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How to troubleshoot a garbage disposal won’t turn off

How to troubleshoot a garbage disposal won’t turn off

Garbage disposal is an important addition to the kitchens. It not only saves you the hassle of awkwardly scrapping your plate on the dustbin, but starts the process of efficient dish cleaning.

If you are reading this article chances are your garbage disposal unit is misbehaving. Whether it isn’t working or it is still spinning despite switching it off, this guide will help you to fix it. So how do you go about fixing your garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal stopper switch won’t shut off

If your garbage disposal stopper switch won’t shut off, follow these tips:

  • Switch the garbage disposal switch to an off position
  • Go below the cabinet and under the sink.
  • Look for the power cord by following the outlet on the wall to the garbage disposal motor.
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Plug the power cord to the one next to the outlet (which it was connected to earlier on). Usually the next outlet is above or beside the original outlet.
  • Confirm if the disposal unit is not running. If it is still running this may be a sign of bigger problems. It should stop running with the new connection.
  • Go to the wall switch and turn it back on to check if your garbage disposal is working. It should start spinning. In the event there is no response, ensure all the connections are proper.

Some of the problems with your garbage disposal may be a result of wiring issues. If it is unplugged and connected to another outlet and it automatically starts spinning then you need an electrician to check your wiring.

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If you have followed the above-mentioned steps and still have the same problem you can opt to contact the garbage disposal manufacturer. They should be able to send a technician to access and repair your machine. You can also get in touch with a reliable electrician to help.