off the frozen mix and stir it thoroughly.  After try running the machine.
  • Little or no rock salt – having less or no rock salt prevents the maker from spinning. Ensure your ice cream maker has the appropriate amount of rock salt for it to turn.
  • Rusted or faulty parts – some rusted parts like motor, dasher shaft, or gears may stop the drum from turning if you notice traces of rust, its best to disassemble the machine, clean, and lubricate it.

How to Clean an Aroma Ice Cream Maker

Before cleaning your ice cream maker, observe these rules;

  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or hard implements to clean.
  • Don’t immerse the motor base in any liquid.
  • Unplug the unit and let it cool before cleaning

For you to clean the unit, you require to use warm soapy water. First, wash the cover, mixing paddle, and freezer canister in warm soapy water. Next, rinse and dry all parts thoroughly, then wipe the motor base with a damp cloth.

How Long Does the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Take to Freeze?

A Cuisinart ice cream maker takes around 7 hours or more to freeze. The freezing time frame depends on the temperatures in your area. In warm climates, the maker can take more hours, up to 24, to freeze, but in coolers areas, it takes less. But it’s best to freeze it long enough so that you solidify the gel.

Aroma Ice Cream Maker Speed Setting

The ice maker has a two-speed setting to control the hard and soft consistency of the ice cream mixture. Most units can produce from 4 quarts of ice at a time.

Aroma Ice Cream Maker Cracked

It’s best to maintain your machine after making the ice cream. One maintenance practice is cleaning the unit as per the manufacture’s instructions. The bowls, however, must always be placed on one side and left to thaw thoroughly. Immersing a still frozen or freezing bowl into hot water can damage it beyond repair; at worst, it can crack, causing leakages.

Why is My Ice Cream not Freezing in My Ice Cream Maker?

Your ice cream fails to freeze if;

  • You use few eggs- if trying to make a custard ice cream and it fails to freeze, you should use extra egg yolks.  The eggs help in the freezing process and also in improving texture.
  • Ingredients or maker bowl isn’t chilled enough- make sure to freeze all the ingredients you are using and the bowl. Again, it’s always best to have the chilled bowl inside the machine for 15 minutes running empty.
  • Faulty ice cream maker – if everything else is right, like chilling the bowl and using a proper recipe, the issue may be the machine. Consider calling a technician to diagnose the unit and fix it.

Ice Cream is too Soft

Most homemade ice cream makers only produce soft ice creams. So the best tip is to transfer your ice to the freezer for it to harden. But ensure you use the correct recipe to make your ice cream and have the best quality.

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Ice Cream Hard

Hard ice creams can occur due to the following;

  • Less air- ice cream with much air will be soft even after storing it in the freezer. Therefore, to prevent having hard ice cream, be sure to remove your ice cream from the freezer 15 minutes earlier before eating.  It’s best to place it in the fridge than on the counter to balance the softening and melting.
  • Low fat and sugar – fat doesn’t freeze, and sugar lowers the freezing point of the water inside, making your ice cream soft.  Though for your health purposes, it’s best to reduce the fat levels. Additionally, you can add some alcohol to the mixture to lower the freezing point.  

My Ice Cream is Weak and Watery

The problem points down to several reasons, primarily for homemade ice creams;

  • Low air and fat content- ice creams with more fat and air take some time to melt.
  • Low solid ingredients and stabilizers thicken the mixture and prevent it from melting.

To fix this issue, ensure you practice these guidelines;

  • Increase the fat in your mixture
  • Add more solids like skimmed milk powder
  • Use more eggs
  • Use other stabilizers