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Molekule air Purifier How to & Troubleshooting Guide

Molekule air Purifier How to & Troubleshooting Guide

This type of air filter uses a high level of technology than the HEPA filter. Molekule brands use photoelectrochemical oxidation technology to destroy pollutants. Unlike other cleaners, this brand has a filter coated with nanoparticles. When air penetrates the purifier, the light energy activates the filter, and a reaction occurs to destroy pollutants. The filter can remove contaminants from the air, such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

Does Molekule Air Purifier Get Rid of Dust System?

The molecule air purifier can remove dust from the indoor air. The purifier has two kinds of filtration system that operates to clean air.  The first one removes particulates from the air, while the second destroys the organic material. The organic material contains some amount of dust. Dust contains all other pollutants like pollen, bacterial, allergens, so it’s filtered in the first phase while other pollutants escape and get destroyed in the second phase.

However,  the most acceptable method to remove dust is using a mechanical filter like HEPA. The filter can eliminate more dust from the air than Molekule. However,  you have to replace it when loaded for better performance.  Additionally, molds may grow inside and later be released into the air with a HEPA filter.

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Does Molekule Kill Mold?

Molekule is the best air purifier that can effectively destroy mold spores and fragments. For other devices, they mostly trap them on the filters. It has the PECO (photoelectrochemical oxidation) technology that facilitates mold killing, thus having the upper hand over HEPA air purifiers.

Is Molekule Better than HEPA?

No, Molekule isn’t any better than HEPA from various tests done. For example, Molekule claims to filter pollutants of 0.3 microns, but HEPA filters even less than 0.3. So again, even though Molekule claims to eliminate many contaminants, it does so at a significantly slower rate than HEPA.  Also, Molekule is very expensive at $ 800 on Amazon, while HEPA filters are around $ 300.

How do I Reset my Molekule Air Purifier?

To restart your device;

  • Kindly tap on the display screen to ensure it’s on.
  • Click on display and hold the screen for 10 seconds.
  • Another screen will pop showing TAP TO DISABLE CONNECTIVITY.
  • Swipe right until the TAP TO RESET DEVICE screen appears. Tap the screen.
  • Tap to select the CONFIRM Button.
  • The device will then reboot.
  • Then enter the room size and fan speed to bring the device back to regular operation.

How Do I Update My Molekule Firmware?

To receive firmware updates, connect your device with WIFI and pair it with the mobile app.  If the device fails to update, follow these instructions;

  • Download the latest app version
  • Unplug the air cleaner from the power outlet
  • Connect it later after 10 seconds. The device will start updating automatically and restart once done with the updates.
  • The device will later display OPEN THE APP. You should follow the setup within the app to complete the procedure and have the latest firmware version installed.

Molekule Keeps Rebooting

A rebooting device may have issues with the WIFI connection. When there is dropped network connectivity, Molekule will automatically reboot to re-establish connectivity. Consider troubleshooting for WIFI connectivity.

Molekule Air Purifier not Connecting to WIFI

  • First, remove the Molekule from the mobile app.
  • Delete the app and install the latest version.
  • Log in to the app and start pairing with the device. When the device connects, you enter the WIFI network information.
  • If the connection fails, check whether the air purifier and router are 10 feet from each other. Then, try pairing again
  •  after the connection is successful.

Why is My Molekule Air Purifier Blinking Red

When a light on your air purifier blinks red, it means the PECO filter has reached recommended replacement time. Thus, it’s best to replace the filter for the purifier to function correctly. If all icons are blinking red, an error may have occurred. You need to contact customer care support to help solve the issue.

Molekule Air Purifier not Turning On

If your appliance fails to turn on, try the following tips;

  • Make sure you plug in the air purifier to a working outlet.
  • Check if the power cord is plugged in properly to the base of the device.
  • If power or the outlet is not the issue, unplug and replug as you contact customer support for help.

How to Turn Off Molekule Air Purifier

On the device, you need to select the standby mode to turn off the light and the fan on the Molekule. You can still access this mode on your mobile phone app.

  • Tap the screen to wake the device.
  • Swipe to the left to see the settings.
  • Click standby to turn off the device.

How Many Molekule Air Purifiers Do I Need

One air purifier is enough in one room. You should place the device in a central location in the room. Place the purifier on a table or shelf to ensure it has optimum air intake.  You can consider placing it at the bedside at night; it helps you wake up feeling refreshed.

How Do I Clean My Molekule?

Kindly use a clean damp cloth to clean the outer part of the Molekule. It will help avoid direct contact of the device with water as it can affect the electrical components. For the filters, it’s best to replace them when loaded with dirt instead of cleaning them.

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 Vacuuming will release and re-introduce pollutants back into the air. Again, washing the filters can be harmful; they may fail to dry and thus create a mold habitat.  To guarantee that your filters remain clean, replace them regularly; pre-filter after three months and PECO after six months.